How to choose the right scent to turn your business into a brand

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Of the five senses, the smell is a powerful instigator of emotions, due to the biological connection with memory. Through the efficient use of odors, brands have the opportunity to connect with consumers on an emotional level: to induce a state of mind, to promote products and to help position a brand on the market.

Power fo Scent

Power of Scent® presents you 4 tips on how to choose and use a scent effectively in a space dedicated to business.

  1. Identify the need. Choosing an environmental scent is important and beneficial only for those brands that offer products similar with the ones of their competitors and rely on the smell to differentiate their offers and to influence consumer perceptions. The most relevant examples are: commercial spaces, hotels, casinos, pubs, medical offices, etc.
  2. Know your customers and choose the scents accordingly: Age, culture and sex play a vital role in how consumers react to a particular type of smell.
  3. Customize the scent of your marketing strategy: Use energizing or relaxing scents, depending on the type of business and the attitude you want from your customers.
  4. Consider clients with sensitivities or allergies to certain smells: Choosing an environmental scent should take into account the comfort of customers, therefore, it is advisable to choose scents from natural essential oils, which do not endanger the health of customers.

Power of Scent® is an understanding of customer needs based on neuromarketing studies and offers a diverse range of scent diffusers at affordable rental prices. More details about the products can be found on:

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