Awarded last year as “The Best Gambling Hall Opened in 2017”, Game World City Park Mall Constanta has fully confirmed the opinion of those who voted it before the annual gala organized by the Casino Inside magazine.


And because the summer season has begun and the capital of entertainment is moving to the seaside, it means that for Game World Constanta – the largest gambling hall on the Romanian seashore – this period of summer has special features. First evidence to the fact that everything is prepared for having even more fun at Game World Constanta, is the new calendar of promotions and events.


Thereby, every day of the week offers at least one special attraction, both to the local guests and the ones who just transit Constanta or are spending their vacation on the seaside. Whether is about live music parties, live shows and dance, culinary specialties from the free buffet available to all Game World customers, or the numerous prizes that can be won at any of the five ongoing promotions, it is sure that everybody choosing to having fun at Game World Constanta will find something that matches  their preferences.


The themed parties – from the 3rd Friday of every month – have become a reference point in Constanta`s entertainment calendar, the only question being related to the topic of the next party which is always a pleasant and charming surprise!


The elegant and modern environment of the gambling hall, the diversity of the 157 slot machines and electronic roulettes and the mix of the 19 Jackpots that can be won at any moment of time, are another 3 reasons for the customers` satisfaction. The betting offer is completed by the Stanleybet sports betting area – ready to welcome all of those who want to watch the major sport events such as Roland Garros and Wimbledon tennis tournaments and the 2018 Football World Cup.


Consistent to the company values, Game World Constanta actively supports the Responsible Gambling Program both through the multiple ads and communication materials and through all the talks that managers and employees have with the customers interested in the program. Moreover, customers have on their disposal a modern info point situated inside the gambling hall, permanently connected to the Responsible Gambling Program website:


And for a break between gambling sessions or a nice chat with friends, for watching football games or just enjoying a coffee, there is no better place than the specially designed Game World terrace, with access both from the gambling hall and directly from the parking place – using the elevator reserved for Game World customers.

From this terrace, situated on the 1st floor of City Park Mall, one can admire the delightful view of the city over the Tabacaria Lake as well as the sun rising from the sea at the first hour in the morning.

The summer is here! The season of holidays and big parties have begun! Game World Constanta – the largest gambling hall on the Romanian seashore – launches an invitation to fun and entertainment!

Karmen Ciorăscu, Kamaryon owner: Our team, management and strategy made us leaders in Dolj!

In Craiova there is a solid Romanian company which, in almost 20 years of activity, through seriousness, perseverance and skill, has succeeded in developing a successful business in the field of gambling. Their halls, KM Games, represent an important point of reference in the field of entertainment, which is pretty competitive in that area. Kamaryon, because it’s them we are referring to, started from the idea of a few enthusiastic young people who wanted to make a better future for themselves, on their own, and who have now reached the point of decisively contributing to the future of others and to offer support to the community. 

What can you tell us about your company? How many halls do you have? Under what brand do you operate? How many machines do you operate? How many employees do you have? In which towns do you operate?

We started out in 1999 and evolved gradually, working in collaborations only. After a while, we focused on our own activities and came to operate 6 halls of our own, 7 betting agencies managed by us, but in collaboration with our partner gambling houses; in addition, we have approximately 50 working points we operate together with our collaborators. We operate in 6 counties: Timiș, Caraș-Severin, Mehedinți, Olt, Dolj and Brașov. The brand under which we operate our own halls is KM GAMES and it is safe to say we operate 200 machines. Of course, we have 50 employees who make us proud.

Our company is profitable, we keep on investing in devices, in the renewal of our gambling machines and, of course, we are happy to invest in people.

We wish to start to work on a new online gambling platform, one we will build ourselves, rather than buy it. Our target in the medium term is to invest primarily in individuals capable of making us believe in them.

We also work with all the giant manufacturers, Merkur, Novomatic, EGT, Baum or Synot. As I was saying, we liked to own not only the machines, but also a number of locations where some of our halls as well as our head office are located.

What are the main problems you are dealing with locally?

The main problem is the scarce human resources. The law is also a problem; we have to deal with bets, so problems may arise while moving the machines from one location to another, we have to hold the machines turned off or even take them to the storage room until we are able to find a new location. It is absurd for us to have to work together with the gambling industry insofar as we, as operators of slot machines, and the bet operators pay separate licenses.

What are the main advantages provided by your halls and your company, in general, by comparison to you competitors?

First of all, the game mix and promptness in paying the earnings to the gamers. Obviously, our team, too, which we set up over time and with whom we have been working for a very long time. Over time, we have tried to help them and protect them, to be a family.

