Poker and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Thousands of poker and casino cheats have plied their crafts since poker rooms, casino table games and slot machines have been in existence. These poker and casino cheats are the best in poker and casino cheating history, and their lifetimes spent in poker rooms and casinos are fabulous stories.


Sherri Skoons was born in May, 1961, and was the only known professional female casino pastposter. She started out in the casino cheating business as simply the girlfriend of Salvatore Gillette, a member of Richard Marcus’s pastposting team in the early 1990s. Sherri would go along on their casino trips, sometimes helping out with minor parts of the operation. She would sit at a blackjack or roulette table just to fill the seat and create some needed action to facilitate move-making opportunities for Marcus and his team. Marcus liked Sherri’s spunky personality and foresaw the possibility of her having a more integral function as a team-member. Six months after meeting her, Marcus allowed Sherri to serve as a “checkbettor.” Her function in that role was to bet certain schematic sequences in roulette, where her placement of stacks of checks (chips in casino parlance) as well as one-, two- and three-check bets would force the dealer to make certain movements and create windows of opportunity for Marcus’s roulette mechanic to make the pastpost.

From there Sherri was given another major responsibility helping the team cash out large amounts of chips and became a chip courier. After a year with team, Sherri informed Marcus that she wanted to play an even more crucial role; she wanted to be the “claimer” on roulette moves, the person who claimed the pastposted bets as their legitimate ones and took the money off the tables—the most dangerous position. Marcus decided to give the eager young woman a shot. So Sherri became a great roulette claimer, and was especially effective playing the ditzy blond while performing Marcus’s patented mix-up roulette claim. Sherri finally decided to go back to school and quit the business in 1995. She studied—of all things—forensic criminology. Believe it or not, today Sherri Skoons is a CSI.


There is no doubt that Monique, born on Valentine’s Day, 1948, in Deauville, France, was the most gorgeous casino cheater of all-time. Monique was the main player in perhaps the most ingenious roulette scam in casino history. It happened in the summer of 1973 at the ritzy Casino Deauville on the French Atlantic coast. It became known as “The French Cigarette Pack Scam”. The scam was launched when a radio amateur employed as a roulette dealer at the Casino Deauville built a radio transmitter into a pack of cigarettes, embedding the tiny weightless receiver into a roulette ball made by a sculptor friend that he snuck into play. His brother-in-law placed the bets while his sister, Monique, softly pressed an invisible button on the cigarette pack as the ball was spinning, sending it into a controlled dive which resulted in the ball’s landing in groups of six numbers with ninety percent accuracy. In a week the Casino Deauville was beat for five million francs ($1 million at that time).

The owners of the casino could not figure out what was hitting them and they began suspecting the dealer. They watched him secretively from above, but he was doing nothing out of the ordinary to control the movement of the ball.

The scam was truly a marvel, and neither the ball nor the cigarette pack ever malfunctioned. Finally, the casino owners were suspected some kind of radio interference with the roulette wheel; they had an expert debugging crew come in and sweep the casino while the wheel was in action. The next time the principal casino owner asked the temptress for a cigarette, the chief of the Deauville Police Force was there at his side to confiscate the pack and put the lovely raven-haired beauty in handcuffs.
Today Monique Laurent lives in Las Vegas and works in the wardrobe department of a famous Las Vegas extravaganza.

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