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Monday, 9 September 2019

BBSC has been on the gambling market for over 3 years, it being the first private company in Romania to have obtained the ONJN license, class II, as a Compliance Assessment Body (OEC).

BBSC is the first private company in the field of compliance assessment field, licensed II class by the ONJN, that supplies certification / homologation services by means of Type Approval, as well as inspection services by means of Initial, Periodical and after repair Technical Verifications for gaming means specific to traditional games. And this recognition was obtained through a lot of work and commitment to clients.


BBSC – the first private company, outside of the Romanian Office for Legal Metrology – BRML, who has performed type approvals, technical verifications and inspection services for the Romanian gambling industry


“Practically, the ONJN granting a private company a license in this field over which a state monopoly has reigned for more than 19 years, meant jolting certain mentalities, defeating certain often unjustified resistances, as well as the dynamic repositioning of actors on the market”, said Radu Bolocan, General Director of the BBSC.


Between May 2016 – August 2019, it built a customer-oriented business model from scratch in the field of gambling certification; the existence of said model was nearly impossible in the period prior to the appearance of the company on the market as a viable and palpable option and, last but not least, as a change of the prior mental paradigms.


BBSC – Experience and competence


The fact that the BBSC has a 25 year continuity on the market, allows the company to have a deeper understanding of the activity fields, as well as a complete image of the dynamic of the markets on which it operates. Furthermore, “a continuous improvement process implies learning from both your own mistakes and the mistakes of others, and to perfect yourself in a dynamic manner, so that the services you offer may truly respond to the needs of the clients and partners, as they are dictated by the market’s realities”, concluded Director Radu Bolocan.


These are the primary advantages that you have when working with the BBSC


BBSC, a company with 100% Romanian capital and the first private company in Romania to have gained, from 2016, the ONJN II class license as a Compliance Assessment Body (OEC), offers its clients and partners the following collaboration advantages: competitive prices, quick reaction time to the clients’ requests and flexibility in satisfying their needs – all these within a clear procedural framework, built methodically on the field’s specific legal requests.


BBSC – Procedural rigor, consistency and transparency


These 3 aspects are absolutely essential when speaking about a field as “sensitive” as that of gambling. The clients must trust and be certain that their business is “healthy”, legal and correct, and the aforementioned services offered by the BBSC have as primary purpose the certification of these characteristics / qualities through technical and human executions of a high level and of utmost quality.


BBSC want fair competition


Lately, competition has become more fierce on the gambling market with regards to the OEC field. “In the company’s 25 years of activity, I have always considered fair and just competition to be forever necessary, healthy and, concurrently, beneficial for a normal and sustainable development of the market”, said Radu Bolocan.


“In this context, I wish to underline the expression “fair and just competition” as it is a well known fact that unfair practices always lead to compromises which reflect both in the short run, as well as in the medium and long run, in the decrease of the quality of services rendered.

When you make such concessions and compromises on all sorts of criteria, other than those of a fair competition, you have to expect, in return, an altered quality of services, as no services supplying company that is winning its clients over through influences of another nature than the exclusively commercial and professional ones, will concentrate on permanently improving the activity and on the quality of its services, instead it will leave way for any type of abuse, all of this, evidently, being in detriment of its clients”, he concluded.


BBSC – future plans and objectives


In the upcoming period, the BBSC aims at both the numerical and the professional development of the entire team, the expansion of the types of activities carried out, as well as the diversification of the portfolio of customers and of services of the highest possible quality.


Furthermore, the BBSC aims at increasing the market share gradually, both by gaining the trust of future clients and by consolidating the relationship it has with existing clients by means of building sustainable win-win partnerships with them, by increasing the consolidating the territorial presence, as well as diversifying the offered services.


The BBSC certainly represents a devoted team – specialists with experience and expertise, eager to answer, quickly and effectively, all challenges that the gambling market may offer. 

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