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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

When we say BETONE, we mean innovation, entertainment. You don’t come to BETONE just to place a bet. You come to BETONE because you want to, because it is a form of entertainment that makes your day more beautiful.

We intend to make BETONE a second home for you. And as the pandemic has taught us, it is important to have everything we need at home.


Exactly as I anticipated, the Romanian punter is very picky, feature that makes him the ideal customer for BETONE. The Romanian punter wants a whole universe of bets, a rich offer, the possibility to bet on any sport, from any league and he wants a multitude of bets. He wants good odds. That’s what we want for him too, so we offer him odds in very advantageous payout percentages. We are ready to offer him all these things, and, moreover, we have prepared even the biggest prizes on the market for him. You may also find our promotional campaign “Climb up to 10,000 odds” just as exciting. Be the best and we will reward you! At the end of each month, the winning tickets with the highest odds are rewarded. Every month, the most inspired punter wins 10,000 Ron without a draw. But that’s not all! For the coming periods, we are preparing other BETONE prizes to meet the needs of our punters. We are preparing for a 2021 full of achievements, both for us and for our customers.

Is it necessary to also mention that we are one of the few bookmakers in Romania that do not charge an administration fee? Probably not, but what we can tell you is that only at BETONE you can enjoy guaranteed higher returns with the same investment, without taking into account our offer with the best odds on the market.

An innovation activist, BETONE offers you a new method of entertainment by placing sports and virtual bets directly from our terminals, providing an unique and relaxing experience.


As we already know, there are multiple advantages of betting from a terminal. The player has the opportunity to bet and pick up his winnings quickly, without queuing, because the Romanian punter faces this situation too often in his everyday life and that’s the last thing he wants when he tries to escape routine.

Our menu is simple and intuitive, with a complete and high quality content, created and designed for a quick and enjoyable experience. The processes of accessing and placing a bet are easy, in order to make the experience as natural as possible. BETONE offers you one of the most varied offers of sports betting, virtual games and international lotteries. Our portfolio includes numerous types of bets for both real and virtual sporting events.

At BETONE you can bet live on a multitude of sporting events, even if the matches have started. You can combine live events with pre-match events and enjoy the Early Cash Out option for all major competitions.


The slip can be generated online and can be loaded directly into the BETONE terminal, for a quick bet placement. Slip verification is done in just a few seconds. All you have to do is enter the barcode in the dedicated place and you can find out the ticket status, or you can even scan it using the phone’s camera. And, because we know how much you value your time, tickets can be paid directly at the terminal and winnings can be picked up on the spot, regardless of the amount.


Shortly after we entered the sports betting market and started interacting with our punter friends, came this great crisis that caught us all unprepared. Our world has been badly affected, but it has opened our eyes and made us see quite clearly how important the online part of this world is. So we realized the difference between land based and online betting agencies. While the land-based part was closed, generating record losses, the online part flourished like snowdrops after a hard winter and barely handled the large volume of users, having to suddenly take over the unsatisfied demand of the hard-pressed segment.

BETONE online

Due to these major changes we are going through, another very important aspect that led to the reorganization of the services offered was also represented by the interruption of the most important sporting events -football championships and tennis tournaments- but also of all the other sports events that our punters watch.

Our bookmakers suddenly found themselves unable to offer betting events. But, because the demand was still quite high, we successfully turned to “cyber” and “simulated reality” sports events. These events have gathered momentum in recent months, as evidenced by the fact that the demand is still high and will certainly not decrease too soon.

This delicate sporting crisis we have faced has forced the field of virtual sports to develop unexpectedly and we are now witnessing a remarkable growth of punters’ interest in this type of entertainment. As you well know, BETONE is not afraid of innovation, it even encourages it, so we come with a diversified betting offer in the field of virtual games.

For us, the safety of our punters is a priority. BETONE joins those fighting viruses all over the world. We are ready to offer you the social distance you need to bet safely.

We provide you with everything you need to make your visit to any of the BETONE locations across the country safe. In addition, our terminals are strategically positioned at a legally regulated distance to make you feel safe. We are sure that you have other concerns more important than this, so let us take care of your safety.


Because we understand how important it is to offer the same services, we provide our customers with the complete package they need. So we prepare a personalized card to make their lives easier – a card that connects the two worlds, the land based and online one, through which they can access their betting history, but that, at the same time, must be a virtual wallet. The card also allows you to pay for tickets without having to present an identity document and has a lot of other advantages.

One year after its creation, we can proudly conclude that the innovative BETONE terminal is still the leader in terms of betting terminals. We are still offering the best device, our screen being very user-friendly and very efficient, a well-deserved getaway of the Romanian punter, an experience that wants to be relived every day. A completely safe and relaxing experience you will want to share with your friends.


We are open to negative feedback and we are ready to make the necessary changes to keep our players happy and, of course, to manage to offer an ideal betting universe, both for our existing players and our potential new players, in order to give them the experience they’ve been looking for a while and still haven’t found. Together, we break down all barriers.

BETONE hit the road in 2019, with a team that is young, hungry to prove themselves, and ready to blow up the betting market. In 2020, we are the same young but more experienced team, able to revolutionize the world of betting. We have reserved this segment since then and we will soon conquer it.

With this in mind, we officially announce that BETONE is preparing to set the new sports betting trend. We invite you to join us on this innovation journey.

BETONE – We are revolutionizing betting!


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