CAJUN STUD POKER, an exciting and successful casino game

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Cajun Stud Poker is a very successful casino game in Las Vegas, being very fashionable today. Offered by Galaxy Gaming, this game is about the same as the Mississippi Stud, plus “side bets” – additional stakes.

How to Play Cajun Stud Poker.

In Cajun Stud Poker, a hand of five cards is revealed gradually. There are three times when a player has to make a decision along a hand. The player may either raise his Ante bet from one to three times, or throw himself (give up).

Cajun Stud Poker is a game played with a standard 52-card package. At the beginning of each game, players must make an obligatory ante-bet and then optionally place their additional stakes at Board Bonus, Pocket Bonus and Lo-Ball Bonus.

Once all the bets are placed, the dealer will give each player two cards and then place three cards face down on the table. At this point, players will review their original hand and each player will have to decide to place a bet with a size from once to three times the size of the Ante or folding it.
After all decisions are made, the dealer will return the first community card.

Again, players will have the option of placing a new bet since they now know their cards and a common book on the table: raise the stake (up to 3 times the size of the Ante or fold). After each player takes the decision he / she wishes, the dealer will return the second joint card. Now the players know their two cards and two cards on the table. A new betting round begins.

The dealer returns a new book on the table, the last one. Again, players will be able to place a bet given that they now know 5 cards (two in their hands and three seen together with the other players). If a player chooses to throw, he can do it at any time, all bonus bets are still in the race.
After all decisions are made, the dealer reveals the last card and scores the five-card hand of each player consisting of his two own cards and the three community cards.



For purposes of strategy, I introduce the following terms:

  • High card = jack to ace
  • Medium card = 6 to 10
  • Small card = 2 to 5

Here is the strategy for the first decision point, which is as follows:

  • Make large raise with any pair.
  • Make medium raise with any of the following:
    • At least one high card
    • Two medium cards
    • 5/6 suited

Ante and Raise Pay Table

Event Pays
Royal flush 500
Straight flush 100
Four of a kind 40
Full house 10
Flush 6
Straight 4
Three of a kind 3
Two pair 2
Pair: jacks to aces 1
Pair: 6’s to 10’s Push
All other Loss


Pocket Bonus Pay Table

Event Pays
Pair of aces 25
Ace and face suited 20
Ace and face unsuited 10
Pair: 2’s to K’s 5
All other Loss


Board Bonus Pay Table

Event Pays
Royal flush 50
Straight flush 40
Three of a kind 30
Straight 6
Flush 3
Pair 1
All other Loss


Lo Ball Pay Table

Event Pays
7 high 100
8 high 50
9 high 15
10 high 5
J high 1
All other Loss

If you want to know more about applying a strategy and after all the other decision-making moments, you can check the site.

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