To Cash Out or not?A face sau a nu face Cash Out?

miercuri, 1 noiembrie 2017

By Valentin Macovei

We try to make clear for the bettors once and for all the subject of closing bets before time!

Perhaps you have ever wondered why betting houses offer the Cash Out feature. Of course, there are several reasons why most operators who respect themselves have already included this feature on online betting platform. One of them might be that they wanted to align to the competition in order not to lose their existing users. The argument is as relevant as it can be, because the function is already very fashionable and it was clear that most top online betting houses had to align, but certainly it is not the only reason for which a betting house would make such a move.

Another reason is that players are more likely to use the feature to their own detriment on a long term, especially if they do not follow a clear strategy for using it. In other words, through the Cash Out feature, the betting house gives you one more opportunity to make a wrong decision and to question your decisions.

And the list does not end here: operators increase their winning margin whenever a player closes the bet. Basically, if the operator has a 95% payout, and you place a bet and then you close it – by basically playing a counter-selection – it’s like giving him twice that 5%; in the long run, it really matters, it feels. If bettors closed all winning bets placed, the winning margin of operators would simply double.

However, let’s not go to extremes because this feature also gives users a few benefits. Players can cover without having to invest any more money. It often happens that bettors do not have the necessary funds to counter – a situation it is never ideal to reach, but, unfortunately, it happens quite often.

The Cash Out function can be extremely useful for bettors when they place a wrong bet. Unlike offline betting houses accepting the cancellation of tickets placed up to 5 minutes ago, online played tickets cannot be canceled and, in these situations, betting closure allows the recovery of the investment almost entirely.

At the same time, this option facilitates the implementation of some online betting strategies. One of the most popular game methods, based on the Cash Out function, is that based on betting the Over 1.5 goals. The whole idea behind this strategy is for the bettor to identify ongoing matches that had high initial chances of ending with at least two or three scored goals, in which the score has not yet been opened in the first half-hour.

Once the stake for the bet has increased, between minutes 30 and 40, the player is to bet the Over 1.5 goals and then close the bet as soon as the score on the table changes. As long as the matches are carefully selected, as a result of an analysis and not by chance, this strategy promises small and quick winnings. This is just one of the many sports betting strategies that are based on betting, but there are many other interesting methods.

Although the function itself may be useful, we must be aware that its introduction would never have occurred if it did not increase the profits of the agencies. Let’s think: before this option was launched, how many times did the players bet against their betting? The vast majority of the passionate, very few times! Today, things have changed and the function is used very often.

The problem is that, now, it seems that this feature is made too available to us, and, for this reason, many gamblers are basically guided to use it more often than necessary. Think about the hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds that have been lost by those who made Cash Out on Leicester two seasons ago! There are even testimonials of some bettors who say that they cannot actually wait for a bet to settle in a positive way because they call Cash Out every time.

In addition, some operators also introduced a partial Cash Out feature, which allows a part of the initial played bet stake to be closed. This variant seems to push the undefined bettors from behind to act: even if they do not close the bet, they retain for themselves a part of the stake and leave a sum to be played for the sake of suspense. As much as it is true that betting agencies do not want any of their clients to lose their home and remain homeless because of gambling, it is also true that operators shall never launch and promote facilities that shall decrease their profits.

The most disadvantageous thing for a player is not to have a fixed closure betting strategy and to make Cash Out completely chaotic. In the long run, such an approach changes even more sports betting into gambling or better say in gambling where the house has an insurmountable advantage. For players looking to achieve a long-term profit, it is best not to ever turn to this Valentin Macovei

Încercăm să-i lămurim odată și pentru totdeauna pe pariori cu privire la subiectul închiderii pariurilor înainte de termen!

Poate că te-ai întrebat vreodată de ce oferă casele de pariuri funcția Cash Out. Bineînțeles, există mai multe motive pentru care mai toți operatorii care se respectă au inclus deja această facilitate pe platforma de pariuri online. Unul dintre ele ar putea fi că au dorit să se alinieze concurenței, pentru a nu-și pierde utilizatorii existenți. Argumentul este cât se poate de pertinent, întrucât funcția este deja foarte la modă și era clar că majoritatea caselor de pariuri online de top trebuiau să se alinieze, însă cu siguranță nu este singurul motiv pentru care o casă de pariuri ar face o astfel de mutare.

Un alt motiv este că jucătorii au mai multe șanse să folosească funcția în defavoarea lor pe termen lung, mai ales dacă nu respectă o strategie clară în ceea ce privește folosirea ei. Cu alte cuvinte, prin intermediul funcție Cash Out casa de pariuri îți oferă încă o oportunitate să iei o decizie greșită și să-ți pui mai mult la îndoială deciziile.

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