ABBIATI, over 25 years of success in Romania

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

After over 25 years from its first supplies in Romania, ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT continue to be updated renewing its LICENSE CLASS II, according to the current regulations in this country.


Abbiati Casino Equipment is an Italian private company owned by the Abbiati family, which has manufactured professional articles for Casino since 1976. Due to its particular attention on customers’ needs and its ability to satisfy every request, Abbiati has affirmed itself as one of the most trustable and specialised company of gambling industry.  The relationship with all its Casino has been strengthened; including POKERFEST TOURNAMENT & EVENTS.


The Italian company develops innovative and extensive research projects by its own engineers and partner suppliers to create safety products and prevent counterfeiting. “We decided to distinguish ourselves from other operators in manufacturing personalised products that have to follow and possibly anticipate the market trends” said Giovanni Abbiati, founder of the company “for this reason it’s very important for us to maintain the development of research projects inside our company”. The manufacture of unique products characterised by Italian quality and design is possible for Abbiati also due to the presence inside its factory of a highly professional graphic and design department.


Abbiati’s manufacture started with the production of European style roulette wheels but it’s possible to say that during years the company has developed its business and it’s now able to supply all casino equipment.


Abbiati’s research in new products and safety systems is also certified by the GLI-25 American roulette wheel with the upgraded Abbiati patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A). All Abbiati wheels can connect to and run winning number displays, online gaming terminals and management systems. They have an open protocol that enables them to become a perfect choice for many of the leading “live online” gaming operators.


One of the main products to which Abbiati has dedicated a great attention is the manufacture of casino currency: its chips, jetons and plaques incorporate innovative security technologies to prevent counterfeiting. Abbiati is one of very few companies offering the RFID solution using 13.56 MHz PJM RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled tags for their value and not value chips. The main benefits to the casino operators are Total Chip Security, Chip Movements and Player Tracking. All chip movements are recorded in real time, allowing the operator to have total visibility and information of all chips in play.


It is important to name the patented “Tie” chips featuring multiple injections, see-thru inserts and intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts.


About plaques, it is important to mention the Abbiati’s lines that enhance innovative security features like diamond or crystal, customized filigree, customized hologram and new stripes’ collections, such as Silk Ribbon (mono and multi-colour), Glitter, Transparent Strass Silk, Transparent Waves. Every currency product incorporates innovative security technologies, in particular 13.56 MHz PJM RFID, 8-color UV pigments, 3-in-1 UV security feature, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink, high security holograms to name but a few.


The company’s research in new materials and solutions is well demonstrated by its manufacture of gaming layouts: Abbiati is one of the few companies in the world to realise 100% wool gaming layouts, very difficult to manufacture. During years different types of synthetic materials has been developed with a great success in the market, in particular synthetic layouts in microfiber realized with photographic printing methods that enables Abbiati to obtain every image and artwork. This has become the best-selling product for the company. About Abbiati’s gaming tables, they are the result of an intensive research of new types of wood and innovative production processes to create state-of-the -art tables from raw materials.


In the last years, Abbiati Casino Equipment has become a leading supplier recognised by the industry operators as a reliable company with unique and high-quality products.

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