Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) and its 7 secrets

Friday, 9 August 2019

Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) is a betting strategy that is greatly loved and applied by a huge number of punters. In principle, it refers to betting on small odds and it presents a high degree of trust.

The winnings are completely reinvested, repeatedly. Some punters have adapted and modified the strategy, however, the most important basic principles remain the same:

  • Starting from a modest amount, we aim to multiply it throughout a certain period of time
  • In case of failures, we start over with the initial stakes and we try to improve our bets
  • We stop when we reach our intended objective

As opposed to other betting strategies and techniques, this one does not require mathematical knowledge, nor does it require detailed analyses, however, it does require a lot of patience.


Understanding the Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) concept

Easy-money is a synonym for patience. More than that, it can’t be combined with other betting techniques and methods. However, we can modify the stakes and the profit we wish to gain. But what does Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) mean? What does it refer to?

A practical example:

  • We start off with a RON 10 stake and we want to gain RON 30. Practically, we multiply our investment 3 times.
  • We bet RON 10 on a 1.20 odd >> we get RON 12
  • We bet RON 12 on a 1.17 odd >> we get RON 14
  • We bet RON 14 on a 1.28 odd >> we get RON 18
  • We bet RON 18 on a 1.21 odd >> we get RON 21
  • We bet RON 21 on a 1.24 odd >> we get RON 26
  • We bet RON 26 on a 1.29 odd >> we get RON 33
  • That’s the moment we reach our objective. We can take the RON 20 profit and start over with RON 10.

Certainly, choosing the odds depends on each punter, the tendency going towards smaller odds and odds which present high chances of success

Testing the strategy in different conditions

This betting strategy is good for online use, in any betting house. Due to the fact that we have odds at our disposal for most events, and the winnings are accessible after the match, we can apply the steps rather quickly.

Online – YES

The strategy is not truly adequate for use in land-based agencies. Due to the 5% administrative tax perceived for each ticket, we wouldn’t gain any profit by using small odds.

Offline – NO in classic form

Even so, we could use tickets with small stakes and chosen odds (for example, up to 1.30) and follow the financial model bellow. All of the winnings and the stakes become the stakes for the next ticket.

Money management and the way we bet

As with any strategy, money management plays a crucial role. Money management is what helps us to correctly apply any betting strategy. However, it does not teach us how to better manage our budget, to bet responsibly, practically to bet more with greater chances of winning.

Easy Money management

In the case of Easy money (the climber’s strategy), the basic principle is that of reinvesting the entire amount available when making the bet. However, the psychological mechanisms act differently when we bet RON 10 compared to RON 1000. This is the primary reason that encourages caution and winnings awareness. How? By establishing realistic objectives, objectives which can be achieved. It is important that we also follow what we established before reaching an objective.

When to start and when to quit

We could believe that we can start anytime and quit anytime. It really isn’t like that. We can quit anytime we want, to the extent to which we have the tendency to not respect the strategy, stakes, odds, betting manner. It might just not be the right strategy for us. As such, we can be tempted to ignore certain principles, even with the risk of losing.

It’s best that we apply Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) over a certain period of time:

  • a football tournament/competition
  • a certain part of a season
  • a tennis tournament

With regards to the chosen bets, these can be from several championships (and/or sports), as long as we trust our choices. Even though the initial stake is small, we can end up in situations in which we bet larger amounts due to the previous winnings.

In certain cases, we can use cash-out or counter-betting, however, these techniques are not part of this system’s philosophy.

Success and recognition are relative, profit is what we are left with

This successful strategy can inspire other punters. It is a recognized model, however, there are very few well known examples of punters that started off from EUR 10 and reached EUR 3000 or EUR 5000. Those punters didn’t bet for recognition, instead they bet as to demonstrate the veracity of the betting strategy.

More than that, Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) is a strategy applied in other activities as well, it is not exclusive to betting. It is derived from the “small steps strategy”, which implies a lot of patience, attention and nerves of steel.

Easy Money

Realistic objectives

This strategy does not imply that we start from a small amount and we reach a large amount. This is not the basic idea of the strategy; the basic idea is to multiply the initial stake through repeated bets. It’s a mistake to interpret Easy-money (the climber’s strategy) as a method of gaining a lot by starting off with a small amount. This is also the trap many punters fall into when applying the strategy for the first time.

As such, when we say realistic objectives, we mean those objectives that we can reach by means of our strength and skill. If our betting budget is of RON 50, we can use RON 10 for 5 tries. The proposed objective can either be multiplying the amount 3 times, 5 times or 10 times, but its better to avoid hazardous tries.

It’s not too realistic to set a RON 10,000 objective starting from RON 10 and using average odds of @1.20.

There is always a better betting opportunity tomorrow

That does not mean that we should do tomorrow what we can do today, instead, it means that we shouldn’t rush by considering every bet an opportunity. And from here, the regrets of not having bet on a certain match, on a certain event. It is not a very constructive optics and most times it leads to a certain rush and inevitably, to more mistakes. And mistakes cost money when it comes to sports betting.

There can be days when we do not find glorious bets for this strategy. Just as well, there can be days when we find 2-3 bets and make a 30-40% profit, which is not bad at all.

It is best that we apply this betting strategy by also taking into consideration the sports context, the competitions, the tournaments, the phase of the championship on which we’re betting.

By Mircea Panait

Author: Editor

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