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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Franchising is a means of developing business used in all areas of the world.

A first advantage is that when you open a franchise you do not expose yourself to the unknown, as in the case of a business started from scratch, which rules over the life of an entrepreneur at the beginning of the road. By opening a franchise, you already benefit from a well-implemented business model. You don’t hit the road on your own, but you will feel like you have created a successful company.

This is also the reason why more and more entrepreneurs choose franchises. And we can see that this type of business can be folded perfectly for times of crisis.

It is much easier to get started with a business already famous on the market. You have a very low risk, and the model is already proven and known. The success of the franchise business is largely due to the help that comes from the parent group, respectively the franchisor.

Since the opening of the first franchise in Romania, in 1995, in the fast food field, the recipe for success has remained almost unchanged. History has shown us that the basis of the “Success Recipe” is to follow the business plan and procedures established with the franchisor.

Over time, franchising has become a successful operation on the Romanian gambling and sports betting market. In gambling, the idea of partnership has existed since the beginning, but it gained momentum with the intensification of competition.

Currently, it is difficult to imagine how could a new bookmaker make its way among the “land based” competition without offering a system of partnerships.

Very good for rapid development, this system becomes, over time, a challenge in terms of management. We thus identify one of the basic criteria: how to manage the working points.

The idea seems simple, customers’ access to the franchisor’s products and services must respect the same degree of quality. The customer’s experience in interacting with betting services must be the same regardless of the collaborator who coordinates the location. Although simple at first glance, this system is a demanding one, in which compliance with internal procedures and policies is paramount.

BetOne have structured the project having these aspects in the foreground all the time.

Taking into account the needs and expectations of the partners, without making any compromise in the gaming experience, we managed to open a bookmaker that exceeds the level of efficiency of a dedicated agency, but which is more accessible than ever.

If you want to open a business or you want to increase the package of services offered to customers, you must see the news of a partnership with BetOne!

We offer new possibilities for winning!

Betting Offer – Another key factor!

We said it before and we will continue to say it: Our betting offer makes the difference!

A wide range of competitions and sports, both LIVE and PreMatch, the largest odds on the market and unlimited betting opportunities. Early Cash Out, Increased Odds, Bonus Grid of up to 135% and 0 Administration Fee.

Our offer is growing day by day.

Discover the new reality…virtual reality – Book of Six is among the latest transfers made by our team.

It is by far the most appreciated and expected by our customers. We have prepared a variety of betting methods to which we have added 3 multiplier symbols, which can increase the winnings up to 4 times.

We have opened the borders to International Lotteries – Now bets can be placed on BetOne on the results of lottery draws around the world.

The betting offer includes a wide variety of lotteries from which the punter can choose, each with its own game system.

All available on the BETONE premium terminal!

The betting methods and the easy way of playing, together with the BetOne Offer, complete the extraordinary gaming experience enjoyed by each player, regardless of the location.

If we convinced you, build your business with us! Choose a simple and reliable partnership!

Whether you want to start a business from scratch or if you already own one and just want to complete the package of services offered, we provide you the best offer.

By choosing our association options, you benefit from a complete package of top products and services.

Our team is structured on well-defined departments that constantly monitor the smooth running of the business.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the paperwork! Cash registers and balance sheets will not bother you!

And because we know how important cash flow is, WE DO NOT ASK FOR GUARANTEES!

Our secret:

We understand the need for a robust framework and the necessary levers to manage the smooth running of the business. That is why we pay special attention to Risk Management, Monitoring and Authorization processes, in line with external expectations.

BetOne specialists can assist in implementing risk management procedures whether required at the Location, Partner or Region level.

Through efficiency in risk management, BetOne manages to offer the highest odds and the most advantageous bets for customers, while maintaining a high financial percentage of the Partner.

In addition, you will benefit from 0 Administration Fee and we still keep the promise of an advantageous collaboration, beyond your expectations!

With BetOne, your business is always at its best!

Choosing the right package for your business model.

Our partners will benefit from the superiority of BetOne terminal technology, an advanced device that offers the unique betting experience at the touch of a button.

  • If you want to complete the offer of a casino floor with Sports Betting Terminals, we can say, without exaggeration, that we offer the best performing betting terminals.

With a modern and attractive design, BETONE emphasizes the big screens and throws into the game a unique touch screen, resistant to shocks. BETONE terminals integrate perfectly in any space already arranged, without needing additional investments.

  • If you want to bring entertainment to your location, regardless of the field of activity.

BetOne products are a simple and effective way to improve the quality of customer service and increase revenue. We offer Slot Machine and Betting combinations.

Nothing easier! Whatever your business, entertainment is at home!

Depending on the variant and vision of your business, we provide:

  • The right to carry out the activity of fixed odds betting, based on the Organization License and the Operating Authorization, including the connection to the ONJN
  • The right to use the trademark and the BetOne logo
  • Complete marketing and business promotion solutions
  • Local and national advertising campaigns
  • The betting system: state-of-the-art terminals, Cash desk, TV and Software
  • Slot machines
  • Payment systems and ATM
  • Cash flow and financial resources
  • Staff training and instruction
  • Support, assistance and maintenance

To become a BetOne partner, you need:

  • The space (minimum 15MP) and the necessary staff to carry out the activity.
  • TV and internet subscription with guaranteed minimum speed of 10MB/S.
  • Intervention and monitoring agreement with an authorized company.
  • Video surveillance and burglar alarm system.

What are we looking for in a partner?

Establishing and permanently raising the standards in the field is what we call a successful collaboration under the BETONE brand.

The ideal partner is the one who offers his clients an extraordinary and unique experience and who brings the BETONE story further.

Because we feel that our work has been rewarded and we have reached a level where we can share our wisdom, We seek to enlarge our family!

BetOne supports your business performance! We see a future upon the heights!

BetOne promotes performance in all its locations, whether they are dedicated agencies, own or partners venues or casino floors.

Equal opportunities are our main focus for 2021, which is why our future business partners are offered full support and advice. In fact, we encourage job creation and advancement opportunities for young people who want to build a career in this field.

BetOne offers double chances in both betting and business.

We are here to offer you the best partnership conditions currently existing in Romania.

BetOne, we are revolutionizing betting together!

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  1. Buna ziua ! Ma intreseaza un parteneriat cu dumneavoastră.Menționez ca dețin in prezent 2 agenți .

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  2. Buna ziua ! Ma intreseaza un parteneriat cu dumneavoastră

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