Earlier this year, Get’s Bet awarded a resident of Giurigiu county with a Hyundai

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Get’s Bet starts its 2020 with good news. The promotional campaign “Lăcătuș te premiază” ended with a great success.

The number of tickets placed at sports bets and international lotteries, with a minimum stake of 10 lei including all taxes, placed between November 1, 2019 – December 22, 2019, and posted on the Get’s Bet website, at the contest section, exceeded any player’s expectation. The campaign software collected over 60,000 tickets, placed throughout the country, which participated for no less than 2223 prizes, awarded in three stages.

At the first raffle, from December 1, 2019, were designated the winners for 1000 caps, 100 Backpacks, 10 NEI Led TVs 109 cm and an Iphone 11 phone. Following the first extraction on December 23, 2019, 1000 caps, 100 Football Balls, 10 Football Equipment, 1 Iphone 11 Phone were awarded.

And at the last raffle of December 23, 2019, held in a festive setting, in the presence and with the help of the one who gave the name of the promotion, namely the legendary Marius Lăcătuș, we found out the name of the happy winner of the big prize: a Hyundai I20 Car! The host of the event was Cătălin Dezbrăcatu, who called the big winner to announce him about the prize! His name is Dorel Toma, a man from Giurgiu, who is 33 years old and who works as a non-commissioned officer in a military unit within the MApN!

Our satisfaction, from the bookmakers to Get’s Bet, is all the greater as the Giurgiu county resident is a loyal player of our company. “I gamble at your agency, from the ground floor of the building, since it opened. No day passes without me to place even a ticket. Whether in sports or lotteries. Occasionally, I play at slot machines too”, the young man told us. He told us that he placed about 30 tickets to our campaign. “I have participated in raffles before, during my life, but now is the first time I win! I thought it was a joke when I was called and announced about the prize. Even now I cannot believe it. It remains only to pick up the car, I have already submitted the winning ticket to the company headquarters”, told the Giurgiu county resident! In fact, at another raffle, he had won a Get’s Bet cap, which he putted in a place of honor in the house, which determined him to continue with the campaign tickets.

Dorel Toma is a driver and owns a Golf 2 from 1991, which can still drive on public roads in Romania until June 2020. “I will definitely not sell the car. It really came at the perfect moment, because I no longer had what to drive. And, of course, I can now say that I am in advantage, because of betting.”

Thus, our journal is making a great start in 2020, because Dorel Toma will be in possession of the car, which costs over 10,000 euros, as early as this month! We want to see you all this lucky in 2020!

The story of the leading betting house with full Romanian ownership continues!

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