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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Building customer loyalty is important, and promotional campaigns attract and keep players engaged, in the room. Bonus Brasov attaches great importance to their customers’ demands. Let’s find out together which are the promotional campaigns that players enjoy and how important our customers and their preferences are when we run a successful marketing campaign.

Building customer loyalty

The features of each location, as well as the customers’ preferences regarding the Bonus equipment, are our main priorities when designing either a marketing strategy or an optimization plan.

BONUS Brasov

Clients are the most important arbiter when it comes to the success or failure of a marketing campaign, and in order to better understand their demands, we are constantly in touch when they spend their time in our locations.

Promotional campaigns enjoyed by players

All the promotional campaigns carried out in the Bonus Hall Brasov were enjoyed by the customers, but surely the most appreciated were the campaigns in which we awarded high value prizes. The cars come first among the customers’ preferences in Brasov, and the last car offered as a prize was a BMW X4 granted in September.

Currently we have launched a new promotional campaign that aims to satisfy all categories of customers. Starting with February, we will organize twice a week extractions in which we will award more cash prizes, and next to these extractions we have planned three parties during which the total of the prizes exceeds the amount of 70,000 lei per night.

BONUS Brasov

Unique experiences and prizes at the Bonus Brașov casino floor

The plans and the strategies we develop in terms of marketing are most often designed in advance and our customers are always our main target. We want to offer amazing experiences each time and organize unique events in Bonus locations, both through the theme of the promotional campaigns, as well as by the nature and amount of the prizes.

From the perspective of the participation mechanism, the prizes offered, as well as the promotional materials we use, most of the time our team takes into consideration and applies the feedback and suggestions received from the clients.

BONUS Brasov

The recently started campaign at the Brasov Hall – Bonus Adventure – is definitely the most complex promotional campaign so far in terms of the prizes offered – these exceeding in total 500,000 lei, but also in terms of the number of events organized within it. The most interesting aspect is the fact that it offers, to any customer who holds even a single ticket to participate in a series of 29 events, the possibility and the chance to win one of the prizes in the game at any time.

The main prizes of this campaign are a SNOWMOBIL, an ATV and a SXS, all of which are selected so that future winners can take full advantage of the winter holidays with premium equipment.

One very important thing that we have chosen to include in the Bonus Adventure campaign is the existence of instant prizes. During each of the 29 events organized during the campaign, we have prepared a number of instant prizes for all the clients present on the location, whether they have tickets or not.

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