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Responsible Game Association launched the online version of the “Trained when Coming Of Age” program

Monday, 15 February 2021

Responsible Game Association continues the series of seminars within the “Trained when Coming Of Age” program dedicated to teenagers who are almost 18 and – taking into account the coronavirus pandemic background – adapted the program format, launching an online version of this educational program.

Antrenat de Majorat

“Spiru Haret” National Pedagogical College from Buzău was the first high school in the country to benefit from such a seminar, since the end of last year, and in January, the program reached six other high schools in Bucharest and Iași.

The Trained when Coming Of Age seminars take place in the form of interactive informal discussion, held on online platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom used for school classes as well, within which Dr. Cristian Andrei, psychotherapist, expert and ambassador of the Responsible Game Association, talks with almost 500 students that are in the XI and XII grades about the good fortune concept and what is truly important in social relations and how teenagers must react to the temptations of adult entertainment. Dr. Cristian Andrei also pointed out how teenagers should position themselves in relation to the value and earning of money and spoke about the ways in which teenagers can assert their personality, other than fun consumption or quick money making methods: The Trained when Coming Of Age program approaches teenagers from several perspectives – games, money, friendship, luck – factors that can lead to loss of control when it comes to gambling. If we educate our teenagers, we will have future responsible adults who, if they want to consume gambling services, will do so knowingly”, says Dr. Cristian Andrei.

“It was a really useful meeting, marked by wisdom, good vibes and the good sense of humor of Dr. Cristian Andrei. Strongly interactive, with a focus on one of the current issues that define the teenagers world – that of the choices made and the risks taken, the meeting proved to be, above all, a plea for our inner change. It is a matter of choice and education”, said Carmen Iosifescu, teacher at “Spiru Haret” National Pedagogical College from Buzău.

By launching the online format of the “Trained when Coming Of Age” program, the Responsible Game Association continues its involvement in social responsibility projects, using technology to adapt to the new context generated by the current pandemic. At the same time, it is a proof of the gambling industry’s commitment to long-term involvement in the communities in which it operates, as well as a form of solidarity to the entire society, to get through this difficult period.

The “Trained when Coming Of Age” education program is developed and implemented by the Responsible Game Association with the financial support of the GameWorld group.

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