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What online slots do we play (2) – Warlords: Crystals of Power

Monday, 7 August 2017

by Mircea Panait

One of the latest online slot games launched by the company Netent is Warlords: Crystals of Power, which features a fascinating story and exceptional graphics.

The action takes place in mythical, storytelling times, when legendary fighters were disputing supremacy over land and riches. After years of wars, struggling battles, robberies and conquests, only three fighters survive: the Barbarian, the Priestess, and the Samurai. They are the three ones left in the battle and the ones who will fight the ultimate battleship to conquer everything and rule the world. We tested this game at Netbet, the Casino section.

The game has 5 lines (roles) and 3 columns, 30 combinations, wild symbols, scatter, re-rotation, free spins and a RandomWild. For each of the three heroes, the Barbarian, the Priestess, and the Samurai, there are assigned different free spins, and so the struggle between the three leaders begins.

It depends on what you want to choose, the Barbarian, the Priestess or the Samurai…

The presentation is great, the beginning movie being extremely well designed. It immediately projects you into the fascinating world of heroes and fighters. The soundtrack matches, it’s worth listening carefully. The presentation takes about one minute:

Some words about Battle Mode:

If two different Scatter symbols appear on rolls, 1 Scatter symbol is randomly chosen to turn to the other symbol so that both are identical before starting Re-spin (re-rotations). There is a 50/50 chance for the symbol to be chosen as Active Scatter symbol. If 2 Scatter symbols of the same type and a Scatter symbol of a different type appear on the rolls, the Scatter symbols will turn, after a battle, in the same type before starting Re-spin (re-rotations). In this situation, there is a 75% chance that the symbol with 2 Scatter symbols becomes the active symbol. If there are 3 different Scatter symbols on the rolls, the Scatter symbols will turn, after a battle, to the same type before starting Re-spin (re-rotations). In this situation, there is an equal chance that each of the three symbols becomes the active symbol.

The actual game, in a few spins:

Level 10, stake to 150 (the maximum)

After a few spins that didn’t do much, here’s the first substantial prize with 5 Wild symbols:

Then, we entered the Battle mode (shown above):

Freespins’ emergence for the Barbarian brought 24 additional Freespins and 2369 extra Chips:

We played this game, we worked on this batch for about 30 minutes and it’s really exciting. Fun, engaging, enjoyable, reasonable gains, maximum fun. This online slot is accessible on your PC, tablet, mobile phone and it’s worth trying it out.

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