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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Syswin Solutions offers complex services dedicated to the gambling industry, where machines can communicate with each other through efficient management systems.

The dedication, transparency and, above all, the innovative spirit have made Syswin Solutions an ideal partner for any customer who wants quality products, efficient services and long-lasting collaboration.


However, Smart Gaming innovations would not be possible without the help of a prepared and ambitious technical team. “For us, each team member plays an important part. This is exactly why, we offer employees the chance to work on the project that they desire, the one that inspires/challenges them the most. This way, we have more motivated employees and this is seen in everything they do. [Mihai Mavromalide, Managing Director Research & Development]


About the Smart Gaming Solution and related modules, we are told by Syswin Solutions employees themselves.


SMARTCOUNT is a complex reporting system that provides real-time information. In terms of interconnection, the solution uses an in-house developed communication module (both the hardware and the embedded software part). 

Paul Raetchi, Chief Engineering Manager – Hardware & Embedded Software has the responsibility to develop but also to implement and integrate new solutions.


Paul Raetchi

“Starting with version 3.6, SmartCount has lower latency on the network and better resiliency for Internet connections that are prone to failures and disruptions. Also, the new firmware supports the latest remote diagnostics controls for SAS-enabled devices. We have contributed to the continuous development of the way gaming machines and the server connect, and we added new monitoring and logging facilities for the counters from the machines, even under unfavourable conditions (power cuts, internet connection problems etc.). In this way, we helped to increase the resilience of the IT system. These improvements, along with new preventive functionalities, have lead to a compatibility increased with a number of SAS compatible devices.”


SMARTCARD is a loyalty-building system that provides detailed information about the gambler’s activity and game statistics, providing loyalty-building and bonus-awarding programs. The card is the bearer of the system authentication code, but depending on the preferences of the operators, they can also be in the form of tags, labels etc. SMARTCARD can be connected to both the USB interface and the UART serial interface.


Silvia Brîndușescu – Embedded Software Engineer under the supervision of Mr. Ovidiu FlorescuChief Engineering Manager is responsible for the development, support, and customization of SMART INFO POINT and SMART PLAY&CASH products

Silvia Brandusescu

“SMART PLAY&CASH is an ATM for casino floors, designed to ease and secure the way players get their winnings from machines. In this device, a barcode ticket is inserted, the bar code is read and processed, then the amount written on the ticket is dispensed. The project can be integrated with the players retaining solution, i.e. SmartCard, and allows the dispensing of money simply by scanning the card. At the same time, for non-card gamblers, winnings can be released through the operators in the room who have cards that allow them to select the machines that dispense money.

Another solution we implemented was a service for printing raffle tickets. This is compatible with SmartCard, so vouchers can be printed automatically when the player accumulates a certain amount or they can be purchased through the InfoPoint”, says Silvia Brînduşescu. 

The SMART INFO POINT is a kiosk dedicated to gambling rooms and casinos, that offers players information about the number of points accumulated on the fidelity card. This allows the display of an extensive list of prizes from which players can choose, and the player orders are displayed in the casino application where they are validated by the operator.

SMARTJACK is the most flexible and easy to set-up Jackpot, being at the same time compatible with all serial connection machines.


Andra Iordache – Embedded Software Engineer is the person who develops and customizes in exciting ways Jackpot animations upon request.

Andra Iordache

The role of animations is to showcase the evolution of the SmartJack Jackpot in a most suggestive and visible way. The animation displays jackpot levels’ counters, reflecting in real time any changes to their values as users are playing on the machines, as well as any changes made by the operator to the Jackpot levels, without the need for any extra intervention. Once the winning threshold is reached, a short introductory video starts to play, then the winning amount and device is displayed on an animated background. At a chosen time range, a secondary animation is also displayed. The application also allows the display of Happy Hour Jackpots, with animations different from those of an ordinary jackpot.”


Andrei Cavalu – Software Developer and Claudiu Ungureanu – Junior Web Developer are responsible for implementation upon customers request. It also provides support for the SmartCount application, on the software side.

Andrei Cavalu & Claudiu Ungureanu

“Some developments can be requested directly by customers (if they want something in addition to what we offer) or may be required as a result of changing the ONJN legislation. In addition to developing applications as intuitively as possible for its users, we offer support and maintenance in everything related to the smooth running of gaming applications.


One of the advantages of using the SmartCount System is to automatically perform daily and monthly reports, these reports being mandatory to be submitted to ONJN. Another advantage, indeed a very important one, is the simple setup of jackpots and happy hours in order to build players’ loyalty.”


Alex Raiciu – Technical Support Manager, has the role of coordinating the technical department on the Gambling division.

Alex Raiciu

“From planning work in order to achieve goals and to control the compliance with quality standards up to resource management activity, I have to make sure that everything goes smoothly in this department. If one needs advice or the specialists in the technical department need development of expertize, I’m there to help them with recommendations, tips and directions.

On the implementation side, I handle the installation of the system to new customers, providing technical support and training sessions for the end users of the gaming application.

The issues that occur during system operation are resolved as soon as possible through online support, so that the SmartCount System is brought back as soon as possible to conformity, and the impact on the player is as small as possible.

Moreover, we provide, through maintenance, regular checks of the security system, thus allowing early detection of potential problems, fast intervention in case of system failure and address the cause. Last but not least, we also offer consultancy to prevent possible malfunctions, but also the replacement or upgrading of equipment during the legal time required by ONJN.”

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