The world’s most expensive jet-skis

Sunday, 11 August 2019

As it’s the middle of the summer, we thought we’d offer you a material dedicated to water engine sports and we chose the jet-ski because it’s a common entertainment means on the Romanian Black Sea shore. However, in this material, you’ll learn which are the most expensive jet-skis in the world that you can buy if you have enough money to invest in this special experience.


Belassi B3R Sport (USD 24,546)

Belassi B3R Sport

This is the fastest and most powerful jet-ski in the world, so it’s no surprise to anyone that this engineering beauty is the world’s most expensive jet-ski. It may seem a bit too expensive, but it’s well worth the money, offering a great experience on the water. Compared to other water engines which are either too heavy in the front or too heavy in the back, these are incredibly well balanced.

Equipped with a Honda Aquatrax F-15 3 cylinder, 4 valve turbo engine, this jet-ski offers a 350 horsepower, which gives you a speed of 80 miles per hour (approx. 129 km/hour). Of course, this beast can be easily tamed by setting a 65 miles per hour speed limit. It has a transport capacity of 2.

The engine design is attractive and the best materials in the world are used to make it. Belassi is an… Austrian creation, to your possible surprise. The central operational center is in Linz. The company runs on the philosophical concept of hand made and personalization of the final product.


The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS (USD 23,990)

Rxt x 260 rs

This jet-ski emanates force through all of its pores, so to speak, and the color scheme – black, yellow and dashes of bright red – make this vessel one of the most beautiful in its range.

The completely adjustable dilatation, as Sea-Doo calls it, and the adjustable ergonomic direction allows the width and angle of the handlebar to be adjusted as to match all passengers, regardless of their height. This also means that you can adjust it to your water driving style. If you prefer to stand, you can set the handlebar to the back, as opposed to the situation in which you could choose to set it in a higher position.

The power comes from a four-strokes engine, equipped with a Rotax 4-Tech 1500 cc engine, that generates maximum speeds up to 120 km on calm waters.

The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS has a S3 deep-v hull made with a design that reduces the cruising speed and helps you remain glued to the water surface. The jet-ski has a 60 liter fuel tank. Safety and comfort are a priority for the manufacturer of the vessel, and that is why he designed 3 types of driving styles: free ride, sport and racing.


Yamaha FX SVHO (USD 15,500)

Yamaha Waverunner FX-SVHO

Yamaha’s answer to the competition’s attacks is the FX SVHO, an ideal choice if you want to shoot through the waves accompanied by 2 other people. With a full range of features, including cruise control, a generous boarding platform and an ingenious idling system, what truly makes us go nuts over this “space rocket” is its saddle. Its design allows us to have longer travels on the water with excellent back support. For those of you who love speed on the water, you have to know that the Yamaha Super Vortex High Output engine has a power of 1812 cc, 4 cylinders and 4 exhaust pipes, that flies you over the peak of the waves. Among other features, this vessel has a compass, air temperature display and water temperature display.

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