Attila Török (Otto), Director of Game World Bucharest Mall: The numbers of success are not a secret!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Since always, everybody in the  industry calls him Otto. He is cheerful and good-humored. His smile  conquered us from the very first  meeting. No wonder he is running the company for a long time, for he has also good communication skills,
communication being essential in this field. He knows all about gambling and how to organize things in order for everything to come out perfectly. Of course, the team is essential and he knows that.

Attila Török is a model manager I would like to see replicated in many gambling halls from our country. Let`s discover the figures
of his success:

Attila Török

Does the number 19 have a special meaning in this period?

The number 19 has indeed a special meaning for us all, for Game World has recently celebrated 19 years of continuous activity here, at Bucharest Mall.


We suggest we continue with this subject of special meaning numbers. Which would be, for you personal, such a number?

Certainly 17, because I joined Game World management team in February 2001, a period of 17 years full of challenges and satisfactions. Currently, I am Director of Game World Bucharest Mall  and  Chief Strategy Officer for Game World Romania.


And which would be the numbers to briefly describe Game World Bucharest Mall in this moment?

271 gaming seats, among which 36 at electronic roulettes, a mix of 235 slot machines from a selection of 7 world-renowned manufacturers and 6 systems with 18 Mystery Jackpots, all this placed on a surface of 2.200 square meters.

Game World

Could you also give us some significant numbers for the past years period?

Well, it`s not easy because Game World Bucharest Mall operates non-stop and many events have happened in the past years. For the game of special meaning numbers of this interview, I would say there are some interesting numbers related to our parties and promotions. Since 2004 until now we awarded as special prizes within several parties, not less than 92 cars, among which we had Audi Q7, Audi A8 and TT, VW Touareg, Arteon, T-Roc and Golf, Chevrolet Camaro and even 3 epoch cars. Of all these, 17 VW Golf cars were given as prizes in a period of only 17 consecutive weeks. Some other special prizes won at Game World Bucharest Mall were a Polaris airplane, a Gyrocopter flying machine, a  Malibu motor boat and several Harley Davidson  and Honda motorcycles.


In this regard, which would be the most expressive numbers for this year?

For 2018, we have a very intese events calendar with 52 weekly parties, 12 monthly parties and a special New Year party. Plus, we have 6 ongoing promotions that cumulates total prizes of over 1.200.000 euro. For example, since July we started the „8 Lucky BMW Seria X” promotion, in partnership with Auto Cobalcesu, during which we award many cash prizes and 8 special prizes, 8 BMW Seria X cars , from X1 to X6.

Here comes a difficult question, could you express in numbers one of the aspects on which is based the succes of Game World Bucharest Mall?

There are many more factors that contribute to our performance and they are not easy to prioritize. Therefore I would like to refer to an aspect that I am very proud of and that I consider to be determinant: Game Worl Bucharest Mall team. We are an united group of 104 colleagues, with a very strong team spirit and a well defined work style, formed in this 19 years of activity. And an interesting detail related to this subject is that our management team is formed out of 7 members that together have exacly 100 years of experience in the gambling field.

Game World

Which is the latest achievement of Game World Bucharest Mall  that you can represent through an expressive number?

We all know that gambling is through definition a field of numbers. Whether we talk about lucky numbers bet on roulettes, the number of free games accesed through special sessions on slot machines or simply the numbers that constitute the value of jackpots or the value of the promotion prizes, numbers are a major part of the gambling experience. Therefore, I would like to refer to a betting complementary area, namely the customer communication. In this respect, a recent achievement of our team is reaching 10.000 followers on our Facebook page at Game World Bucharest Mall.


What would be a part of your activity that you would not choose to express in numbers?

We are very committed to supporting the Responsible Gaming Program, and so this concern involves the whole company. As it is known, we`ve had a series of leads in promoting this program and we continue to come up with new actions in order to communicate even better the content and the role of this program to our customers. For example, in this regard, we have increased the visibility of the program within Game World gambling halls by setting up info-points exclusively dedicated to the webiste: and we`ve also set up a new position in the company`s structure: Responsible Gambling Consultant. This position it is filled by a colleague with over 19 years experience within Game World company, trained and qualified to offer information and support both to those who are interested in the program and to those who could get real help form the specialized psychologists working on the Responsible Gambling program.


We propose to conclude with an emotional question without going out of the special meaning numbers area. Choose 3 special moments from the evolution of Game World Bucharest Mall!

There are many such moments, filled with emotions and satisfactions. If I were to order them chronologically, the most recent one is related to the re-opening of the smoking terrace. It is a large and confortable space, suitable for all seasons, with many original attractions. A second landmark in time is related to the renovation and expansion work that placed Game World Bucharest Mall as the largest gaming hall in Romania. In terms of intense moments I would recall the Polaris airplane awarded as a prize within one of our promotions. We exposed the airplane inside Bucharest Mall Vitan and for this we had to disassemble it, take it piece by piece inside the mall and then assemble it again, all these in less than 8 hours.


Finally, what would you like to pass on to the Casino Inside magazine readers?

First of all, I would like to thank them for the votes they gave us, based on which the Casino Inside magazine awarded us with the prizes for the best gaming hall. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with  the best entertainment experience form the gambling field, and we hope to continue – in 2018 as well – with the series of awards received in the last years. Personally, I very much appreciate the content and quality of the Casino Inside magazine and the imprtant and concrete contribution that it brings to the development of our industry.


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