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Elite Slots Casino floors – The land of Heavyweight Rewards –

Monday, 5 April 2021

After the visit made in October 2020 to Mr. Laszlo Sepsi, General Manager of Elite Slots, we decided to continue the presentation of the main strengths of the Elite Slots success story. On this occasion, we learned new details about the concept created from scratch by Mr. Laszlo’s team, but also some details about the ongoing promotion actions.

Elite Slots

What’s the news on Elite Slots?

Despite the completely unfavorable economic situation and the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Elite Slots brand focused on three important directions: new equipment and services, exclusive campaigns and high-performance promotion for the new online platform: Of course, there is still a lot to do, but we can say that, in the cities where we operate, compared to the other operators present on the market for years, we managed, in a relatively short time, to face the challenges and be seen as the first choice by our players. Our progress was also felt at the level by our competition, leaders in this field.

Diversity is certainly one of the specificities of Elite Slots casino floors and is found both in the customer community and in many aspects of their Elite Slots experience.


You mentioned investments in new equipment and services, what does this mean exactly?

Because we want to offer our players the best experience of a gambling hall, we have just completed the implementation of the most efficient customer loyalty system, called Player Interface – Personal Jackpot in our casino floors from Pitesti and Buzau. This system offers, for the first time on a national scale, the possibility to individually reward customer loyalty, giving our players real-time and easily accessible information about the points accumulated on the loyalty card or the value of the individual jackpot.

Also as part of the investment process, we have started a large project that aims to modernize the slot machines and related equipment. The devices mix includes both the most popular games in Romania and the newest models of world-renowned manufacturers. These include EGT, Novomatic, IGT, Casino Technology.

By the way, our players also benefit from the most complex mix of Jackpot systems, thus having chances to win no less than 22 Jackpots grouped in 7 different systems. Elite Slots is among the only operators that have implemented custom Jackpots for each device manufacturer. The values of these prizes are also interesting, an example in this sense being the Elite Platinum level from the Elite Slots Pitesti location, whose maximum value is 40,000 lei.

The games offer is completed by the LIVE roulette terminals connected to the LIVE Marriott Casino in Bucharest and by the Tip & Cash sports betting area as well.

Elite Slots

Gambling is seen as a form of fun and leisure. What are the promotion actions through which you intend to promote this activity?

Among the best arguments in highlighting the features that define and differentiate us are advertising lotteries and Elite Slots promotions. As always, the end of an Elite Slots promotion coincided with the start of a new campaign, more spectacular and more captivating. Over time, in the organized raffles, over 30 luxury cars were awarded as well as hundreds of other prizes in the form of apartments, gold bars, jewelry, gadgets or cash prizes.

At the moment we have ongoing promotion campaigns in the Elite Slots casino floors from Pitești, Târgoviște, Curtea de Argeș, Mioveni and Buzău where we have offered numerous cash prizes but also several cars such as Peugeot 208, VW Polo, Audi A3 Sportback or Audi Q3 Sportback. Having an Elite Classic or Gold loyalty card has become a natural thing for Elite Slots players, and accumulating loyalty points has never been easier.

As a result, it can be said that Elite Slots is among the important gambling operators in Romania and the Elite Slots promotion actions have already become a benchmark in terms of player preferences.

The refinement and elegance and the diversity and attention to detail that characterize Elite Slots is also found in the promotion actions for the “Responsible Gambling” program. Thus we ensure a good visibility of specific information through all available communication channels.

Another value of Elite Slots is the “trust”, a quality that is found in all organized raffles as well as in all aspects of the company’s activity. It’s about the customers’ trust that they will have a pleasant experience every time they choose to have fun at Elite Slots and the confidence that the offers and services they benefit from here will always be in line with their expectations.

Capitala Premiilor de Categorie Grea

Capitala Premiilor de Categorie Grea

Within the Elite Slots concept, what is the role of the online platform

The last 12 months have come as a surprise and brought a major change in the consumption behavior of the gambling customer. The pandemic we are facing since March 2020 has strongly pushed the online development of this gambling industry. is among the latest platforms for slot games and sports betting that enter the Romanian market. The higher the competition, the better the services. This applies to any field, and online gambling is no exception. That’s the reason. From the very beginning, aims to meet the requirements of the most demanding punters. For this, has prepared a series of very attractive promotions, a wide range of events to bet on, an easy-to-use graphical interface, a professional support service and a wide range of deposit and withdrawal possibilities.

We can give as an example the new promotion campaign with Happy Hours prizes in which online players can win additional prizes in a certain time frame, a campaign that has a real success on the website

You could say that the best online casino is the one you win at. Winning is important to anyone, but any player recognizes that it is essential to have fun. The special moments and emotions generated by an attractive game are those that remain in player’s mind for a long time.

Capitala Premiilor de Categorie Grea

Capitala Premiilor de Categorie Grea

Adrenaline and fun, surprises and special offers, games and jackpots, prizes, promotions and special events, all these can be expressed quite simply: Elite Slots – The land of Heavyweight Rewards!

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