Dennys Patir: ”We appreciate the loyalty of our Romanian customers as much as they appreciate us as their supplier”

Saturday, 1 August 2015

We had the pleasure of knowing at Slot Summit Bucharest, an event where Casino Inside Magazine was Lead Partner, Mr. Dennys Patir – Business Development Manager – of probably the largest, best known and appreciated casino chair designer and manufacturer in the world. Dennys was kind enough to give us the following interview, which we will present you exclusively.

How was European Slot Summit Bucharest for you and your company?

I am a big fan of the Slot Summit since this is an excellent opportunity for networking. I am lucky it took place in the vibrant city of Bucharest. Also this time we saw a lot of business friends but also had the chance to meet new people from the industry. I also enjoyed the presentations which allow me to see the business from the operator’s point of view, which is important for suppliers in order to understand the operator’s work.

How it’s the Romanian market in your opinion and from your business point of you?

Romania is a large and stable market. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers as much as they appreciate us as their supplier.

Which are your product’s strength points?

Quality: Player seating is subject to wear and tear. Therefore it must be manufactured according to the highest quality standards and the fabrics used need to be exceptionally robust.

Patir chairs are built to last. That is because Patir manufactures all products in its own production site and the materials used are sourced from the finest suppliers.

All Patir chairs are quality approved by the highest German testing institute, the TÜV Rheinland.


Design & Comfort: Part of the Patir business philosophy has always been to strictly create original and own chair design – the company strives to set highlights with its innovative style and design. At the same time the guest as well as the operator expects highly comfortable chairs. The comfort has a direct influence on the length of stay at the machine or table. Not least due to its excellent reputation Patir has become one of the industry’s trend setters for casino seating.

Service: Fast deliveries, huge stock of complete chairs as well as spare parts (guaranteed spare part availability at least 15 years).

Customizing: Thanks to in-house production Patir is able to manufacture individual seating solutions custom-tailored to the client’s needs. Patir meets all customer requests in terms of designs as well as technical features.

Sustainability: It is not uncommon for gaming machines to be in constant use throughout the day and night at casinos and arcades. Operators not only appreciate the availability of every spare part for at least 15 years, but also the simplicity in replacing them. Thanks to Patir’s Easy Change System and extraordinary fast delivery times every part of the chair can be replaced in just a few simple steps and very quickly.

Innovations: we continually push the further product development and optimization through own initiatives and cooperations with major players in the industry

Which are the newest products which you introduced in the Patir’s portofolio of seating casino?

We have developed VIP Multimedia chairs with integrated buttons and speakers and extraordinary high comfort providing a whole new gaming experience. The high backrest is not only an eye-catcher but also gives more privacy to the player. We have installed a significant number of Multimedia chairs in casinos all over the globe and the operators’ feedbacks prove that machines combined with our Multimedia chairs perform far above the floor’s average. This is the future of gaming!

Recently you bringed more clients from Romania in your portofolio. Why you have such a big success in our country?

We are successful in the Romanian market thanks to the fact that Romanian operators have a high expectation of quality, appreciate nicely designed interior and expect good service from their suppliers. That’s why they rely on Patir. We also like to point out our strong partnership with INNOGATE TRADE SRL, who is representing us very successfully on site.

Which is the next level which Patir want to make it in our country?

We are striving to increase market share in the region.

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