Ana-Maria Mărculescu, General Manager ELDORADO®: “We offer personalized services to our clients”

Monday, 2 March 2020

ELDORADO® is an important operator in the gambling market in our country and a successful brand among the players. In this Cover Story interview you will find the latest news regarding them, such as the concept of the ELDORADO® casino floors, the game mix used by it, the gaming experience you can find here and many other interesting things. 



Ana-Maria Marculescu

What is the concept of ELDORADO® floors? 

The ELDORADO® brand, inspired by the famous South American myth, was registered at O.S.I.M in 2012, this action confirming its uniqueness in the field of gambling in Romania. From the beginning, ELDORADO® has imposed itself on the gambling market, both by the quality and variety of the services offered to customers, and by promoting a fairer picture of the gambling industry, contrary to the social prejudices regarding this activity. Also, we realize that the human factor is the essence of the activity of this field, whereas an identical mix of games, neigh­boring locations and similar facilities between operators, does not necessarily mean the same quality of services. The employees of our casino floors are not simple operators, but they are the hosts of our clients, offering a personalized treatment for each client of the floor. 



How many Eldorado floors are there, and were are these located? 

Currently, ELDORADO® includes 15 first-level locations, positioned exclusively in the central areas of the provincial cities or the neighborhoods of the Capital: 

BUCHAREST – 2 Camil Ressu Avenue, district 3 

BUCHAREST – 76 Camil Ressu Avenue, district 3 

BUCHAREST – 67 Iuliu Maniu Avenue, district 6 

BUCHAREST – 395 Calea Griviței, district 1 

BUCHAREST – 121 Soseaua Giurgiului, district 4 

BUCHAREST – 3 Nerva Traian Street, district 3 

TIMIȘOARA – 8-10 Calea Circumvalațiunii 

TIMIȘOARA – 56A Simion Bărnuțiu Avenue 

TIMIȘOARA – 28 Gheorghe Ranetti Street 

TIMIȘOARA – 71 Sagului Street 

ORADEA – 33 Emanuil Gojdu Square 

ORADEA – 1 Decebal Avenue 

ORADEA – 21 Transilvaniei Street 

BUZĂU – 10D Unirii Avenue 

TÂRGOVIȘTE – 6 Independenței Avenue 


What is the game mix used in the ELDORADO® floors? 

We use the most popular means of play in the market and we are open to new products, emphasizing a varied mix of games. In the ELDORADO® floors, customers can find a selection of gaming equipment in line with current trends, as well as models operated for the first time in Romania. 


What are the latest news on ELDORADO® activity? 

The last year has been marked by a large ex­pan­sion both in terms of opening new locations at national level, as well as the continuous opti­mi­zation of our activity, adding new opportunities for our clients. 


What is the gaming experience you can enjoy in the ELDORADO® floors? 

By entering our casino floors you will feel the ex­citement of the many opportunities to win, the perfect atmosphere of play, full of energy and fun, which makes you feel in the right place. Our em­ployees are 100% customer oriented, which help us to provide memorable gaming experiences. 



Which are the marketing tools that you apply to attract new customers and earn their loyalty? 

We call on all the marketing tools available in our industry, insisting on transparency and orien­tation towards customer requirements. We pay special attention to all the details, from planning and implementation, to our adaptation to their feedback. The challenge is to maintain the highest degree of satisfaction for them to ensure that they return daily 

What are the most successful promotional campaigns in ELDORADO® floors? 

For us, each promotional campaign has different objectives, which have been reached every time, so we can not talk only about the success of a promotional campaign. We run events throughout the day, and players always find something new. If we were to refer to the value of the awards, we are talking about considerable amounts of money and luxury cars. Customer satisfaction is the main indicator of the success of our campaigns. 


Which are general objectives of ELDORADO® and which the strategy you set for yourselves in the medium and long run? 

For us there is no medium term, from the project stage our operation has been long term thought, the founders being confident in the potential of this concept. We aim to ensure that our development does not cease, as does continuous improvement.   


What can you tell us about your ELDORADO® services? 

Since its creation, ELDORADO® has proposed the implementation of a concept of casino floors based on high quality services, special attention to detail, and a dynamic response to the playersexpectations and demands 


How would you describe the ELDORADO® team? 

The ELDORADO® team prides itself on being an example of stability and integrity, based on appro­ximately the same formula since its establish­ment. Each new member of this professional family is supported in his professional ascension.   


What makes you different from other casino floors? What is your competitive advantages? 

For us, competition is one of the factors that stimulate us to be in continuous self-impro­ve­ment, including by monitoring our own deficien­cies and addressing a proactive attitude in eliminating them. We are constantly taking steps to adopt the latest technologies and procedures in the field. We pay special attention to the recruitment and preparation process, not only at the casino floors staff level, but also in each department of our company. We are always open to advice and suggestions from third parties. With a lack of modesty, it can be said that situations are not rare when other operators are inspired by us or even imitate us, even in the smallest details of our commercial identity, but they fail to comply with the standards imposed by us, a fact confirmed by feedback from our customers. 


Which are your concerns about Responsible Gambling? 

We believe that Responsible Gambling should be a priority for everyone involved in this industry, and we take this issue seriously because we have a long-term business plan. Social involvement is essential and it is important for game participants to see this activity as a way of spending time and not as a way of enrichment. At the company level, we apply measures to prevent gambling addiction and strive to make our players aware and informed. 


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