Why is it worth betting at Get’s Bet?

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Every time before I play a rather larger amount at a betting house, I ask myself a few questions. What does this betting house have that others don’t? Does it have my markets and the options I prefer (in my case – Asian handicap, Asian under/over) and how are the odds? How simple is it to deposit and to withdraw? Of course, after 15 years in the field, some aspects you observe quicker, and others you discover in time. All that matters is that the betting operator offers you what you are interested in the most.

I have played at Get’s Bet rather consistently and I’ll tell to you my points of view, representing my betting experience and the hours spent betting live.

Get’s Bet

1) Interface is important. If it works slowly and it blocks repeatedly, then you’d better stay away from it. It’s not the case of Get’s Bet, their interface is well made! The visual aspect and the functionality are superior, I haven’t experienced any blocking or unjustified lagging. The latency time is reasonable, there are easily accessible statistics, the manner in which bets are listed is intuitive and easy to understand. You can easily find any bet, you bet fast, the menu is well structured. On the main page, on the right side, you find game recommendations (like the ticket of the day). I’m not saying you should play them, just that they can help you and they can give you good playing tips. Furthermore, you can find various information which you might have missed. A great plus for the search field, by means of which you can reach an event instantly.

2) Offer. Don’t take my word for it, but it is really good! You can’t miss an event claiming it’s not in the offer. If you watch football, there are between 110 and 120 types of bets/matches available in the Premier League. Grouped by: “all bets”, “primary”, “goals”, “halves”, “intervals” and “specials”.

The forefront presentation of the primary European leagues in the column on the left is very useful. It’s true that League 1 managed to get in among the great European leagues, but this is due to the fact that most punters prefer the first Romanian division due to the additional news and information.

Get’s Bet

3) Odds. It’s difficult to appreciate the odds of an overall betting house. Each operator can offer better odds at one point, it just depends on the reporting you make. You are influenced by the bets you are used to. If you find good odds for the bets you are accustomed to, then Get’s Bet deserves to be one of the betting houses in which you bet constantly.

I have generally seen odds which are over the average offered by other betting houses. Where I knew I’d find @1.91, I found @1.94 or @1.96 (for Asian handicap bets). The 1,X,2 line bets have odds in the market average, however, for Asian handicap, the number of Asian goals, even doubled chance, I found better odds.

On average, the odds offered by Get’s Bet are slightly higher than those of other betting houses. This can be compensated, however, by the supported odds, which are slightly lower than those of other operators.

4) Deposits and withdrawals: already classic and advantageous, especially if you have a land based agency near your home. You can deposit and withdraw by means of you card or directly from the land based agencies, were you have a much shorter processing time. If, in the case of online withdrawals, the processing time is between 2-5 working days, in the case of land based agencies, the processing time is of 1 working day.

5) Cash-out and special bets for mobile phone

Cash-out: the symbol appears on the bets that have this option. See the exact amount that you get. You get your money in a few seconds after having opted to close the bet.

The bets especially designed for mobile devices have attracted me very much and I find them to be a strong plus.

Supercombo: a betting type with up to 6 selections where you can combine even in the same event. This type of bet can be used only in football pre-live.

Plus bets: a live bet on mobile device on a goal scored in the following 30 seconds, 1, 5 or 10 minutes.


In conclusion, Get’s Bet is a betting house that deserves to be in your portfolio. Overall, it is above other licensed betting houses in Romania.


text: Mircea Panait

Author: Editor

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