Casino Technology made a huge leap into new markets with its latest product offerings at ICE 2019

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Casino Technology further expanded its market presence by stepping up on new territories with its latest product offerings, premiered at ICE 2019. Company’s sustainable performance and commitment to its customers has resulted in broadening its business horizons and exposure in new regions with dedicated, award-winning products.   

Rossi McKee commented: “Now, at our 20th Anniversary we can confirm that we are growing our European presence by penetrating even further the gaming markets and simultaneously seizing new opportunities in Southeast Asia, Africa and North America. We have our focus on the award-winning EZ MODULO slot machines product line that offers a perfect opportunity for exploiting the full potential of all types of casinos and gaming halls”.

Building up on the successful performance of EZ MODULO models, launched a year ago, Casino Technology has released the newest completion to the product line that grabbed the momentum at ICE 2019. Offered with diverse content, including the progressive multi games – GORILLA WHEEL with 12 titles and 4-level progressive symbol driven jackpot, CLOVER CHARM with 5 titles and 3-level jackpot, configurable as stand alone or linked progressive, as well as SPEED KING multi game with up to 60 titles, EZ MODULO invoked great interest and the latest releases will be available on the French market shortly.

Casino Technology

Simultaneously, another beam of new market penetration was directed to Spain. A dedicated and specifically created for the Spanish market multi game was released and has been perceived excellently with installations agreed until the years` end. Many commitments were made for the Portugal market with certain road map for further expanding company’s positions there. The compelling game package SPEED KING with up to 60 titles is steadily entering the Croatian casinos with many upcoming installations. Baltic States, Czech Republic, Slovenia markets are already on the company’s pipeline, expecting the market launch of the newest product releases as well as of dedicated products.

SPEED KING multi game, housed in the newest release of EZ MODULO with three 32” monitors was the preferred choice of operators in company’s core markets in Eastern Europe and North Africa as well.

Valentina Dobre, General Manager for Romania at Casino Technology commented: “We have great interest shown for the EZ MODULO 32/32/32 with SPEED KING and soon it will be available for the players in the country.”

Elena Shaterova, Global Sales Director at Casino Technology added: “We made a clear statement for further strengthening our positions on Balkans, Malta Georgia, Northern Cyprus, Egypt, etc. where our new product releases from the EZ MODULO series clearly met the local operators needs ”.

Proving to easily surmount frontiers, the EZ MODULO product line reached new territories in Southeast Asia. Following the successful installations of the first models from the series last year, many new placements were agreed.

Furthermore, Casino Technology continues its market expansion with RHINO Casino Management System. Offering full solution for managing casinos, RHINO has been already linked to 6000 units of machines in hundreds of location globally and the number of units is constantly increasing. “Enabling the real-time decision making on casino floor operations, RHINO offers all needed tools for a casino, offering multi functional environment that serves as a backbone for land based operation, linking all data together through easy to manage tools”, Elena Shaterova said and added that the perimeter of the RHINO reach was broadened with the release of new light version of the product. RHINO Light is a special edition, very simple to install and designed to offer flexible solution for many small and medium size locations.

Rossi McKee, Vice President of Casino Technology concluded: “For another consecutive year Casino Technology underpinned its ICE show presentation with highly innovative products, ready to help customers level up. The top solutions offered comprise a fast-to-market portfolio. With 20 years of history, we have the expertise that allows us to develop top notch solutions, building up on our rich heritage of success. Our team is focused on advancing technology and we make a testament to the continual strides we’re making to create great gaming experiences”.

Casino Technology

Impressive inroad of the newest product offerings of Casino Technology at company’s 20th Anniversary 

The newest products offerings of Casino Technology made an impressive inroad on the gaming stage at ICE Totally Gaming, coinciding the company’s 20th Anniversary. The latest top notch products EZ MODULO TITAN, EZ MODULO TOWER represent the flavor of the innovation-packed debuts, prepared by the company.

The impressive new cabinets with diverse and compelling content EZ MODULO TITAN™ and EZ MODULO TOWER™ were perfectly well perceived by operators. Featuring 32” UHD main monitor and impressive 43” UHD J-curved monitor for displaying the jackpot accumulations and the winning celebrations, EZ MODULO TITAN™ offers superior ergonomics and improved players experience. EZ MODULO TOWER™ combines the ultimate gaming experience with the quality in craftsmanship, featuring unique 43-inch UHD J-curved monitor with full touchscreen capabilities and is offered with TOWER™ 101, TOWER™ 102 fruits and TOWER™ 104 multi game packages, consisting of 40 successful and loved by players games.

Added to the already offered line up of machines from the EZ MODULO™ series, both new products have completed the line as a perfect choice for all types of casinos and gaming halls.

Furthermore, the new line Progressive Jackpot concepts of Casino Technology, presented by the GORILLA WHEEL™ multi-game suite and the latest CLOVER CHARM™ game pack, presuppose an exciting gaming experience that was appreciated by all customers.

In the online segment the exciting library of the next generation online HTML5 Neon Games™ invoked great interest with captivating graphics combined with lucrative winnings and top bonus deals.

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