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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Text by: Flavius Niță, Manager at DGL PRO


Starting with October 2012 we began a program of widespread integration of the SAS Protocol to all kinds of products of the CLUB MASTER brand. The advantages of this integration are: direct interfacing at native level of the game board, absolute and efficient control of the regulatory governmental bodies of the exploitation activity and last but not least a new level of safety in operation due to the high technology we use. The systems reliability remains the basic motto of DGLPRO. We are aware that we must develop and produce game boards which can adapt without losing their operating quality neither at the “downward” side, of potential buyers, i.e. “the economic and efficient” area nor at the top, where customers want “exquisite” products. . As I stated on countless occasions, DGLPRO does not produce video imagistic of gambling, not gambling, but mathematics produces a unified whole, a monolith that include them all. The video presentation cannot be expanded at the expense of game strategy; the game mathematics cannot be exacerbated in spite of graphic presentation. The player must forget that he is in front of an electronic machine (which in fact is a virtual reality) and is called upon to interact with a reliable and truthful device that exudes confidence and safety. Gambling is primarily an interaction! Inside this “play board” is the key to this success: satisfied customer satisfied state authority, convinced manager.

Starting from these desiderata the production of technological migration of DGLPRO game boards is carried out in two stages:  hardware and software, of course it is an interactive work with detailed verification of the intermediate stages results.

The first stage consisted in the development of a much faster board game structure, which can support USB and LAN integrations, for much more efficient data transfers between the main system that deals with the game itself and the intelligent peripherals that connect the exterior systems (in case of the present example, the SAS protocol). We must note that these new game boards are fully compatible with the previous versions of programs (except for the new features to be implemented) in such a way that certain clients who only want to renew their hard game support are really thrilled to do so.

We should also mention the low and more efficient energy consumption, due to the fact that the main enemy of the systems operating in closed environments is heat packing! In rder to achieve this operation support improvement we turned to cutting-edge technologies in wiring design, a careful and exigent choice of components, as well as “matching” them in the system.

The key problem in the design of an intelligent electronic board is choosing a suitable chipset, i.e. a combination of peripheral processor to provide all future software development. Nowadays, an integrated circuit has a total length of life (of existence) on the market of maximum two years …Period which is divided into three stages: the promo stage when it is practically thrown on the market and it is quite expensive, the actual presence on the market when the gross price decreases greatly and the last stage, when, it becomes more obsolete, meaning it can still be found in the inventory but it is not recommended for use in new projects and the company producing it stops the production …

The launching stage of the integrated circuit is the one where, we, the electronic equipments manufacturers, find out about the product through the specialist mass media … If we decide to use it, we start designing the wiring boards with this type of integrated circuit so as when the prototype and zero series phases are over, we are able to launch mass production of cheap and affordable integrated circuits in the full period … The production will continue until there are signs that the integrated circuit disappears from the market …

In this process, the efficiency must be high and flawless! Otherwise, the process will start all over again with other newer integrated circuits and the losses of the same project remain irretrievable! The costs rich tens and even hundreds of thousands of Euros in this stage and they are distributed over a maximum period of one year, until the beginning of the mass production stage. The prototype is a very expensive thing, with questionable utility until the verdict of the zero series. Regardless of the size of the manufacturer, the prototype is an ugly thing full of wires and distasteful soldering, frail and non-representative. Once the zero series stage begins, all improvisations abandoned and a small series of neatly planted cabling is pulled, which will provide us with the final verdict of mass production. One should not forget that at this time the value of the investment is in its high and the last return journey is left behind. There are unfortunate cases where a project stops here, and all the investment turns into a loss.

As electronic technology advances, the life of a product on the market is becoming smaller. If in the 1980-2000 a specialized integrated circuit could be found on the market for a decade, now that time has been reduced to fractions of a year … The manufacturers of integrated circuits “in their unworthiness” launch a new, more powerful, more complex and less power-consuming product every few months… Therefore the ‘ drawing board ‘ design of a game cannot last more than half a year, and the small series stage another few months … Thus, at every new annual exhibition, DGLPRO is coming up with new products.

The hardware emancipation asked for a software revolution. That’s why we’ve broken down the DGLPRO programs in primordial bricks and we have arranged them for the new modern vision. We must not forget that from point of view of the players, these changes must be imperceptible. The player is completely disinterested in the revolution carried out under his eyes within the DGLPRO systems. He wants satisfaction! The steps of converting to the new, modern systems have been methodically calculated in the DGLPRO laboratories!

Wiring design is paramount. No compromises or risk areas (thermal or functional) on the surface of the game boards are accepted. The implementation of prototypes is trusted only to the verified and accepted companies, companies that can be trusted, where there is no costs rebate at the expense of quality. Electronic components are carefully selected from established and already verified companies only… The planting, the small series tests and prototypes follow up are subject to exhaustive and rigorous work books (technical specifications).

The software “attack” begins by obtaining new resources so that the system can breathe normally. These resources occur in two ways: the first is obtained through the empowerment of the hardware system, as it has been described above, and the second by optimizing and distillation of the basic routines of the program. By combining these two conditions we have obtained the flexibility necessary for new programs. In addition to these polishes we have also introduced innovative concepts in the game programs. Thus, the integrated system includes SAS-controller and touch-screen facility and the multi-screen expander. These steps are carried out extremely carefully, deeply analyzing and dissecting all territory feedback, making radical decisions and bringing minor and subtle innovations.

In addition to the modification of the new products, there are also more momentary rectifications proposed by associated gambling operating companies. These changes are the subject of separate work books (technical specifications), they shall be pursued step by step, and finally will be accepted or not. We are convinced that a system cannot be infallible, but it can be “alive” i.e. it may gradually become immune to the problems that occur during operation…


Firstly, because we have a crest to defended. The gaming rooms organizers that use DGLPRO systems already the easiness of one who knows that they are buying a safe product with no surprises. Unlike the auto industry, for example, where the game boards cannot be massively “withdrawn” from the market in order to bring changes caused by factory oversights. The “end user” customers do not accept such things and they are extremely suspicious, like any other man who plays “on money”. In this area hesitation is catastrophic! One does not withdraw a good product nor insist with a product which is not accepted! Considering the sums paid by the customer, he has the right to a single safe, comforting and rewarding game. And we have an obligation to offer him that!

Secondly, because we became “trend” setters, establishing the development line to be followed in this area. This is achieved through the absolute control of the hardware and software systems (by the way it is also the reason why we do not use operating systems produced by others). The data libraries and the programs of DGLPRO laboratories contain archives on dozens of years (1993..2013) with variations of programs, methods of assembly, design plans of the boards, catalogues of field observations relating to emerging problems, etc. .. There were many “approached and aborted” variants due to the absence at that time of an appropriate technology – without embarrassment – for lack of experience in addressing at one time a cutting-edge technology!

Like any top company, we must be revolutionaries and reactionary at the same time… That is, to maintain the center of confidence in the old program and to clearly and constructively adapt it to the new game requirements.

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