Casino Technology launches new high end slot machines at ICE 2019

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Casino Technology launches new high end cabinets and exciting new multi games at ICE Totally Gaming. As 2019 marks company milestone – the 20th Anniversary of its inception, a spectacular presentation is expected at its stand N5-140.

The latest cutting edge product offerings include the new and refined completion to the successful award winning EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines – the EZ MODULO Titan™ and EZ MODULO Tower™. The new cabinet releases, added to the already offered line up of top notch machines, make the product line a perfect choice for all types of casinos and gaming halls.

Rossi McKee, Vice President of Casino Technology commented: “Our new offerings comprise of leading-edge technology and brand-new content for truly exciting experience. Our dedication to offer the most comprehensive products that meet customers` expectation is defying company’s participation at ICE Totally Gaming”.

The innovative and eye catching EZ MODULO Titan™ grabs the player’s attention and is as fascinating as it generates excellent results for operators. Featuring 32” HD main monitor and an impressive 43” UHD J-curved monitor for displaying the jackpot accumulations and the winning celebrations, the cabinet offers superior ergonomics and improved players comfort. The highest quality monitor, the lighting with controlled colour effects and the great sound keeps players entertained and engaged. The black chrome finish of the button deck gives a sense of sophisticated style and design. EZ MODULO Titan™ is offered with GORILLA WHEEL™ – a multi level progressive game suite with 12 titles and SPEED KING™ multi game with up to 60 games.

EzModulo Tower

Featuring SPEED KING™ multi game is also the next new model from the EZ MODULO™ series – EZ MODULO™ with three 32” HD monitors, designed precisely for providing an exceptional gaming experience. With 60 titles, the new slot machine offers high quality sound, great effects and efficient set of intriguing game maths.

The outstanding new EZ MODULO Tower™ stands out with unique 43-inch J-curved monitor and full touchscreen capabilities, crystal clear sound and edge lighting as well as a 27” topper. It is offered with TOWER™ 102 fruits and TOWER™ 104 multi games, consisting of 40 successful and loved by players games, guaranteeing maximum machine occupancy.

Specially designed for the markets, preferring slant top cabinets is the CHALLENGER™ with classic shapes and uncompromised quality. With full HD monitors and large button deck or optional 15″ iDeck, designed for easy maintenance, the new cabinet is offered with GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ series of multi games and the new progressive multi game CLOVER CHARM™.

CLOVER CHARM™ multi game is the latest completion to the company’s multilevel Progressive line of game suites. Consisting of 5 games – 3 fruit themed and two with special Hyper mode featuring additional betting lines, it aims to maximize the excitement.

CLOVER CHARM™ offers 3-level jackpot, configurable as a stand alone or linked progressive. The games in the suite are specially designed to provide extended time on device, combined with the thrill of triple progressive jackpots. It is offered with EZ MODULO™ 27/27 cabinet as well.

A specialized online corner will showcase company`s digital offerings with Neon Games being at the centerpiece. The powerful list of HTML5 titles, launched just recently by Casino Technology Interactive, has an improved fast and responsive interface and captivating graphics combined with the lucrative winning combinations that guarantee success of games. Neon Games are available through the company’s ELEPHANT™ Remote Game Server.

The award-winning white label LEOPARD™ Online Gaming Platform will be too at display. The platform allows operators to deliver a customized players` experience that is dynamically in compliance with the changing market requirements. “The platform gives both operators and players the opportunity to choose between all betting verticals, integrated into a single casino lobby & wallet”, said Product Lead at Casino Technology Interactive Lachezar Petrov.

Rossi McKee, Vice President of Casino Technology concluded: “Our focus is on the customers whom we offer inspiring gaming solutions. Through company’s 20 years of history  we have conceived a lot of loyal relationships and with our great team of professionals we continue to build on the foundation created since the establishment of the company, looking for the new and broadened business horizons ahead of us”.


Casino Technology celebrates 20th Anniversary

2019 marks company milestone


Casino Technology celebrates its 20th Anniversary as a recognized gaming manufacturer, present in many global markets. In a rapidly changing technology era, the company has achieved two decades of steady growth, creating a diverse product portfolio that cover not only the land-based, but also the online gaming industries.

Casino Technology was founded back in 1999, obtaining the first gaming manufacturing license in Bulgaria, Europe. Nowadays, the company has offices and distributors in over 20 countries. A dedicated team of hundreds of developers, engineers, mathematicians and designers provide next generation of gaming experience with novelty solutions, recognized in more than 50 jurisdictions. The company is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, but Casino Technology develops and manufactures on 4 continents – Europe, Asia, North and Latin America.

Casino Technology has always been amongst the pioneers in the industry, developing creative and innovative products. The company encourages non-conventional thinking and invests highly in state-of-the-art products and new technology. The company have been granted with utmost awards and insignia of honor for its products from many prestigious international gaming organizations. The recent one was acknowledging the success of the new series of slot machines EZ MODULO, offered with the established Speed King series multigame library. Recognizing the expansion of the online sector, Casino Technology Interactive continues actively to penetrate the online gaming market through the LEOPARD online gaming platform and its innovative line of HTML5 games, Neon Games.

Milo Borissov & Rossie McKee

Milo Borissov, founder, president and CEO of Casino Technology commented:” These 20 years for Casino Technology can be defined as a kaleidoscope of creativity, hard work and broadening business horizons. It is enough time to recognize the key elements needed to attain success and appreciate the factors and qualities needed to build a meaningful business. Today, we look ahead to our next steps to create a leading company of the 21st century, building on our strengths.”

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