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Atom Gaming Solutions offers maintenance services for the entire range of acceptors currently used in the slot machine market

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Today we are talking about the launch, the development and the consolidation of Atom Gaming Solutions business. We are also discussing the company’s interaction and collaboration with all its partners.

Atom Gaming

Launch of the company

The launch of Atom Gaming Solutions was a natural process started in January 2013. It took a period of preparation for what was to come and we started our business only after we learned all the products and mastered all the functional testing methods used for the acceptors, say the representatives of Atom Gaming Solutions.

“Initially, it hasn’t been easy for a single person to build a company from the scratch, but, at the same time, this situation was the asset I needed. Both technical and management process experience, previously acquired, put me in touch and facilitated the relationship with the gaming companies operating in Timișoara and in the western part of the country. Between 2013 and 2014, we focused on setting up the company, building an identity and creating a reputation in the market”, says Mr. Alin Tomescu, the general manager of the company.

Strengthening our relations with local companies and the regional expansion were part of the national expansion strategy. Soon the results began to appear, which allowed them to invest even more in the development of the company. Once they increased the equipment maintenance capacity, they started working with companies from all regions of Romania.

“I soon realized that the maintenance services are not enough to fully meet the needs of gambling operators and so I completed our offer with sales services,” adds Mr. Tomescu.

And he adds: “The progressive and constant development of the company was possible due to the newly established relationships, the expansion of our range of products and services provided and, of course, due to the quality offered. That’s why we want to remain a company whose activity is constantly developing and stays close to those who give it confidence by purchasing our services and products.”

Atom Gaming

Atom Gaming interacts and collaborates with all partners in a uniform manner

The fact that a large part of their partners are spread throughout the country is not a major inconvenience. Atom Gaming interacts and collaborates with all partners in a uniform manner.

The connection between Atom Gaming and customers is made either directly or through express courier companies. More specifically, any package reaches them in a maximum of one day, whether we are talking about the operators in the country for which the parcels are picked up/delivered with the help of express courier companies, or we are talking about those nearby, for which an Atom Gaming representative picks up/delivers the equipment directly from the operator’s premises. The interaction with the client also combines the following aspects: can be notified by email, phone, etc. both regarding the shipment of a package and the purchase of a product. Following this notification, an Atom Gaming representative will call the customer to inform him of the maintenance period, or, in the case of the purchase of acceptors, of the details regarding the costs, delivery or the type of protocol to be installed. When the products are shipped to the customer, the proof of shipment shall be sent to him in electronic format.

“Another benefit offered to all our employees is the advance replacement service for certain equipment.” says Alin Tomescu. He also mentions:  “We have a wide range of acceptor models and plenty of perfectly functional acceptors that can be sent to field operators if needed, so that if they do not have a backup acceptor, they can use the one received from us and not have to stop a slot machine.

We provide this type of assistance free of charge to all those who request it because we know how annoying it is, in all respects, that a licensed device cannot be used for technical reasons.”

Atom Gaming Solutions can repair anything, regardless of the type and brand of machine used

“My vision and initial goal was to offer repair services for all payment systems used by operators, regardless of the type and brand of machine used,” says CEO Alin Tomescu.

Atom Gaming Solutions can currently provide repair services for the following types of acceptors:

  • JCM:UBA, WBA, Taiko, IPro, EBA34/40, IVizion, UBA Pro
  • ICT: Pseries, Lseries, A/Vseries;
  • Mei: CashFlow,SC Advance
  • CashCode: MFL,MVU
  • Ardac Elite
  • Innovative Technology: NV9series, NV10series, BVseries, NV200
  • Astrosystems: HR1, ST2, ST1c


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