Denmark, the small Kingdom of gambling

Friday, 19 October 2012

Text: Oana Mihalache

Officially named the Kingdom of Denmark, it is the southern Nordic country and consists of Iutlanda, a large peninsula, and several islands. Politically speaking it is a constitutional monarchy and the headquarters of the government lies in Copenhagen which is the capital.   For a country with a relatively small surface, smaller then Lithuania or Latvia, Denmark occupies the twenty-fifth position of the world economy classification. Although the Danish are less than 5 millions people, they enjoy a high standard of living. As for gambling, this country legalized online gambling very late, comparing to other European countries.   

Legalizing online gambling on EU pressure

The reason that was the basis for online gambling legalization consisted of complaints lodged with the European Commission, under the grounds that Denmark had developed a State of monopoly in this field. Starting with year 2011, foreign operators have had the same rights as the domestic operators in regards to licenses for online gambling.

Main enthusiasts following that decision were the holders of the great online casinos, Party Casino and Europa Casino, because they will be able to obtain licenses to the Danish market. At present, holders of more than 25% of the licenses offered by the authority for gambling in Denmark are Prima Networks with software from the Microgaming Company.

In Denmark currently operate 34 brands, which have regular Microgaming platforms such as Flash Casino, Download Casino, Poker, and Quickfire, and the Flash Poker platform is due to be launched.

Short history of the Scandinavian casinos

Gambling appeared in Denmark in the early 19th century. Casinos appeared later, primarily as theatres, such as the Copenhagen Casino, where people gathered to discuss political issues. After 1937, the Scandinavians were looking for new sensations, so the number of casinos has been strengthened considerably. Currently, the most sought after are the Casino Aslborg, the Royal Scandinavian Casino Copenhagen, Casino Marienlyst, Casino Odese, and Maria Casino Denmark.

The popular games in Denmark include American Roulette, blackjack, Punto Banco, Seven Stud Card Poker, Viking, and Texas Hold ’em. The Danes have speculated the advantages of gambling more intensely than most European countries. They founded a gaming market, through which the country attracts many tourists and gain money from this industry. Passion for gaming has brought success in Denmark in regards to gambling, as well as in the rest of Scandinavia. Access is allowed for people over 18 years, and their identification is just a formality.

A vicious passion but also a noble one

Over time gambling has become a tradition in Copenhagen, but also in the rest of Denmark. The Danes like risk, so you lose money in casinos. This is explained mainly by their status in a prosperous country, but also by an over 60 years gaming monopoly. This largely explains also why in the competition of the largest poker tournament in the World – World Series of Poker, Denmark exceeds countries as the United States of America or Australia.

One of Denmark’s leading casinos, Casino Marienlyst has a history of 100 years, being the first in Denmark and among the most elegant in Europe.

Casino Marienlyst is well known internationally, having been rated with 4 stars. The Casino is located in Helsingor and it is of medium size, with a total of 9 live gaming tables. Marienlyst offers classic table games such as Roulette, blackjack and poker, as well as tables with games in cash.

When in Denmark, be Danish

Denmark is the oldest monarchy in Europe and covers the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The country has a prosperous economy and holds over 5,000 companies with less than 250 employees. A founding member of NATO, UNO, and OECD, Denmark has a market economy and a large assistance State, but also a high level of income equality. In addition, it is ranked 7th worldwide, in terms of per capita income. Another record was ranking on the first place as the happiest and the least corrupt country in the world.

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