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The most expensive espresso machines in the world

Friday, 19 February 2021

Everywhere in gambling venues, casinos, poker rooms or during tournaments, people used to consume the best quality coffee, but after the spread of coronavirus, we started to appreciate more and more the opportunity to play board games with our friends or to gamble online using our computer. If you want to pamper yourself with the best espresso in the world, our magazine has searched and found two of the most luxurious and refined espresso machines in the world: The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition & La Marzocco KB90.

The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition, 10.200$

The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition

The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition

The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is a tribute to the lovers of Porsche 993 engines and is designed as a complete engine block, with cylinder heads and cam covers. It is composed of high quality stainless steel used in the aerospace industry, such as surgical stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium and, of course, carbon fiber. The whole build is handcrafted, and it’s topped off with a very attractive exterior matte black finish. The RS Black Edition espresso machine is a black, more aggressive and more masculine version, that innovates the world of espresso machines. 993 units have been manufactured to be sold worldwide to Porsche car fans and coffee lovers. Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is the perfect combination of both refinement and ”strength”, all packaged in one luxury espresso machine. Total weight is 21.5kg, and it measures 380mm in length, 420mm in width, and 340mm in height. This espresso machine is a jewel of espresso engineering. The coffee prepared using this appliance is a delight for anyone, coffee drinker or not, and the luxurious design of the espresso machine can make any owner proud.

La Marzocco KB90, 22.400$

La Marzocco KB90

La Marzocco KB90

The KB90 is the ultimate evolution of the Linea PB form. Designed to optimize the workflow for the barista in the world’s busiest bars by improving the ergonomics and features of the machine. The KB90 named is inspired by the Board Chairman of la Marzocco, Kent Bakke. 20 years ago, Kent imagined one of the most exciting new features of the KB90, the Straight-in Portafilter. Kent has always believed that La Marzocco’s has the mission to create machines that make the lives of the barista easier and more efficient, and the KB90 embodies this philosophy. Designed to simplify the motion required to engage the portafilter and reduce the strain by 12 times on the barista for even greater performance and everyday usability. High volume coffee environments demand that a barista can work faster and efficiently to produce drinks during busiest periods of the day. The straight-in portafilter of la Marzocco KB90 can noticeably mitigate the repetitive stress injuries occurring through its ease of action improving the natural workflow and output of barista. After each extraction, a burst of steam boiler purges the brew path and is followed by a flush of hot water, keeping the group clean even during the busiest hours. This innovative function minimizes coffee residue in the group and reduces the number of times baristas need to back flush. Precision scales incorporated into the drip tray improve beverage consistency by stopping the extraction based on mass. Moreover, the machine uses an algorithm called Drip Prediction to improve shot accuracy and ease of dialing in. Separate boiler for each brew group head, allows barista to optimize brew temperature for each coffee. This espresso machine is the dream of not only any barista, but also any espresso drinker in the world.

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