From rejection to ignorance and vice-versa or simply discretion

Monday, 13 September 2010

Analysis, estimations, statistics, numbers, all these intended for exposing the reality. As someone once said, reality can be easily distorted. When we are talking about the gambling market, an area still taboo for many generations, the reaction of the ones who should provide information on numbers is a rejection. Motives? Either there is no interest in accounting the data, or the mentality regarding the gambling is extremely obtuse, and therefore the data is taken over and interpreted as negative as possible. Or, they simply don’t exist. 

Both parts gave us a vague answer to this question: the actors in the gambling industry count on an extreme situation within the economic context, they keep the water line, while the state authorities said that the data regarding the gambling domain are “evasive”, since the domain itself is “slippery”. For the first solicitors the attitude was a reticent one, and the state institutions were simply ignorant. Only the National Statistics Institute (INS) could present certain available data, the ones connected to the incomes. By a simple calculation, as expected, the situation of the incomes is decreasing, as it happens within all the activity segments. Therefore, according to INS, the medium income of an employee in the gambling segment was, in the first half of 2010, 1256 RON, while for the same period of 2009 the income was 1305 RON, and for the last semester of 2009 it was 1316 RON. The information of the institute shows that for research, “starting with January 2010, the sample gathered 25,000 of economical institutions.” Regarding the economical segment, there have been included the research institutions with a minimum of 4 employees, representing 92,73% of the total number of the employees within this sector.

Perhaps the dark windows of the gambling spaces are justified during this period – they stop up the cruel reality inside. Or, maybe for autosuggestion, a different transpose of the saying “this is not what it looks like”, shows the fact that inside you can find a different world, hidden from the indiscrete eyes of the outside. Or perhaps the question should sound differently: is there any interest to present the financial data of the gambling activities?

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