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DANEMAR brings a positive contribution to the business operations of its customers, suppliers and associates, fulfilling the dual role of Specialist and Supplier.

DANEMAR TRADING SRL has been active on the Romanian market for 25 years, being the leader in cash payment systems market and the largest Distributor and Authorized Service Centre for payment systems in Eastern Europe.  Danemar offers a wide range of high quality products, accessories, technical support and associated logistics services and works in all market segments: gaming, vending, kiosk, transportation/parking/ticketing, financial-banking, retail and amusement.  

DANEMAR is the Authorized Distribution and Service Center for the world’s largest cash payment manufacturer: Crane Payment Innovations and Suzo-Happ. With a turnover of  3.5 million euros (2017), a professional team of 15 employees, the logistic capacity adapted to the equipment park it serves, DANEMAR has stability and financial strength.


2003    DANEMAR becomes importer and service provider for Wurlitzer vending machines in Romania

2004    DANEMAR becomes the Official Sales and Service partner for NRI Crane Payment Solutions

2006    DANEMAR becomes the Official Sales and Service partner for CashCode Crane Payment Solutions

2010    20th place in the Top of Companies’ Efficiency in Romania

2012    DANEMAR took over the distribution of Money Controls products in Romania (a company that joined Crane Payment Solutions)

2014    DANEMAR took over the distribution of MEI products (company that joined the Crane Payment Solutions)

2016    DANEMAR implements a new customized ERP system

2017    DANEMAR moves to a new headquarters, increasing its production capacity (Service), currently having the most modern Service Center for cash payment systems.


DANEMAR – The Supplier

 As Supplier, Danemar manages a complex product portfolio:

  • Bill payment: bill validators, recycling bill validators
  • Coin payment: coin acceptors, change givers coin acceptors, sorters, hoppers
  • Integration and Management Systems: Audit and cash management, telemetry systems, integration systems for cash payment systems
  • Closed Cashless payment systems: readers, keys, cards and stickers, tags


Brands in portfolio: Cash Code, Currenza, NRI, MEI, Money Controls, ICT, Comestero.

DANEMAR manages an impressive stock of equipment and spare parts which, combined with the technical team’s know-how, enables us to transform, configure and deliver as soon as possible a large number of equipment (sometimes atypical) according to the specific requirements of our customers , using:

  • Interfaces
  • Protocols
  • Sensors implementation groups
  • Hardware


DANEMAR, the Specialist

As a Specialist in cash payment systems, DANEMAR ensures:

  • Developing and providing technical documentation for individual projects based on customer specifications
  • Identifying technical solutions according to atypical (non-standard) requirements requested by customers
  • Installation and implementation of payment systems with customer equipment
  • Training the client’s personnel for the proper exploitation of the payment systems and preventive maintenance
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of the entire range of equipment, to maintain them in optimal parameters
  • Constant monitoring of banknotes and coins on the market, in order to update the data block to eliminate the acceptance of counterfeits and to maintain the maximum acceptance levels.
  • Collaborates with the NRB (National Romanian Bank) to test the denominations before launching them.
  • Modifying payment systems to be able to be exploited on any market the customers need, regardless of the denominations in circulation


DANEMAR is the most active and performant Authorized Sales and Service Centre for cash payment systems in Eastern Europe:

  • equipped with the most advanced diagnostic, calibration and testing equipment
  • a team of 5 electronics engineers and service technicians, certified in training courses and specializations organized by equipment manufacturers, with long experience in payment systems.

DANEMAR provides the maintenance and repair of an impressive park of payment systems (over 200,000 units), providing high quality service and guarantee to a large number of Eastern European customers.


Working with a powerful and flexible ERP system, tailored to the needs and needs of its customers, DANEMAR offers:

  • An efficient purchasing and logistics system that generates reports based on your purchasing history

·         The most productive solutions from a technical and financial point of view·         Warranty and after-sales support, additional warranty over the manufacturer’s warranty (3 years)·         Repairs within 24 hours of entry of equipment into service·         Provide “buffering equipment” for customers who do not have their own replacement equipment·         24/7 technical support (telephone, e-mail)·         Preventive maintenance and repair facilities

  • Training and educating the technical staff of its clients.

·         Increase the customer’s operating time by maintaining a stock of equipment and spare parts and the speed of completing repairs

DANEMAR permanently invests in training and specialization of its own staff and strives to ensure for the team professional training at the level of the latest technology in the field.

DANEMAR has a complete and complex ERP system that has been adapted to the specific factors of its activities and which allows to:

  • To manage stocks of equipment and spare parts
  • To monitor the service activity and the status of the equipment in service
  • To track all the equipment that come in Service by the serial number (equipment warranty and repair warranty).
  • To optimize the acquisition and logistics costs, generating a win-win situation in customer relationship
  • To better understand the needs of customers and to meet their needs

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