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Dan Bilzerian or how to live life to the fullest

Monday, 6 July 2015

by Bogdan Fechită

 Dan Bilzerian can easily be a role model to every man. With a bohemian lifestyle, he is always surrounded by beautiful and nearly naked women, money and dangerous weapons. The perfect recipe to arouse envy, controversy and praise from those who hope to follow in his footsteps.

The inheritance of his father

Many people wonder from where come Dan’s money. He seems an inexhaustible source of financial resources. Bilzerian was born in Tampa and has a brother, Adam, also a poker player. The touching side of Dan’s life story consists in the fact that half of his family was killed in the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1916, when over 1,5 million people were killed. The other half managed to flee the country, and some arrived in the US. Dan’s father, Paul Bilzerian, who had a decisive influence on his future, was born here.

Paul was a controversial businessman on Wall Street, specialized in corporative take over. He was very successful with his property investments, but he also had problems with the law, being arrested. He managed, however, to leave to his two sons a huge fund of money. Thus, the fun began.

Poker Player

Although the money from his father represented a boost in his lifestyle, Dan knew that this will not be enough and was able to make the money circulate for him. One of his best decisions was to participate in the founding of Victory Poker, an online game room, which has managed to maintain the attention of poker players.

He did not do with the involvement in this industry only as an operator, but he has become a professional poker player. His most notable performance was at the 2009 WSOP, where he participated with his brother. He finished only on the 180 position, earning $ 36,626. This is the only amount recorded by him in a live poker tournament tournaments in his right.

Dan plays also online, where may have been more generous wins. Stories about him say that he is a high stakes player and Dan did not refute them. However, the exact figures of his poker winnings are difficult to confirm.

In 2013, he landed Jay Farber with $ 2,000 so that he can play in the 2013 WSOP Main Event. Jay had an impressive game and finished in 2nd place, earning $ 5,1 million. Dan also won, receiving back a million dollars and a goat, for the initial loan. The best investment ever!

Other hobbies

Being fascinated by sport, Bilzerian is the sport guy type of man, who does not hesitate to enter all kinds of stuff, some really extreme. In March 2011 he competed in a race against Tom Goldstein on a car circuit in Las Vegas. The race was played on a bet of $ 385,000 dollars betted by the two. Dan competed with a 1965 AC Cobra and Tom with a 458 Ferrari. Bilzerian won the race and the bet.

After moving to Hollywood, he began to be attracted to acting. He had roles in “Lone Survivor,” “The Other Woman,” “The Equalizer” was a stuntman in ‘Olympus Has Fallen” and he will appear in the Bruce Willis’s film -” Extraction “, which will be released in 2016.

In 2014 he admitted that he paid the producers of the “Lone Survivor” a million dollars in order for him to enter the distribution. Then Dan sued them because he had paid this amount for at least eight minutes on the screen and at least 80 words in the film. However, he was less than a minute on the screen and had only one line, for which he took the producers to the court of law.

He also had a Romanian girlfriend

Few know that the great Dan was in a relationship with a Romanian model. Though surrounded all the time by many women, the American had girlfriends to whom he was more devoted. The relationship with Andreea Bolbea, a Romanian supermodel, was but one of passion. Parting, Bilzerian offered the following astonishing explanation about their romance: “I broke up with Andreea after a relationship of a year. I did this because I felt she was not happy. She did not mind that I was having sex with other women if she was also involved. I’ll make sure she will have no financial worries.” That was in the summer of 2014.

Facebook Guru

Dan Bilzerian’s aura also increased due to the social networks. He has over 4,3 million followers on Facebook and he is always careful to post photographs or videos on his account, with each more scandalous. Whether displaying his expensive cars, money, or whether he is surrounded by naked women, Dan manages to attract attention. One of the most scandalous posts was when he cast a porn star naked in a pool from the top of the roof, the young girl even hit herself when landing.

Dan Bilzerian

– 34 years old

– poker player and actor

– born in Tampa, Florida

– resides in Hollywood Hills, California

– known as: ”Blitz”, ”Instagram King”, ”Instagram’s Playboy King”

– estimated fortune: $ 100 million


– His brother, Alex, is also a poker player. Best performance: 47th place at the 2009 WSOP, and a $ 138,568 win.

– In 2010 he was voted the funniest poker player by the magazine Bluff Magazine

– due to his lifestyle, he suffered three heart attacks until the age of 32

– He was arrested in his senior year because he brought a machine-gun to school

– He was arrested in December 2014 at the airport in Los Angeles because the police had information that he had a bomb on him. The information prove to be wrong and Dan was released on the same day.

– He owns at least 97 weapons, some of which are exhibited in the rooms of his home.

– He hit a supermodel in the face in a Miami club, and he got banned in this location.

– Because of the problems we had with the law, and his controversial life, Australia refuses to give him a visa to enter the country.

– Dan was also involved in charity works: he started the project “Robin Hood”, whose aim is to give back to ordinary people some of the money they pay in taxes; He took care of a woman who lost all her limbs to make life to her as accessible as possible and he donated money to some foster parents who were caring for six children with special needs.


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