Carolyn Goodman, mother and mayor

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

For the past 8 years, Las Vegas has been in the hands of a woman. And the residents here love her so much that they have decided to keep her as long as the law allows. More specifically, until the end of her third term, in 2024.


Carolyn Goodman


Carolyn Goodman, the mayor

They don’t care that he’s already 80 years old. She set up Meadows School, one of the best schools in Nevada, ranked in the top 100 in the US, according to the New York Times, and this, among other things, determined the city’s residents to give her a new chance, convinced she could do more. And she won the race for the mayoral seat with a crushing majority: 83% of the total number of votes. Being hospitalized for a fourth round of chemotherapy done to combat her breast cancer, Carolyn Goodman, because she’s the hero of this article, was unable to take part in her investment ceremony.


Carolyn Goodman is actually the second mayoral woman in the City of Lights’ history, after Jan Laverty Jones. Before becoming independent, Jan Laverty Jones, also member of the Democratic Party, governed the city from 1991 to 1999. Since then, the City Hall of Las Vegas seems to have been a Goodman family affair, because Oscar Goodman, Carolyn’s husband, a famous lawyer to whom I dedicated an article in a previous issue of our magazine, ruled the city from 1999 to 2011, meaning three mandates.


Carolyn Goodman, the mother

Years ago, before becoming mayor and once moving with Oscar in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Carolyn was a full-time mother. The two spouses adopted no less than four children, Oscar jr (47), Ross (47), Eric (46) and Cara (44), shortly after their birth. Which means within 38 months. Carolyn called the adoption process a “discouraging” one, because there was a possibility that the children could be taken back by their family/authorities in the first six months before the adoption was finalized. It was a special experience for Carolyn and the relationship she developed with her foster children was excellent, their education being at the forefront.


Carolyn characterized the raising of the four children as “the best of times” and said that she and Oscar would have adopted two more children, but they became accustomed to the four, and then the number of those who could be adopted decreased. “We would have had six,” she said, jokingly adding that “Oscar would have wanted a baseball team”. But after a while, preparing breakfast, changing diapers, keeping four kids busy, Carolyn felt that her brain was no longer functioning properly and decided to attend the master’s courses of specialized counseling of the University of Las Vegas.


Future plans at the city hall

At the end of her term, Carolyn Goodman wants to leave Las Vegas as a robust city, with job opportunities, fair education for all, quality medical services and accessible parks.

In the short term, she wants to set up a free public transport line that will connect the neighborhoods with the downtown, temporary housing for the homeless people and a collaboration with Clark County meant to solve the problem of homelessness.

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