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Draw Poker, from classic to “wild”

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Draw Poker is any game where players get at least one opportunity to discard a certain number of cards from their hand in exchange for new cards from the deck. It gives each player the chance to get rid of cards that are doing nothing to help their overall hand and hope for something better. The draw of cards also allows the possibility for other players to guess what kind of hand that player has.

The dealer determines how many cards players will be allowed to draw from the deck, and how many opportunities players will have to draw cards from the deck. “Two draws of two cards”, for example, means that players will have two opportunities throughout the course of the game to draw as many as two new cards from the deck each time. “One of three, one of one” would mean that on the first draw, each player can draw as many as three new cards from the deck, and on the second draw, as many as one new card. When determining draws of cards, the dealer must make sure that there will be enough cards in the deck should each player choose to exercise their maximum allowed number of cards on each draw. The dealer can designate that any card of his or her choice (before looking at his or her hand, of course) is <<wild>>. “Twos and Threes are wild”, for example. A player dealt a Two or a Three can make that card any of the 52 cards in the deck he or she chooses. The point to bear in mind is that the more wild cards there are, the better a hand will need to be in order to have a fighting chance in the game. Typical poker Draw games involve at least two betting rounds, one before and one after each draw.

Pay for Your Draw – this is a feature that can be added to any Draw poker game. It helps increase the pot and tends to keep hands lower, which is especially helpful in draw games that include wild cards. When the dealer calls this feature, he or she also calls the price of each card drawn.

Roll ‘Em – when this feature is added to a Draw poker game, the game is played as normal up until the showdown. At that point, each player lays their hand face-down before them. On the count of three, each player reveals one card of their hand. The highest card showing opens a betting round. On the count of three again, each player reveals a second card from their hand. Best hand showing opens a betting round. This continues for a third and a fourth card, after which the best hand showing opens the fourth and final betting round.

Although draw games are not as flashy as community games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha, there is still a loyal following of players who prefer playing Five Card Draw or the other variations: Anaconda, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, Dr. Pepper, Heinz 57, Honky Tonk, Jacks or Better Draw, Seven Card Draw, Six Back, Trees.

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