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Get’s Bet mobile app

Friday, 12 February 2021

Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. Now they are more than a means communication and offer us a lot of facilities. From tools for solving work tasks, means of information and communication, to entertainment solutions. The mobility and flexibility of mobile devices offer us a permanent connection with many areas of activity.

Among these areas, gambling has taken over a significant segment in terms of entertainment and fun options. We have our mobile on us at all times, we use it very often and we have access to everything the internet offers us.

It’s easier to bet now. Just a few taps and we can open any application, easily access an online bookmaker, get information and bet on any event offered. Moreover, we can watch matches, make deposits and withdraw, access offers and promotions and enjoy most of the facilities offered by a betting operator.

Basically, when it comes to a mobile application, there are some important criteria that we need to keep in mind. Without claiming to cover them all, we can consider the following:

– the registration process, the opening of a gambling account, – the welcome offers accessible to any player, – the diversity of the betting offer and the value of the odds, – the pre-match betting offers, – the customer support service, – the stability and functionality of the mobile platform, – the options for deposits and withdrawals, – the promotions offered, – the stability and functionality of the live betting section, – the design and betting vibe offered.

Get’s Bet mobile app

A big advantage of a Get’s Bet account is that we can fund it from land based agencies. We can also initiate the cash withdrawal process at the counter.

The application can be found here and is available for Android 8, Android 7 and earlier versions. When we install the application, we must access the Settings menu to allow the installation of applications that are from a source other than the Google Play Store. It is fast and easy to use, but let’s see if it’s worth having on our phone.

We are talking here about version 1.0 of the application that requires an empty space of 6Mb – 30Mb to operate, depending on the type of phone. We found this reasonable, given the fact that, once installed, it gives us access to a lot of sporting events. This means that we are up to date with sporting events, we can watch, bet or place counter bets. Availability, reaction speed, flexibility, notifications for targeted events, all in a secure and stable application. The Android application takes up 5.95 Mb and has a rating of 7/10. The IOS version takes up 31.9 Mb and has a rating of 5/10. They are available in both Romanian and English.

aplicația mobilă Get’s Bet

The application offers all the functions available on the agency’s online platform. Thus, we had constant access to statistics, live broadcasts and real time odds, while enjoying total freedom of movement. GetsBet Android can be downloaded right from the GetsBet website, and the GetsBet Mobile installation kit for iOS can be found in the App Store.

We have the advantage of independence when using a mobile app. There is no need for a laptop (desktop), but only a mobile data connection. The betting experience is much simpler, faster and more convenient on your mobile phone. We have access to all betting offers, live betting and we have all our favorite games in our pocket, anytime and anywhere we are!

aplicația mobilă Get’s Bet

Using the application, we can make deposits and withdraw under normal conditions. We have known methods for deposits and withdrawals. They are validated quickly and we can play safely. Whether we are talking about using the personal card or the land based agencies (deposits and withdrawals at the counter), mobility and flexibility are the company’s strength.

aplicația mobilă Get’s Bet

When it comes to betting, the offer menu is displayed on the left. The application load time is average, but the response time is good. At the top of the interface we find the following sports: football, tennis, basketball, virtual, etc. but we also have the Search field (magnifying glass symbol) through which we have quick access to any event. The quick search is really useful because we no longer have to go through the whole offer.

Regarding the live betting, the lag time is quite high. But we have quick access to the full range of ongoing events that are logically organized and easy to find.

aplicația mobilă Get’s Bet

Very important and useful at the same time is the fact that we can use options like SuperCombo through the application. We just switch and can build our own complex bet by adding multiple bets on the same match.

And if something doesn’t go as planned, we can opt for Cashout and protect our bank. Not only that, but we can also use the cashout option to secure our winnings if we have one or two games left. Basically, we can close an undecided bet (whether it is a ticket or a simple bet) and automatically receive a certain amount of money no matter what happens later in the match or in the remaining matches. But not all bets can be closed by cashout, so we need to check My Bets and see the list of compatible bets and the amount collected.

The app also offers us access to Promotions, Blog or Casino sections. We can play any casino game even when we are on the move. We have access to news, tips, analysis and we can have fun admiring the ladies who promote sexy bets.

We recommend the Get’s Bet mobile application!

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