Our own locations are very good, very old in the market, and in them there are many of our collaborators who have been working here for almost 20 years.

Is it safe to say that the Kamaryon team is the main engine of your success on the gambling market?

The team is one of our advantages; each employee knows their place and knows very well what they should do, I know exactly what to ask of them and they are well aware of their duties and my demands. In this way, we manage to have results and have a prosperous business in the long term.

Which would you say is your firm’s position in the market of Craiova and of the other cities your are operating, after so many years of operations?

It is safe to say we are leaders in Dolj, we are well positioned in the market and many players approach us especially due to the notoriety we obtained over the years due to our services and the environment we manage to create in the locations.

What are the marketing actions (promotions, events, raffle cards, prizes, etc.) you carry out in the KM Games halls and what is their stake in your day-to-day operations?

The halls were very profitable due to the management we implemented, customer retaining take is made through the services provided, without aiding actions such as promotion and such being necessary. Certainly, in the future, we are determined to have a more solid contribution in this direction, especially since we are preparing to open new locations in a very competitive area.

In addition to the environment and the services the players encounter in our halls, we have initiated a retaining program in the form of customer retaining cards for various products.

In all these years of activity in the market, you have invested a lot (of money and energy) into development. What is the direction of your company now and what are you aiming for in the upcoming period?

We are aiming for the development of the halls in our portfolio and, certainly, we would like to open new locations in the areas in which we are already operating. Another direction we would like to focus on is the online area in which we wish to launch a project of our own.

(Română) S-a deschis o nouă sală de joc Eldorado în București

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Double launch of Fu Gui Rong Hua Jackpot in Winbet gaming halls

The Chinese-themed jackpot Fu Gui Rong Hua premiers in Winbet gaming halls in the month of March 2018. Featuring the exotic pattern of the Asian world, the jackpot system Fu Gui Rong Hua is ready to grant players with the chance to glory, splendor, riches and prestige.


With Type Approval standardization for the local Romanian market since last year, this 4 level progressive jackpot has been chosen by Winbet to install in two of its gaming halls and it is already enjoying a collosal success amongst Winbet players.


Fu Gui Rong Hua combines the Chinese style and spectacular design graphics with the winning chances as players will feel lucky with the game’s frequent jackpots and the possibility to win more than one jackpot level at the same time. With a maximum only reachable when wagering at 88 credits regardless of the bet multiplier, betting higher increases the pay table winnings. The figure 8 – a lucky number in Chinese tradition, plays a role in all missions.


The Chinese-themed jackpot attracts aficionados into a whirlwind world of luck, with multiple winning chances thanks to the two games available and 243 possible combinations. While Eternal Lotus is the first of the couple of games, where by increasing the bet the player increases his opportunity to win higher progressive jackpot levels and also increases the pay table winnings, the second game – Empress Gold – brings the same excitement and uniqueness of the Chinese world, that drives players to fantastic progressive levels, with outstanding Chinese themed graphic designs and winning chances for players willing to try their luck.


With this new installation, Winbet falls in line with the international trends, choosing to upgrade their gaming halls with one of the most spectacular jackpot system on the gaming market right now. Having been installed in Estonia, France, Germany, Columbia – to name a few, Fu Gui Rong Hua garnered in record time a great international acknowledgement.


“The EGT slot machines have proved over time to have a sort of magnetic pull for our players. Our cooperation with EGT continues to be highly fruitful for us and continues its ascending path once we added the Chinese-themed jackpot system to our gaming halls. We expect great results and we anticipate that Fu Gui Rong Hua will fastly develop a fan-base amongst our players.” concluded Catinel Alexe – Marketing Manager of Winbet.


The Fu Gui Rong Hua jackpot is present in the Winbet gaming halls hosted on P-42 V Up Curved slot machines, customized with Chinese theme highly attractive graphic designs.


Incorporating contemporary technical concepts with curved glass surfaces, 42” touch-screen display that allows for larger space for graphics, this slot machine in particular creates a buzz wherever you will find it.


Key features of P-42V Up Curved:

  • 42” portrait-oriented curved monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity;
  • Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons (optional);
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet;
  • Well-positioned mechanical counters for easy access and good visibility;
  • Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort;
  • Convenient electronic key system access;
  • Powered by


For more information regarding the Chinese-themed Fu Gui Rong Hua jackpot or the P-42 V Up Curved slot machines, go to


The largest gaming hall in Eastern Europe continues to be a much appreciated destination for entertainment and to continuously diversify its attractions and entertainment options offered to its guests.

Diversity is certainly one of the features that represent Game World Bucharest Mall and it is found in both the community of our clients and in the aspects of their experience when having fun at Game World.

