Adopting a responsibility standard is a necessity, not an option

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Romanian Bookmakers constantly emphasizes the creation and promotion of a fun environment and the idea that sports betting, like all other types of gambling, should be perceived by the public only as a recreational medium

The members of Romanian Bookmakers have already understood how to relate to the client, how important is to harmonize the relationship of this so contested field with the society and the fact that the industry is currently experiencing a moment when assuming a responsibility standard is, at least, the most effective means to improve the perception of gambling and, implicitly, to ensure the stability and predictability of this business.

The companies we represent want customers who feel good in their locations or on the platforms they operate and who invest in gambling only the amounts they afford, and this translates into responsible businesses, built along with clients that do not face problems. The most important step made in the area of social responsibility by Romanian Bookmakers is, without doubt, the support of the Responsible Gambling Association.

The importance of supporting the Responsible Gambling Association

In recent times, the gambling industry is facing a series of projects aimed at restricting the activity of operators and whose stated purpose is to combat addiction. New debates have recently arisen, this time in Timișoara, regarding the negative effects of excessive gambling and the ways in which these activities can be restricted. In addition the majority of media articles regarding the gambling industry are, unfortunately, negative and approaches issues such as robberies, damage, the overage of casino floors or even suicide phases associated with gambling. Therefore, only the problems caused by gambling are presented, without mentioning the positive impact that this industry has on the economy and even on the social environment through the large number of employees it trains. Thus, we would like to point out that Romanian Bookmakers will also fight in the future to improve the perception on this area and to cooperate with the decision-makers, but we encourage all market players to step up their responsibility towards the society.

The support offered to this Association by the industry is the undeniable evidence of the maturity and the increment of the players’ level of responsibility. It is a tool of the industry whose main role is to maintain the idea that gambling represents recreational activities and to take measures that have a favorable impact on the industry’s relationship with society. “Focusing on education we can achieve this objective, both in terms of players and organizers. For gambling organizers, it is essential to firstly adopt the principles of promoting responsibility, and then to be capable to identify the players that face problems, to see what are their game patterns, where they cross the border and how they can be assisted. We can adjust what happens in the market if we go together on these levels, on education and prevention and, last but not least, on increasing the level of responsibility of each operator. But a program or an association cannot cover the entire gambling problem. Each one of us must get involved in order to identify the most suitable solutions for this and to improve the general perception of this industry.”, is the opinion of Liviu Popovici, president of Romanian Bookmakers.

For the future, Romanian Bookmakers will remain equally concerned about the perspectives and social impact of the activity of the companies we represent. Our priority is to promote a responsible attitude and we are always open to dialogue and to identify new tools by means of which gambling can be positioned only in a recreational context.


Communication in a responsible manner is essential in the industry-society relationship

Responsible Gambling Association has become the reference element in the field of social responsibility, being the most effective approach to prevent, educate and combat the problems caused by gambling and, at the same time, the one that contributes to the positioning of the industry as a responsible industry, carrying out concrete actions to create a correct image of this industry.

The development of the gambling industry and the increasing involvement in social responsibility projects have naturally increased the communication actions in the area of corporate responsibility. It is essential, however, that messages launched from the industry to the general public to be carried out in a responsible manner to determine a favorable impact on the industry’s relationship with society. Gambling organizers, like any other economic agent, must act and communicate responsibly to all its stakeholders, including the community in which they operate.

What does responsible communication mean?

  • Gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way to make money;
  • The communication should not exploit the predispositions, aspirations, naivety, lack of experience or lack of knowledge of minors or persons from vulnerable groups;
  • The communication does not have to be ambiguous, so that minors not consider gambling to be associated with youth culture or believe it is a ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’ activity;
  • The communication should not tolerate or encourage criminal or anti-social behavior.

Therefore, the communication in the gambling industry should focus on the point that the player spends some money to “buy” a means of entertainment, as he does in the case of shopping, not on the idea of money making. The win is just a bonus.

The communication of the Responsible Gambling Association targets, as main stakeholders, the players, especially the young people and adolescents who reach the age of majority. The example highlighted in this case is the “Trained for the age of consent” educational program, which is carried out in high schools throughout the country and which targets teenagers approaching the legal age which one can gamble. Thus, young people can become disseminators, in their families and in their circle of friends, of information related to responsible behavior, including gambling. In addition to the support offered to those who face problems, the Responsible Gambling Association also involves awareness actions carried out at the level of betting agencies, casino floors and operator training agencies (how to identify a player who face problems, when was the border crossed, how to help him, etc.). These aspects are part of the communication strategy of the Responsible Gambling Association and include the three areas that focus, respectively prevention, awareness-education and intervention.

What is the purpose of the communication strategy of Association?

First of all, promoting the idea that the gambling environment is responsible for entertaining and represents just a means of recreation. Equally, improving the image of the Romanian gambling industry in the public space, highlighting the constant and long-term involvement of gambling operators in social responsibility projects and increasing the degree of social involvement of as many operators as possible.

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