Cătălin Popescu, director of Metron Serv: “We want to take gambling metrology to another level“

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Metron Serv is a company with a long history in metrology, operating in this market since 1994, but last year it decided it was time to offer its services and experience to companies working in the field of gambling. After obtaining the 2nd class license, the company attracted experts in the field of gambling and metrology, made investments in technology, created a stable portfolio of clients and is now ready to be presented in the pages of our magazine. 

Cătălin Popescu

Cătălin Popescu, director Metron Serv

How did the gambling story of Metron Serv begin?

The story of Metron Serv started about a year ago, from the desire and need to move to the other side of the Gambling industry. Most of my work involved technical activities. This means that, among other things, I took care of the technical checks (metrologies) for the slot machines, but what the difference between now and then is that at that time I was just preparing the files for performing the metrologies. So when I decided to go to the other side of the technical checks, I contacted Mr. Lili Temelie, General Manager of Metron Serv and presented my business plan for a possible collaboration in the Gambling industry. Dozens of meetings, discussions and projections followed before we made a positive decision.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your general and particular expertise in metrology? We would also like to know: what is your personal experience in gambling metrology?

I had my first job 12 years ago and it was in the Gambling industry. Since then, nothing has changed in terms of my professional experience. Of course I had to start from the bottom. I went through many stages of promotion but most of the time I dealt with metrology. I did metrology from A to Z. From preparing files to going to the field to prepare the devices in order to perform metrologies. So I have been dealing with metrology for almost 10 years, time that I understood the field and learned almost everything I needed about metrology in the gambling area.

What are the main products and services provided by Metron Serv on the gambling market?

Metron Serv is, among other things, a gambling testing laboratory in the field of gambling. Metron Serv is a Conformity Assessment Body, so it offers technical control services for all types of electronic devices and roulette, but also helps the achievement of Type Approvals.

What are the strengths of your company?

We have invested a lot of resources in the gambling department. We have invested out of the desire to promote ourselves in the market and to assure our customers that our business is fair and legal. We have many arguments to convince the gambling organizers that we are the company they have to work with. Things we want to prove through seriousness, speed and prestige at a higher level.

What are Metron Serv short-and-medium-term goals with regard to its collaboration with the gambling companies?

In the short and medium term, we are considering expanding our specialists and logistics teams at national level.

But, certainly, our main goals are long-term works. From the project stage I established this together with the general manager of the company. We want to create new standards in gambling field, to invest both in staff and in company to attract new customers, but also to strengthen the relationships with customers we already have in our portfolio.

Metron Serv

What can you tell us about the Metron Serv team and its role in the development of your company?

The Metron Serv team is represented by specialists with experience in the field of metrology, but also in the field of gambling. They are receptive and eager to respond to customer requests, which we consider effective for both parties.

What are your plans for the upcoming period?

For us, the future is here! We want to take gambling metrology to another level. We are in the age of technology and we try as much as possible to make our work easier and to make it as beneficial and efficient as possible for both us and our customers. We started this project with a few advantages over the competition but this is just the beginning for us. It is the “zero time” where we start to develop the company and the technology used by it.

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