The opening of a Get’s Bet betting agency -actual experience-

Monday, 12 October 2020

Among the betting operators that franchise, Get`s Bet is one of the big players on the market. Why? Due to its reliability and involvement, at this time, the partnership with Get`s Bet is considered to be one of the most advantageous partnerships on the Romanian market.

Get`s Bet

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has also severely affected the gambling industry. From the lack of betting events to the operating program difficulties, the land based agencies were severely affected. Many agencies have been disbanded due to financial difficulties.

In this unfavorable context, we decided to open a betting agency and we succeeded. After almost 2 months we opened an agency, operational office of Get`s Bet. There were financial efforts, sacrifices and expectations, but the result was the expected one, maybe even beyond expectations.

Let’s tell you, briefly, the evolution of the business from the beginning until the first customer visit

The first step was to find a commercial space. We rented a commercial space of about 80 m2 and made a delimitation, using around 40 m2 for the betting agency. The design and sanitation were done quickly and were followed by the installation of an anti-burglary system for the agency. In addition to these, a video surveillance system consisting of 6 cameras and a DVR was added.

We chose Get’s Bet

After that, we studied the market and had several discussions with various betting operators. In the end, the ones from Get`s Bet were the most operational partners and their conditions were the most advantageous.

We also designed and create the interior furniture and bought a professional printer.

The second big step was to sign the contract. After that, we continued the interior design and finalized the last details by:

– purchasing and installing an air conditioner

– arranging the cashier, installing the printer and purchasing office supplies

– installing the furniture consisting of 2 tables and 4 chairs for customers + a chair for the cashier.

Get`s Bet

Security is essential for a betting agency

Another aspect that needs to be mentioned and that is important for those who want to open their own betting agency is that the security part is essential. Anti-burglary and video surveillance systems (4-6 video cameras + DVR) and a safe deposit box, certified for commercial activities, are required. After their purchase and installation, a security project is required, which is approved by the police, according to the law. This also includes the hiring of a safety and security agency to ensure location monitoring and rapid intervention in case of an unpleasant event.

After solving these, the Get`s Bet responsibilities followed. So, they:

– obtained the necessary licenses and approvals for the operational office

– wrapped the exterior windows

– installed the specific equipment for betting products presented on TV

– installed of computer, monitors (one for customers), fiscal printer and thermal ticket printer.

At this point the betting agency was operational but we did not have the slot machines. And since a betting agency is practically incomplete without them, we decided not to open yet. But we established a partnership with Club King for slot machines.

Get’s Bet

Then the gaming machines have arrived…

A betting agency can legally own between 3 (or 2) and 5 separate slot machines. The initially accepted proposal was to start the activity with 3 game stations. Subsequently, they can be supplemented amid an increased activity.

From the moment we signed the contract, it took about 14 days until we received the slot machines. But all this time was required to obtain gaming licenses and permits. Along with the slot machines we also received transparent dividers that ensure players’ protection.

Health is important even when you have fun

Regarding the measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our players and employees are a priority at this point.

People can only access the location if they are wearing a protective mask. Disinfectant solutions are present on each table, along with the betting offer. The space is cleaned daily and rigorously sanitized in between each client.

Everything has been set up and we have been able to officially open. Our first customers bet on sports, gambled or played the international lotteries.


Now I can tell you that the agency is booming, we already have some regulars, but also many new clients. In conclusion, the experience of taking the franchise from Get’s Bet can be characterized by a few words: efficiency – involvement – ease – on time – no stress – get ready – we are open!

Thank you, Get’s Bet!


by Mircea Panait


P.S. We emphasize that this article is the result of a real experience, none of the above is an invented story.

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