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We cultivate values, we grow champions

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

MaxBet supports the future Olympic champion in athletics!

One of the values ​​that defines MaxBet is helping people who have the power to add value and change the communities in which they live. And in terms of social responsibility, we always choose to get involved when we find real needs of the society or we are inspired by people with potential, full of talent, who do not shy away from working hard – but who need a strong partner like MaxBet. The athletes from CS Atletico Slănic are a real example for each of us. We tell you today about those who will write history tomorrow. 


The honored coach Gheorghe Mușat put the town Slănic fron Prahova county on the map of Romanian athletics. He knows that sport educates and forms characters, and for the children from his community- athletics is an activity that can ensure success in life. But above all, the aim of Gheorghe Mușat is to train them and offer them all his knowledge to get them closer to become the future Olympic champions in athletics of Romania. 

Gheorghe Muşat became a member of the MaxBet family in terms of the results of his work. He set up the CS Atletico Slănic in the 90’s and has not stopped working until today. He has a goal: the honored coach wants with all his power to see the children trained by him on the podium, with a trophy in hand, ovated by the public, while the Romanian anthem is heard in the background, and the Romanian flag is being raised and honored. But before reaching the podium, the teenagers trained by Gheorghe Mușat know that it is not enough to have good genes and talent, you have to work hard and every day to run at least a minute longer than yesterday. Faster and better. And the teacher’s life lesson pays off. But even when the stopwatch shows that you got a better time than yesterday, performance athletics also involves costs that many of the parents of young athletes don’t afford. No matter how much the parents would save, they don’t have enough financial power to overcome on their own the cost of enrolling in competitions, transport and accommodation. Coach Gheorghe Mușat looked for solutions and did not stop searching until the story of CS Atletico Slănic was also known by MaxBet management. 

“We were deeply impressed by the story of Atletico Slănic and we wished with all our heart to help them grow, to help them participate in as many competitions as they could, to have the best sports equipment, to easily reach the most important competitions and to know that they have a strong partner with them. It’s easy to have a dream, but I think the real strength is to fight for it, whether you had a bad day at training or this time you didn’t get the big prize. And Gheorghe Mușat has this power, he gathers quality people around him, he motivates the kids, he increases the athletes and brings them to the next level. I believe that a person like Gheorghe Mușat should exist in every community in Romania. And I also believe that, besides the talent of these children, it helps them morally to know that 1.650 MaxBet employees are their fans, that we think of them, that we enjoy each prize they win. Because every contest is a stage in their life, and every hundred meters that they run makes them better, stronger. It is precisely for these reasons that we have promised to help them, to be with them, to support them with all the best we can, “said Ioana Bazavan, operational director of MaxBet. And the best news is that with the involvement of MaxBet – you can see the differences. The prizes have multiplied, the club grows, the athletes become better and the trainer Gheorghe Mușat seems to have more energy with each confirmation received that his work was not in vain. Because he has a strong partner in MaxBet and so much evidence that he still has the power to motivate the youth, to grow them and to transform them into the future Olympic champions of Romania.


In 2019, the Atletico Slănic Sports Club has won – only in national competitions – no less than six gold medals, four distinctions for second place and three bronze medals. The boys and girls from Slănic returned last year with a gold, one silver and two bronze medals from Balkanic competitions. Another sure proof that this club is on the right track is are masters competitions. They are among the toughest contests, and yet the young champions trained by Gheorghe Mușat showed that the performance is written also outside Bucharest – because the athletes affiliated with the Slănic Prahova Athletic Club obtained 12 medals, of which four gold and four silver medals.


”The results obtained by the athletes of the Atletico Slănic Sports Club are noted at national and international competitions. I discovered and guided the high performance in athletics, tens of generations of talented children from the Slănic Valley, entering the history of Romanian athletics. The performance would not have been possible without the support of MaxBet. I convey in this way my thanks for the support received”, said Gheorghe Mușat.

And although the year 2020 is just beginning, the athletes of the sports club want this year to get at least as many prizes. But the golden athletes trained by the honored trainer also inherited the ambition of their teacher, so they have a second major goal: to convince their friends that sport is a lifestyle, that sport helps you in your daily life.

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