(Română) Cum poate răspunde cel mai eficient industria de jocuri de noroc amenințărilor viitoare?

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Moreover, there was a debate a few days ago, in Pitesti, with regards to the negative effects of practicing gambling, the dialog considerably focusing on the profile industry’s responsibility towards society.

As such, it is probably the best moment for the industry to intensify its efforts to harmonize the relationship it has with society. In this note, the Romanian Bookmakers – The Patronage of Betting Organizers in Romania, once again brings to attention the fact that it actively fights for both the improvement of the legislative framework and especially for auto-regulation, in the sense that companies in the field should willfully assume certain measures with a true and beneficial impact upon its reports with society.

In this respect, some time ago, in a brief, we were proposing the institution of a set of concrete legal requirements with regards to player information. We then started from the premise that such an initiative could only have beneficial effects, including upon the industry, in the sense that it would build a real counterweight for the arguments based on which legislative projects imposing artificial restraint rules on the industry could be initiated.

Starting from what we proposed at that time, we now offer a challenge for operators to debate. Has the moment come in which all profile companies should auto-assume or fight for a social responsibility standard? Is it time that actors in this field intensify their actions to harmonize the relationships they have with society? Is it opportune to auto-impose certain measures with the purpose of informing the clients with regards to excessive gambling, exceeding the object assumed by the industry associations, respectively maintaining them in the field of the recreational?

With the mention that all those found bellow represent only work opinions, and that the opinions of operators are very useful, the Romanian Bookmakers team awaits similar ideas on behalf of the industry at: contact@romanianbookmakers.ro.

Proposals with regards to informing the gambling players:

  1. For land-based, traditional gambling operators
  • Traditional gambling operators shall place, somewhere visible within their locations, a number of informational posters for clients with regards the peril of developing addiction (to gambling).

As a proposal, the posters shall be placed within the room effectively destined for gambling, as follows:

  • 1 informational poster for the rooms destined for gambling activities with a surface of up to or equal to 50 m2;
  • 1 informational poster for each 50 m2 surface in the case of rooms destined for gambling activities with a surface greater then 50 m2.

In the case of locations in which gambling activities are carried out in several rooms, the rules mentioned above with regards to poster allocation shall be applied to each of the rooms.

Placement of informational posters shall be carried out in such a way that it shall ensure optimal visibility.

  • Gambling operators shall, upon consulting the ONJN, convene upon a minimal mandatory informational content to be presented on the informational poster.

The mandatory informational content shall be revised annually, depending on the market trends or those of the evolution of the pathological gaming phenomenon.

Gambling operators shall comply to the regulations regarding the placement of the poster within 60 calendar days from the signing of a common accession document to these measures.

  • The proposed form of the informational poster is rectangular, with a minimum size of 29.7 cm / 42 cm (A3 format).

The poster’s graphics shall be the gambling operator’s task, being required to ensure the legibility of the minimal mandatory informational content and a color format.

A vastly circulating font shall be used upon creating the graphics of the poster, making sure that the mandatory informational content is comfortable to read by the receptor.

  1. For remote gambling operators
  • Remote gambling operators shall host a virtual banner upon initializing the Internet page allocated for the platform on which gambling activities are actually organized.

We propose that the banner be present each and every time a visitor accesses the page, regardless of the visitor’s status in relation to the platform, respectively if he/she is or is not registered as a client of the operator.

  • The virtual banner shall contain the minimal mandatory content, created by consulting the ONJN. The operator may choose the type of font used, with the condition of ensuring that the mandatory informational content is comfortable to read by the receptor.

The operator shall ensure that the mandatory informational content is read when the visitor opens the virtual banner without the need to vertically scroll through the virtual banner’s content.

  • Remote gambling operators shall contribute to the content of the informational poster or of the virtual banner in accordance with the assumed agreement to bring no changes to the minimal mandatory informational content communicated by the ONJN and to respect the display and reading requirements of the assumed minimal content.
  • Common proposals for traditional gambling operators and remote gambling operators

Traditional gambling operators or remote gambling operators can create the informational poster or the virtual banner under the aegis of a prevention and treatment of gambling issues program which they are affiliated to, under the condition that they respect the regulations regarding the minimal mandatory content convened upon at the level of the industry.

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