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CARMEN ZĂINESCU: “There are misconceptions regarding a woman’s place at the poker table”

Friday, 17 June 2016

She recently earned the highest ranking in her career on a poker tournament – 6th place at Eureka Bucharest, but she is a constant presence for many years on the poker tournament in Romania and not only. We felt it is the moment to give you more insights about Carmen Zăinescu and I did this interesting interview  that we present it to you. 


How did you start playing poker? What was the reason you did this step?


Poker has just appeared in my life 5 years ago, when I considered poker just a simple fun with friends.

There are several types of poker, which one do you like the most and why? How many hours a day do you spend playing poker?


Texas Hold’em is my favorite type of poker. Besides being a poker players, I am both a mother and wife, so my schedule is quite busy and I cannot allocate poker a very long time.

Live or online poker? Cash game or tournaments? Why?


I play both online and live tournaments, but I always preferred live game.

The public opinion is divided between perceiving poker as a gamble or a sport. What is poker from you point of view, a sport or a gamble?


My opinion has changed in time and I arrived early enough to realize that poker is a sport. It takes practice, patience, commitment, inspiration, both physical and mental exhaustion. I believe that poker is a mathematical game, consisting of probabilities and percentages, as long as the percentage of 0.1%  can give you the chance to go further in the tournament, but at the same time to be eliminated, hence the idea of luck.

In Romania there is in force a new law governing gambling, implicitly the poker. There were introduced new taxes and charges for poker players and also were banned a number of websites, while others were licensed. How were affected, from your point of view, the poker players by the new regulations?


Following the new regulations the most affected were the online players, and the live tournaments or cash players can play abroad and thus avoiding the inconvenience of the new changes.

 Now there are in Romania, at least declaratively, a lot of “professional poker players” How does it stand, from your point of view, our country on poker players, both in terms of quality and their number, in comparison with other countries?


I believe that many of the declared professional players, not having the opportunity to participate in live tournaments in the country, they cannot develop and reach a certain level, professionalism means volume, and by volume I mean tours and festivals organized in the country, the existing ones are too few to get a professional player. Most of those who managed to become professional players have done it by playing abroad.

What would be the problems, if any, of a female poker player, both on poker table and in the real life?


Like in other fields, there are misconceptions regarding a woman’s place at the poker table. It is sometimes difficult as a woman to face relatively high dose of misogyny and lack of education. My opinion is that this situation has emphasized from the moment in which poker began to be played in poker clubs and not in casinos, because these do not offer you safety and security. Here, at this question, there are too much to say … .it takes a special article on this topic. And that is observed with the naked eye, the presence of women at the tables!!!

Please tell us what is the main satisfactions poker brought to you?


PATIENCE, mental strength and power to overcome.

You recently made part of the players present to the final table at Eureka Bucharest, what did it miss for you to get on the first place?


The moment of inspiration.

Can you say Eureka Bucharest was a difficult or accessible tournament?


Eureka is a difficult tournament.

Can you describe the most interesting poker hand you have ever played? On what tournament was held and with whom you fought for the chips from the table?


The most interesting hands are badbeats which were plenty as live player. The worst hand was within the tournament Estrellas Barcelona when I was out of play with four of a kind at royal flush.

Is there any poker player that you admire?


Yes, my idol in poker is the female player Vanessa Selbst because she has playing style which I want to gain (lose-aggresive).

What do you think are your strengths at the poker table?


Attitude and patience.

What would you change if you could, to the poker in our country? When I say poker I mean players, gaing, buy-ins, conceptions, etc.


Bigger buy-ins and more open conceptions.

Where do you see poker in your future plans?


To reach a professional level.

Beside poker, do you have other hobbies?


Traveling, gardening, activities involving interior and exterior design.

Do you want to send a message to the begginer players from our country?


Perseverance and patience.

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