Casino Canberra, the charm of the little and fancy casino

Monday, 23 March 2020

Canberra Casino, as the name suggests, is a casino located in the administrative capital of Australia. Officially opened in July 1994, the casino is relatively new and you may be wondering what makes it so special. Compared to other casinos, the one in Canberra is very small and does not have hotel services. Despite these issues, Casino Canberra is the first casino to be legally opened in the Australian state capital.


The construction of Canberra Casino


Work on the construction of the famous casino began in 1992, at the end of January. Then, Casinos Austria International received authorization from the Australian Government to build the new casino. A temporary one started operating a few months after the start of the work, and after two years, that is, in 1994, Casino Canberra was completely completed and ready to receive its guests.


Casino Canberra

Famous personalities at the opening


Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Canberra Governor Rosemary Follett were among the first guests at the grand opening party. Bob Hawke was the winner of the gold roulette ball. It was actually the same ball that was used at the first spin of the roulette in the casino.


An unusual casino


Canberra Casino does not look like other casinos in the world or even Australia. It is small, has no rooms where players can stay overnight, theaters or shopping malls. Besides, it doesn’t have a rich history, being a relatively new casino, built 26 years ago. However, unlike the rest, Casino Canberra is the first casino built legally on the Australian capital’s territory. It is located on a land belonging to a park on the east side of this area.


Video-poker restrictions


Although Casino Canberra is the only one in the Capital that can operate live tables for gambling, one thing remains a surprise for fans who want to try their luck. The casino does not have video-poker machines. Not because it couldn’t afford them, but because the Australian Government did not grant the license required for this game. Why? Several clubs in Canberra complained that if the casino had such devices, their revenue would drop considerably. The amendments to the Casino Control Act (2006) that would allow it to operate video-poker machines were, twice, unsuccessfully passed to the legislative assembly, despite Casino Canberra’s repeated attempts to remove this restriction. Please note that only the casino does not have video-poker machines. In contrast, the rest of the clubs in the city are full of such devices that ensure their existence on the market for a longer duration.

However, Canberra Casino does not lack other live gambling, as well known as the classic poker game – Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Baccarat – Dragon Bonus, Blackjack, Roulette. There is also a rewards program called “Advantage”, which allows members to earn points which can then be redeemed for prizes at the casino restaurant or hotels in the city. In addition, members of this program have secure parking and entry to the casino tournaments.

Sports events could not be left out in the casino, so punters can keep up to date with the latest news in this area and watch any football or boxing match or Formula 1 race.


Casino facilities


Despite the fact that it does not provide its clients with hotel services, Casino Canberra has a partnership with Crowne Plaza Canberra, located at a stone’s throw. Thus, enthusiastic players and loyal customers of this gambling space can take advantage of special offers to enjoy a stay in Australia, where they can perfectly combine relaxation with the entertainment offered by Casino Canberra.


The casino enjoys an impressive restaurant, in which the chef combines the traditional taste of Australian food with modern and extravagant air to serve dishes that measure up to expectations. The menu could not miss the Chinese food, which is ready to surprise and satisfy the desires of any customer. The restaurant is not exclusively for casino players, but also offers a lounge for those who prefer to just pamper their taste buds and not feel the adrenaline of roulette or blackjack. Both dinner and breakfast can be served here, as well as lunch.

Casino Canberra

Canberra Casino can rent out its spaces, that exude an air of elegance and refinement, for parties and after parties to those who want to celebrate an event in a particular style.


The current owner of Casino Canberra is Aquis Entertainment, an Australian company that aims to push relaxation, entertainment and fun beyond their limits. Aquis aims to develop and operate projects that offer a wide range of attractions, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues, as well as gaming.


The owner of Aquis is the billionaire Tony Fung, who has business in Asia, Australia and the US.


by Paul Dan

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