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Saturday, 17 October 2015

This year’s gambling exhibition, Entertainment Arena Expo, has been one of the most successful of all times, something we, Casino Inside, have also felt and appreciated. In order to punctuate clearly, with dates, numbers and the opinions of the participants at this event, we decided to create an article that will analyze what happened this year at the EAE.

First we present the point of view of the organizer, Expo 24, through its authorized voice, Mr. Anton Vlad, general manager of the company. He told us the following:

Entertainment Arena Expo has reached this year its ninth edition, the event taking place from the 2nd to 4th of September. The exhibition in Bucharest marked in 2015 an edition above average, which was actually predicted by the organizers, and confirmed by the participants, thing that may indicate a revival or rather a consolidation of the entertainment industry of Romania.

The increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as quality of the presentations, design of the stands, were the main elements shaping the positive image of EAE.  The previous forecasts pointing to the consolidation and extension of EAE at the regional level were confirmed by the statistical data recorded this year, 17,04% of visitors being from outside Romania.

To speak concretely, the figures of the 2015 EAE’s edition are the following:

51 exhibitors, 17 participating countries, 2 countries participating for the first time (United States of America and Lichtenstein), 1291 unique visitors registered and 2097 visitors in total over the three days of exibition. Of the total number of visitors, 82.95% is the percentage of those from Romania, while as we have mentioned above, the difference of up to 100% being represented by foreign visitors. The top of the countries of their origin is in that order: Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Serbia. Complete statistics will be published during the next period on the site of the exhibition.

Next year’s exhibition, which will take place on 2016, September 5th to 7th, it is an anniversary one, Entertainment Arena Expo reaching its 10th Edition.

We continue by presenting some of the views of exhibitors.


“The edition 2015 of E-Arena has been an exceptional one, at least from our point of view. It was not possible to be different as long as almost any visitor who walked into the Exhibition Centre has passed and our threshold. Nor could have gone otherwise, given that, in addition to the newest multi-game Dracula, its eighth version, BAUM GAMES was the only producer who has brought in a few models of games with limited risk to its presentation stand.

The organizers have done their job this time as well and everything was fine tuned. We are looking forward to the 2016 exhibition! ”

Horațiu Coldea, Marketing Director BAUM GAMES



“The NOVOMATIC group of companies from Romania participates to the Entertainment Arena Expo since 2007. And this year, we were pleasantly surprised by the large number of visitors and their interest towards our products and services. At this year’s edition, we came to meet the requests of our customers with personalized offers, but also with the presentation of the latest news-game equipment, VIP II and VIP III, Panther roulette and sports betting terminals TYPE & CASH. This annual event became a tradition for the NOVOMATIC group of companies from Romania, it is another means through which we want to remain close to both current and future, as collaborators. ”

Georgiana Diaconu, Marketing Specialist NOVOMATIC Group

“At this year’s edition, 2015 EAE, we noted a number of innovations in terms of both organization and offers exhibitors. The exposing surface was larger than the one of the previous years, visitors recording and monitoring more rigorous, and at the entrance was installed a large video screen. Another novelty was the Conference organized by the Romslot on the topic of Responsible Gaming program.

It is known that Alfastreet attended all EAE editions, this event being for us an important landmark in the annual calendar. It is the best opportunity to network with our present clients, to identify potential clients and to hear the news and trends in the field. The present period shows a dynamic market, generated in large part by recent legislative changes and the legalization of online gambling. I am optimistic that these changes will have positive effects and that adaptation to the new market conditions will bring new opportunities. I can say that 2015 EAE was an example in this respect and we bring thanks to the Casino Inside magazine for giving us the opportunity to convey congratulations to the organizers. ”

Gyula Csortan, General Manager, Alfastreet Trade


The representatives of the Newton Slots company have informed “a very good feedback following the 2015 EAE exhibition, announcing the expansion of theri client portfolio with big names of the industry, such as: Max Bet, Game World, Metropolis, and many others, both with the new system, as well as following the exclusive contract signed with the Austrian company, Amatic, which brought on the market the new models of the slot-machine Performer Grand Arc.”


“Entertainment Arena Expo is a secure and stable project for our company, this year being the Fourth Edition we have attended so far. To this respect, we brought again in the visitor’s attention the casino management systems (CMS), adapted to the requirements of ONJN, but also meeting the player’s needs. In addition, we have developed the cooperation with Spintec d.o.o for the Karma ™ roulette, respectively that we the Rent option for this product is available to us. New entry in the Storm Group company is the audio video marketing project, a rather new concept in our country, but also extremely important for the promotion and growth of the profit of any business. And last but not least, the aromatization systems, already known to the specific consumers, which during a very short time, have demonstrated that they are indispensable if you want to offer high quality service. Participation to the Entertainment Arena Expo was benefic to the promotion of our company’s products, in the sense that, positive feedback had already been emitted, leading to establishing new commercial relationships and developing the existing ones” we have been informed by the representatives of the Storm Group.


“The recently ended edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo was a new opportunity to be reunited with our customers and partners and to present them with the expanded portfolio of products available with the completion of the merging procedures between ESTER and IGT, having as result the creation of a market-leading company. We noted the interest of the visitors of the INNOGATE stand for the quality products that we have had on display and which we distribute, in everyone’s attempt to differentiate on a strongly competitive market. ”

Anton Lakatos, Managing Director, Innogate Trade


In conclusion, the 9th edition of Entertainment Arena Expo was a good time for our market of gambling, a confirmation of the fact that our gambling industry gets back on her feet and heads gradually towards a “consolidation” in normality.

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