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Curacao – sun, sand, surfing and… casinos

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

With beaches with smooth sand bathed in clear emerald waters, Curacao is not just the paradise sought after by tourists, but it is also a destination for gamblers from all around the world. Especially because most casinos are located in hotels on the beach! The Utopian image is completed by the tax reality, the legislation here being one that is very attractive to companies wishing to open gambling businesses, including online gambling.


Oh, what fun!


Curacao is a small island, measuring only 444 km2 and having only 150,000 inhabitants, located near the Venezuela coasts, which, until the year 2000, was part of the Dutch Antilles. Now, Curacao is a component of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and, alongside Aruba and Bonaire, make up the “ABC Islands”.

Curacao is one of the most famous destinations for casino games, especially for Americans who like the Las Vegas style but in an exotic scenery, at the seaside.


Of the total of 14, 12 casinos are ultimate casinos in Curacao, where gamblers can play both at tables and at bingo or slot machines. They have bars and restaurants at their disposal, and may even enjoy live shows. The casinos are open until 2-4 in the morning, and some impose a dress-code, even if the atmosphere is relaxed. The largest and best casinos are the Carnaval Casino at Renaissance Curacao, Casino Awasa at Otrabando Hotel and Emerald Casino at Curacao Marriott Beach Resort.


Even though the island is small, in the past 15 years the number of casinos fluctuated between 12 and 13, so many of those who have been to Curacao stated that there is an overbid in this field. That is why it always seems that there are many more casinos for sale on this island than on any other island in the Caribbean. The same can be said of its sister-island Aruba, where so it happens there are also 12 casinos, Bonaire island, however, has only two casino and is only 24 miles away. Therefore, whoever visits the ABC islands shall never have a problem in finding an open seat at a game table.


Any person over 18 can play in the casinos. There are two cities with gaming facilities on this island, with 14 available gambling facilities. You can play in the casino and you can make sports bets. The largest city in Curacao is Willemstad with 13 gambling locations, 107 game tables, 2134 slot machines, slot and video poker.

The largest casino in the country is Carnaval Casino, located in Renaissance Resort Curacao. It has 19 game tables and 335 slot machines and video poker units.


Two casinos which have had a good reputation on the Island, Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel & Casino and

Plaza Hotel and Casino Willemstad have been closed down last year due to the fact that the hotels did not meet all the criteria imposed by… the fire department.


Cheap licenses, simple legislation


The licenses are supervised by the Curacao Gambling Control Board, formed in 1999. The purpose of the gambling legislation is to keep negative effects under control – addiction, money laundering – by regulating and legalizing activities. The government realized that gambling cannot be completely prohibited in the country, and operations control makes them safer and, at the same time, brings significant income to the budget, as well.


Curacao was one of the first countries in the world to regulate online betting. The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority granted online licenses from 1996. The online gambling sites which to offer their services in Curacao must apply to obtain the license. There is only one type of license covering gambling, skill games and sports betting. The tax for obtaining a license is between $1000 and $5,600, and the tax rate is fixed – 2% of the net profit.


Currently, several online gambling sites around the world hold licenses in Curacao. According to the law, the financial transactions must be performed by means of servers located within this country. Obtaining a license in Curacao is not so meritorious, as legislation is rather lax and taxes are small compared to, let’s say, Costa Rica.


Curacao’s economy is mostly based on tourism, and casino-type gambling, especially given that the facilities are located on the beach, represent one of the most important economical points. According to the law, all the casinos in the country must be affiliated to a hotel or a hospitality complex and to “mainly target the international market”. The locals can play in licensed locations. There are a few various-sized casinos which offer slot machines, but also games such as poker, roulette or blackjack,


Where and what can you play


Bingo is rather popular, but can only be played in a few of the licensed casinos, of which Carnaval Casino and Veneto Casino. And online bingo is legal in Curacao. Poker can be played in licensed casinos, but not all of them have bid poker games and, even if they do, there aren’t too many players present at all times. Poker is in the Marriott Beach Resort and Emerald casino offer. And online poker is legal, so they can play on the sites (held by offshore companies) available to them. Sports betting is legal, however, only in licensed locations, that is in casinos. The places in which you can bet can be found in casinos such as the Marriott Hotel and Casinos and at Bet Plaza Sportsbar.

Online bets are legal as well.


Lottery is legal in Curacao, and the national lottery, Landslotrij, exists since 1909. The lottery finances socio-economic, charitable projects, but also art and scientific projects. The draws are held once every two weeks and tickets are available in several hundred stores and the ticket cannot be paid online. There are also several online lotteries licensed in Curacao, available both to foreigners and the locals.


Using bitcoin is legal in Curacao and virtual currency is accepted in several locations, such as restaurants on the island. Due to Bitcoin’s popularity and a well-regulated online gambling market, it’s no surprise that Curacao plays host to several sites, including sports betting sites, on which Bitcoin can be used. The most known Bitcoin Casino in Curacao is the

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