Thereby, for example, in 2017, the clients were invited to enjoy not less than 56 themed parties with artistic shows, special decorations and different culinary dishes, all being organized with enthusiasm and professionalism by Game World Bucharest Mall team.

The diversity of entertainment offered to our guests is matched by the diversity of the games and betting options. At Game World Bucharest Mall players can choose from over 250 gaming seats at slot machines and electronic roulette.

The mix of slot machines includes the most appreciated games in Romania as well as the latest games from world-renowned manufacturers. Among them, there are: Novomatic, EGT, Casino Technology, IGT, Scientific Games, Bally, Williams, Gold Club and Alfastreet.   Slot machines players benefit also from the most expansive mix of Jackpots, having the chance to win not less than 29 Jackpots grouped in 8 different systems. The values of these Jackpots are also very interesting, a good example in thus respect being the Platin level of the Break the Bank Jackpot system, whose maximum value is 100.000 Lei.

Game World

Roulette players may also choose from 36 roulette seats, 20 of them being part of the Alfastreet Arena model – the largest roulette in Romania. Moreover, they have the chance to win the Alfastreet Roulette Jackpot that can be hit exclusively by roulette players.  The gambling and betting offer is completed by Stanleybet sports betting area, which provides a superior level of comfort and a large mix of service for punters and by the 3 Mega Jackpot slot machines. It is well known by now that so far the entire Mega Jackpot network awarded a total of 60 prizes – one of them was won at Game World Bucharest Mall; the lowest of these 60 prizes was 202.302 Lei and the highest Mega Jackpot valued 791.181 Lei!  Besides Jackpots, players from Game World Bucharest Mall have the opportunity to participate in many different promotions, having the chance to win the most diverse prizes: from cash prizes to perfumes, mobile phones, motorcycles and cars.  Thus, in 2017, the players from Game World Bucharest Mall won 6.347 Jackpots and 2.275 promotion prizes.

Game World Bucuresti Mall

From another perspective, the number of jackpot winners from Game World Bucharest Mall can be compared to the number of spectators on the stadium at the matches played by Craiova University, one of the most appreciated football teams in Romania, which last year registered an average public of 6.400 people per game. Using a similar analogy, the promotion prizes’ winners would fill all the airplanes from the entire Tarom air fleet, the 23 Boeing and Airbus Tarom planes having a total capacity of about 2.300 passengers.   The diversity and the great care for details – specific for Game World Bucharest Mall – can be also found in the area of promoting the “Responsible Gambling” program. Therefore, at Game World Bucharest Mall this program is promoted through a very large mix of communication actions and channels. These mix includes: posters, backlits and roll-ups displayed near the entrances and in other areas with high visibility, video content displayed on the big TV screens – inside the gaming hall – as well as on the mini-screens from each gaming seat, audio announcements recorder and broadcasted through the sound system or by using the microphones from the stage as well as content on the social media pages. Furthermore, inside Game World Bucharest Mall gaming hall, there was installed an info-point exclusively dedicated to “Responsible Gambling” website. The management and all employees are being regularly informed about how the program works and about are the benefits for participants. Last year, Game World created a new position in the company’s structure – Responsible Gambling Representative – , the major responsibilities of this specialist being to offer support and guidance to those who are interested in the program and to connect all the parties involved: players, their friends and families, psychologists specialized in gambling addiction, managers and front line employees.  The evolution from 1999 until today, the plans for 2018 and the fact that from September this year Game World Bucharest Mall will enter its 20th year of activity are just few of the arguments for which it targets – for the 5th consecutive year – the prize for the best gambling hall in Romania!

2018 Campaigns at THE JACK PLOIEȘTI

The Jack Ploiești, designated by Casino Inside Magazine as the best gambling hall in the province in 2017, has prepared promotional campaigns with sensational prizes for 2018, repaying the loyalty of customers who trust in the quality of the services we offer, but also of the top generation gaming means that they find here each time.

The Lexus NX 300h campaign started on December 19th 2017 and shall hold its final draw on April 30th 2018, when the grand prize shall be a Lexus NX 300h, plus guaranteed additional prizes of RON 100,000.

In the future, we will have the Porsche 718 Cayman Campaign for our clients, which will begin on May 1st 2018 and the final draw shall be held on August 20th 2018, when we will be giving away a wonderful Porsche 718 Cayman, plus guaranteed additional prizes of RON 150,000.

For the fall-winter, we have prepared a campaign with a grand prize of a super SUV, “The Maserati of SUVs”, as the representatives from Maserati call it. This campaign starts on August 21st 2018 and the final draw shall be held on December 17th 2018, when, besides the Maserati Levante car, we will also give away guaranteed prizes of RON 150,000 lei.

