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What happens when Martingale, Fibonacci and 2 odd are combined

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Belanger Strategy 4 – difficult, but can bring constant income


All punters, therefore even those who bet on sports betting, are looking for the perfect system. That system which will bring constant income, and why not, richness to its user. Well, that hasn’t been discovered so far…



Neither by those who bet modest amounts at their apartment bloc’s ground floor agency, or by famous mathematicians. So, punters are looking to apply a strategy, a system, capable of bringing profit, even after a long series of losses. There are the progressive stakes strategies – the most known are Martingale and Fibonacci, but there are also systems which imply the choice of bets and odds. A sort of finding the gap in the well-thought out system for the calculation of odds, of winning a battle in the unequal war against betting houses. That is because math has its well-defined role and it can be a hard thing to accept for many who try their luck, and statistics show that, in the end, the budget is gone even with Martingale and Fibonacci applied. And here is where we turn to series and statistics and we already complicate things even more.



Before we present a new betting approach, a new try, we will give you one piece of advice – ignore the ads on shadowy sites, in which you are promised great winnings with stakes on two games from who knows which championship and division, at an outrageous odd – like break/final result, or outsiders’ victories – against a minimum commission, because you will cry your eyes out afterwards for your money. So, let’s see a new strategy, a mix between Martingale, Fibonacci and 2 odd – the Belanger Strategy 4.


Who is Belanger and what does he bring new to the table

Frankie Belanger is one of the successful tipsters, an important voice in the punter world, who explained the game concept in his e-book Bookie Buster. He discovered spectacular systems which, he claims, reach a 90% win rate. With over 10 years of experience in bets on football, baseball, hockey and many other sports, Frank has researched and created winning game systems, even for those without even an ounce of experience. He debates over 20 strategies, and efficiency is proven only if his indications are respected to the letter. That is, a budget managed in the described strict conditions can lead to a winning margin of 30-40%.


The win comes after a (long) dark period

Of the strategies he explains, the most used is number 4, which has the Fibonacci series at its core, so a less risky alternative than Martingale, with the advantage of allowing the player to lose several bets – even 7 consecutive ones, to be precise – so that he may then easily recover his losses, even from one single successful bet (or two, if the seven before are lost).

According to the strategy, the minimum odd which will bring a win is 1.93 (so, it is addressed to the 2 odd amateurs), and then you have to bet step by step on multiples from the 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.5, 14, 23 and 39 series.

Here, we could make a first observation – the ones with the advantage are those who can brag with series of 4-5 consecutive bets.

Therefore, a series of eight bets. The next stake is not as that in Martingale system bets, as in things start again from the initial stakes. If the punter starts to make profit, but the profit does not cover the losses of the previous stakes, he must bet the stake previous to the winning bet on his next bet.

Be careful! Given the multiplication coefficient from the beginning of the series, the punter must be patient and settle for small winnings, but, most likely, constant ones.

Another condition of this strategy is that of placing only one bet per day.


Betting examples – RON 1 stake, at a 1.93 odd / per day


RON 1 – losing bet – loss: – RON 1


RON 2 – losing bet – loss: – RON 3


RON 3 – winning bet – win RON 5.79 – profit: – RON 0.21


According to the theory, which the player must never stray from, the value of the stakes must be kept in a very strict manner, because, if the punter would bet the money from day 4, that is RON 5, and the bet would be a losing one, then the loss would be bigger.


So, on DAY 4, the stake shall be the one from the day previous to the won bet, that is RON 2.

If the bet is lost, then the loss shall be of only RON 2.21 and not of RON 5.21!

DAY 5 – RON 3 – winning bet – profit RON 2.79, in total RON 5.79.


Another example (stake RON 10, 1.93 odd)



1            10                           losing bet                -10                -10

2            20                           losing bet                -20                -30

3            30                           losing bet                -30                -60

4            50                           losing bet                -50                -110

5            85                           losing bet                -85                -195

6            140                          losing bet               -140              -335

7            230                          losing bet               -230              -565

8            390                        winning bet              -230              -565

9            230                        winning bet              +231.90         +11.60



The Frankie Belanger strategy is a lot more difficult for a lot of people, and it requires time and patience. In the end, however, the punter is winning.

The total budget for the nine days is of RON 1185, and the situation in which the bets from days 8 and 9 are winning bets, the profit is of RON 11.6. It’s very little considering how stressful it can be to think that you might lose RON 1200…

Another conclusion is that if the series of lost bets is greater than 8, the punter must know math so he/she can calculate the multiplication percentage. Frank Belanger does not expose the continuation of the series in his book…


High risk of loss

If I have a bank of 100u and I first get 16 winning bets in a row, then I hit 8 losing bets in a row, I have lost all of my money, even though I have twice as many winning bets as losing ones.


Belanger’s book can be downloaded free from the Internet for 30 days, with registration and credit card presentation, then you pay USD 8.99.

by Paul Dan


Source: Bookie Buster, e-book, Strategy 4, page 45


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