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As promised

Thursday, 10 June 2021

As we have promised you, we returned in force with the newest online platform on the market. is ready to update the Romanian online casinos top.

What shall we begin with? The Casino, Sportsbook or Poker experience? You will definitely like what we are going to present to you. – We invite you to be part of our story!

We are the companies group with the most dynamic development on the Romanian gambling.

Without giving up this trend, we take the next step and open for you, the only online casino where you can really enjoy the Vegas experience.

We decided to bring the atmosphere of the Las Vegas casino floors in the online environment so that all customers can enjoy the experience of their favorite casino live from the couch.

Mobility, Security and Responsibility: These are the values that guide us in the Online environment. Our services meet all safety standards and we do not know the notion of compromise.

Taking into account our casino games, favorite slots, poker tournaments, betting offers and Las Vegas products we promise you an unique gaming experience.

Our mission is to continue to develop a portfolio of products and services designed to change the standards of the gambling field.

From Sports, Casino or Poker, to bonuses, odds or services, the platform is fully committed to you and built around your needs.

Online casino – unique slot tournaments!

On the Slot side, we invite you on an adventure to the highest odds and we offer you games titles from the most well-known suppliers.

If you like the competition, we offer you the option to participate in various casino tournaments at your favorite slots, which will be, of course, free of charge.

You will also have the opportunity to get your hands on one of our progressive jackpots: Mystery Jackpot, with four award thresholds.

Live Casino

If you want to live the experience of a real casino then you can access the live games with real dealers. We have created a dedicated “Live Casino” section, where you can play Roulette and Blackjack, with real dealers, at the tables in Bucharest. We offer you all these entertainment options because we know that you, like us, would like to feel the adrenaline of a real casino in Las Vegas. That’s what we wanted, and because we understand you perfectly, we won’t stop until we offer you everything you’ve ever wanted.

Betting Offer

We think it is enough for you to see our betting offer and you will be convinced that you come to the right place.

Because in the last year we have all gone through some major changes, on all levels, and we understand how important it is to offer the same services, both land based and online, we announce that the long-awaited moment is here. Las Vegas casino floors‘ services are now available online. We are!

Because we know that you would like to have all the betting options in the same place, on we offer you all the betting combinations and all the possible sports, from all over the world. And on top of that, we come with the richest offer of special bets, all at a single click away.

As we already know, the Romanian punter is very skilled and experienced and does not have time to browse dozens of different offers, he wants the best offer and the best odds.

We dedicate our Live and Pre-match sports betting offer to him.

We have prepared a diverse offer for dog and horse racing and a full range of international lotteries, including: Greece Kino and Slovakia Keno, with draws every 5 minutes, Poland Multi Multi, Win for Life and even lotteries with non-stop draws or lotteries from the USA and Canada. The list goes on with the virtual sports we provide, such as virtual football and penalty kicks. We don’t stop here, the ones listed above are joined by Book of Six and Lucky Six plus a section of new games that we invite you to discover: Skill Games.

Why Online?

Once you have seen the services offer of you will never search for offers and bonuses elsewhere because you will always find what you want on out website. Whether you’re using a laptop, PC, tablet or phone, the Las Vegas universe is a click away.

You won’t even have to waste precious time going to the most appropriate betting agency, because, as we well know – “time is money”. At the same time, online you have access to more information than in an agency. You can do more research and check results and statistics in order to make the most informed decisions. This is exactly what we want to give you, as much freedom as possible.

Because of you, we continue to evolve and we are proud that Las Vegas is the company with the most dynamic development in the field of gambling. We strongly believe that in the near future will reach the best online casinos’ top With your help, will become a market leader.

We are happy to have you by our side and we warmly welcome the players who join us every day and help us grow.

Bonuses – we invite you to discover the Welcome Bonus Pack!

We plan to set the trend with our welcome packs and we will keep the bar as high as ever. We welcome you with the most attractive promotions.

Because we are proud of our ideas and continue to invent the most ingenious offers, to the liking of the players, we are preparing you in our well-known laboratory, from now on, the best Welcome Package and we promise friendly running conditions.

We also have Poker [♫♪]

Of course, we also have poker. What would an online platform without poker mean?

Here you will find a wide range of poker games that will include the classic Texas Hold’em and Omaha. There will also be poker tournaments for every game mode. These tournaments are a great alternative if you don’t want to play at Sit&Go tables. You can earn much higher amounts by investing much less and enjoy a much more complex experience.

As we have become accustomed to so far, we push ourselves to raise the standards in the field and we are ready to revolutionize the online gambling world. A trip to Las Vegas has never been more convenient. Come to Las Vegas too, your presence will give us a boost of confidence in our services. – one click away!

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