The prize total for 2018 exceeds RON 15,000,000!

Play Again & The Jack within Ploiești Shopping City, the TOTAL Entertainment concept 

Play Again awaits you with 13 pool tables, 5 bowling lanes, fun games for children and a cafe area where you can enjoy a diverse range of products made by the best bartenders in the city.

The Jack offers its clients over 100 top generation game posts, attractive jackpots, exceptional services offered by a professional team, all in an elegant ambiance which will certainly make you want to come back.

About The Jack and Play Again

The Jack and Play Again brand operates game halls in cities such as Ploiești, Deva, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Targu-Mureș and Iași. All of their locations have been opened in Shopping Centers, being designed as entertainment centers, this being a great advantage for their clients. The Jack and Play Again team is composed of over 150 young and enthusiastic employees which concentrate on creating a positive work environment, a relaxed and open atmosphere to all players, so that anybody who walks in, will feel good and at ease.

The Jack Palas Mall Iași

Unique location – Modern design – Top gaming experience

In 2012, the brand „The Jack & Play Again” was born in Iaşi, with the opening of the largest shopping center in Moldova – Palas Mall.

The project was the largest and most complex in Iași, with 6 bowling alleys, 15 pool tables, 1 snooker table, a café with a capacity of over 100 people, a betting agency and a gaming room. All this over an area of over 1,800 square meters.

At the beginning of  2018, it was decided to move the location to a more visible area within Palas Mall, so that our customers could benefit from the best services, a mix of machines in line with the latest gaming industry news and very attractive promotional campaigns.

We wanted to create a unique location, with a modern design that offers customers a different experience.

Since the beginning of December we have started a new promotional campaign – „Lexus NX 300h”, with weekly raffles worth RON 10,000 and the final raffle on March 29, 2018, when besides a Lexus NX luxury car 300h there will be an extra RON 50,000 to be won.


About The Jack and Play Again

The Jack and Play Again brand operates game halls in cities such as Ploiesti, Deva, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Targu-Mures and Iasi. All of their locations have been opened in Shopping Centers, being designed as entertainment centers, this being a great advantage for their clients. The Jack and Play Again team is composed of over 150 young and enthusiastic employees which concentrate on creating a positive work environment, a relaxed and open atmosphere to all players, so that anybody who walks in, will feel good and at ease.

The Jack and Play Again Deva, complete entertainment!

The Jack and Play Again Deva was inaugurated in the fall of 2015 on the premises of Shopping City Deva, and not only does it benefit from an excellent location, but it also has a professional team which offers players a special place dedicated to best quality entertainment, in addition to marketing campaigns and promotions thought out in accordance with the specific of the location.

The location measures approximatively 1100 square meters and comprises an entertainment area containing 4 bowling alleys, 8 pool tables, Darts, fun games, a coffee shop with a 100 person capacity and a Game Hall in which clients find 40 of the most popular slot machines on the market and an electronic roulette with 8 posts.

Since the location was opened, high quality services have been offered by the very well trained and pleasant personnel, the products and services being adapted to the clients’ preferences, their efforts being rewarded by the clients’ fidelity and satisfaction. Therefore, in no time at all, The Jack and Play Again Deva became the favorite place for inhabitants of Hunedoara County to pass their free time, the number of visitors growing every day.

An extremely important aspect is that of winning over the trust and fidelity of the clients, which are more and more attentive to the offered products and services. The pleasant ambiance and services found in their location – Wi-Fi access, free drinks offered to clients in the game hall, various events, special price offers for bowling and pool, and not to mention the NON-STOP 24/7 program – make The Jack and Play Again Deva a “must to be” present for anyone seeking quality entertainment.

In time, the “The Jack” game hall has organized several promotional campaigns giving away both cash prizes and cars. Currently, the “Mercedes C Class” Campaign is at its final draw which will take place on 22 February 2018! Besides the luxury car, prizes worth RON 78,000 will also be awarded.

This campaign was carried out over almost 5 months, and the total prizes exceed RON 350,000!

The Jack and Play Again Deva offers complete entertainment!

About The Jack and Play Again Deva

The Jack and Play Again Deva brand operates game halls in cities such as Ploiesti, Deva, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Targu-Mures and Iasi. All of their locations have been opened in Shopping Centers, being designed as entertainment centers, this being a great advantage for their clients. The Jack and Play Again Deva team is composed of over 150 young and enthusiastic employees which concentrate on creating a positive work environment, a relaxed and open atmosphere to all players, so that anybody who walks in, will feel good and at ease.

(Română) Programul Joc Responsabil la 6 ani de la lansare

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