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Monday, 14 May 2018


The May edition of our magazine comes with concerns in the business area regarding the future legislative framework and new ideas and trends in the operating area. As you well know by now, here you will find everything about gambling!

The Cover Story proposes a corollary of the actions undertaken lately by the Romanian Bookmakers – The Patronage of Betting Organizers in Romania, in their effort in determining the achievement of certain objectives which are undoubtedly necessary for profile operators.

Their concerns arise from the need to elaborate a new industry Code of Ethics in relation to the provisions under the General Data Protection Regulation, which shall enter into force this month, but also with regards to the new regulations regarding combating money-laundering. We invite you to find out about other stakes and activities that the Romanian Bookmakers undertake in the article dedicated to them.

One of the surprises within this number comes from Craiova, where a strong Romanian company which, in almost 20 years of activity, through seriousness, perseverance and skill, has succeeded in developing a successful business in the field of gambling. Their halls, KM Games, represent an important point of reference in the field of entertainment, which is pretty competitive in the area. Kamaryon, because it’s them we are referring to, started out from the idea of a few enthusiastic young people who wanted to make a better future for themselves, on their own, and who have now reached the point of decisively contributing to the future of others and to offer support to the community. I recommend that you carefully read this interesting interview with Karmen Ciorăscu, the company’s owner, as to see what their recipe for success is.

Also within this edition, we offer you an interview with the President of the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), Dan Iliovici. I have invited him to offer us a clearer picture of the gambling field’s situation and to offer us as much current information and information of interest for all actors on our market, as possible. If you read this interesting material, you will find out our industry’s most important figures and which are the ONJN’s concerns under Mister Iliovici’s mandate.

We propose a preview of the EAE’s 12th edition which will be held this year between 3-5 September at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, by holding an interview with Anton Vlad, the organizer of this exhibition, traditional in the gambling industry. The main new novelty in the 2018 edition is represented by the new hall within the exhibition centre, space which shall allow organizers to carry out an event of truly international proportions, starting with this year.


Adjacent to our specific entertainment area, we continue our series related to places where you can eat well in Bucharest. The well-known restaurant critic and gourmet, George Butunoiu, has recently arrived at one of the most beautiful trattoria restaurants in Bucharest – Il Villagio and Aqua Garden – a great restaurant of Militari neighbourhood, of the new Militari Residence neighbourhood, to be more precise. We invite you to find out what dishes he tasted and what he thought of the two locations described in this edition.

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