AMATIC Industries to introduce a Firework of Innovation at the EAE in Romanian

Thursday, 29 August 2019

AMATIC Industries will be bringing a firework of innovation to the EAE show in Bucharest, Romania that will take place between 3 and 5 September. AMATIC Industries can be found as ever on the stand of their local partner Newton Slots.

The very latest gaming machine – the CX27 – will be shown for the very first time at the EAE. Having had its world premiere at the ICE back in February, this stylish upright cabinet is set to be the next big hit for AMATIC Industries.

State-of-the art technology with clear Austrian flair is the hallmark of AMATIC Industries. Being an independent company with a creative license to mould the market with innovations keeps players loyal to AMATIC and entices new ones to get to know the AMATIC products as well. Based on an innovative concept, the CX27 represents the perfect combination of masterful design, modular construction and future-proof technology. The ultra-modern CX27 slot machines stand out immediately with strong edge-lit LED lighting around each monitor – which adapts and changes for each individual game. A powerful sound system and the outstanding gaming performance at the CX27 cabinet will surely draw in and fascinate players world-wide.

The CX27 will be joined by its predecessor – the AMAROX gaming machine – available both in silver and as a black edition – the AMAROX C24 Nero. With two 24” 16:9 widescreen monitors, great sound quality and flashy LED lights the AMAROX C24 is the perfect eye-catcher for any casino or arcade as its magnetic appeal will draw in new customers. The ergonomic and player-friendly design will do the rest, creating a unique gaming experience and giving the player a special playtime.


Visitors at the EAE can look forward to seeing even more new games made available for both the CX27 and the AMAROX C24 and AMAROX C24 Nero. A new gaming package has now been approved for the Romanian market. Look forward to seeing titles such as SUNNY ISLAND, GOLDEN RAIN, FIRE QUEEN, 3 DRAGONS and PLENTY DRAGONS .

Players can look forward to having access to AMATIC Industries online as well. AMANET is the AMATIC brand for online games – a division that is growing quickly. AMANET is already approved for many online gaming jurisdictions around the world. The recent iGB Live! Exhibition in Amsterdam underlines AMATIC’s growing position here. AMATIC brings its popular land-based games to the online market as well as developing games especially for this segment. All games are offered in HTML5 format which allows them to be played on all desktop as well as on mobile devices multiple platforms (e.g.: OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone).

Performer Grand Arc from AMATIC Industries

Another major division of AMATIC is electronic roulette. Roulette is for sure the best known form of gaming. The excitement of this game is exemplified by the fact that roulette is often portrayed in films as the game that brings the most excitement and positivity.


Electronic or automated roulette has rightly established itself in gaming locations around the world. It takes great expertise to create such a roulette solution. Operators need to choose wisely. There are many factors to take on board. AMATIC Industries has decades of experience in creating an unforgettable electronic roulette experience. The AMATIC Roulette Grand Jeu incorporates the very latest technology in an enduring, stylish way. Indeed, AMATIC Industries is respected for being able to blend together quality, security and style.

Roulette Grand Jeu from AMATIC Industries

The Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX provides space for up to 8 players around the table. It is fitted with 24” Full HD PCAP touchscreen monitors and based on the in-house developed powerful HARDROX hardware platform.  With its beautiful design, made of the finest materials and incorporating only the best electronic components, the Grand Jeu 24HX is built for 24/7 play. The very best mahogany wood surrounds the integrated future-proof components that make up the complete automated roulette solution.


The latest innovation is the brand new Corona II overhead design that incorporates two large screens that can then be viewed from both sides. The gives the roulette an added edge not only because of the large screens that can display all the necessary roulette statistics. The modern design placed on a traditional roulette gives it a new blend. Many players look to the AMATIC design – this is a hallmark of its success. The new Corona II makes it stand out all the more – so attracting new players.


The ability to link games over several machines and machine types is another reason to choose AMATIC Industries. AMATIC Grand Arena is a true multi table game, offering the possibility to link different table game solutions together (Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX, PGA terminals and individual Solitaire roulette wheels). This can also be connected to the new original and highly entertaining AMATIC GO4GOLD jackpot game. Furthermore, in partnership with Autodice Ltd from the UK, AMATIC Industries offers its Sic-Bo with genuine added value as there are a total of four table games available: Sic-Bo, Roulette, Black Jack and Punto Banco. Yet another benefit: Virtual roulette can also be connected to AMATIC Grand Arena.


There are many success stories from customers reporting of how important the Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX is to their enduring success as operators. Many stem from Spain, the UK, Ireland and Belgium to name just a few countries.

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