Angelo Barbato, Casino Vesuvius: “If we keep on complying with the needs of the clients, we will certainly solve at least half of the problem, even if this period is difficult”

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The entrepreneurs of Casino Vesuvius had a revolutionary idea for Romania. Applying the model of the greatest international gamblers, in 2003, they have decided to open in Brasov a touristic resort dedicated to gambling. Until now the project have been 66,6% finalized, continuing with the inauguration of the hotel, in order to provide the tourists all over the country all the facilities. In an interview for “casino inside”, Angelo Barbato, the GM of casino Vesuvius described the evolution of the company along the four years of activity, the facilities of the casino, but also the manner of handling the challenges of the unstable economical context.


How did the story of Casino Vesuvius begin in Romania?

It all started with an entrepreneurial idea in 2003, when the market was still available for investments. At that time I decided to develop a touristic resort involving a hotel, restaurant and casino. For the time being, this structure is 66,6% achieved, since the hotel is not yet built.

What is the difference between Vesuvius and the other casinos in Romania? Which are the main trumps of Casino Vesuvius?

We are convinced that Vesuvius makes the difference among the casinos in Europe, due to the structure of the building designed especially for supporting a casino. It all has been designed for creating a good environment for gaming. The special atmosphere is also supported by the architects team and technicians who worked together in order to make this concept come true. In casino Vesuvius everything is high quality, and when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything.

How would you describe the team of Casino Vesuvius?

The team of the casino has been gathered along the years. On December 16 we celebrate our fourth anniversary. We have chosen to work with professionals; therefore, our policy is supported by quality and love for the game.

Which are the game you provide to the clients? Please speak about that.

Our gaming offer is large and we can surely meet all the demands of our clients, even if they are American Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold’em players, where the buy in is 400 lei. We also have 50 last generation slots machines for electronic games players, as Dracula, IGT, Baum. We also have a series of personalized games as Vesuvius Stud, a version of the Three Cards Poker with additional bets and Vesuvius Poker, a new exciting game, coming from Russia that offers the possibility to change up to five cards and buy additional cards, basing on the chance to make a good hand and payment guarantee.

What was the impact of the economical crisis on your business?

The economical crisis was destructive on the international scale, not only for us. We have felt it, yes, but we are not the only ones. We are struggling, together with the others, every single day.

Which are the main obstacles you have to face every day during your activity?

The obstacles are determined by the crisis. It is true; we would have been thrilled to receive a governmental support, since we really want to keep this touristic resort we have created up to this moment. More, a casino in any city it is very important, considering the statistics that indicate the fact that 0.3% of the tourists choose their destination based on a casino in the area.

Which are the solutions and the strategy of Casino Vesuvius applied for defeating the effect of the revenues decrease in the business?  

There are not many solutions. As a strategy, we follow the needs of the clients. If we keep on complying with the needs of our clients, we will certainly solve at least half of the problem. The rest concerns minimizing the costs and avoiding the excesses.

Which is the profit of the clients in Brasov, compared with the players in Bucharest and the rest of the country?

We don’t find significant differences between the profits of the players, or at least they don’t concern the location of a casino, either in Bucharest, Brasov or Constanta. We like to believe that the players, regardless the location, are guided only by the pleasure of gambling.

Which are the main achievements of Casino Vesuvius up to this moment? What about your personal achievments? 

With high quality marketing, adapted to the European policy, we have created a warm and pleasant atmosphere necessary for gambling, not only for the players, but also for those who wish to spend an evening with good taste and entertainment. We have created the mixture to help us keep the high standard and at the same time, to be accessible to all the entertainment lovers. We have a restaurant with hot food available for all the clients, quality services, and the high standard professionalism of the entire staff.

Which are your plans, considering the realities of the Romanian gambling market?

Regarding the next period, we have decided to develop the slot machines area, by purchasing last generation equipments, but we also consider the finalization of the entire Vesuvius project, by opening the hotel that will complete the entire structure of the resort.

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