8 myths in the world of sports betting

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

If you’ve been to betting agencies, if you’ve leafed through the profile forms on the internet or of your colleagues bet, then surely you’ve heard at least several myths regarding sports betting. Some of them are amusing, others stupid, and some are just simply annoying.

However, let’s try and have some fun leafing through these lines and let’s not take thing too personally, as it is very possible that each one of us believed in such non-sense at one time or another. In the end, all that matters when we go through a magazine is to have fun and if possible, to learn something, right?


1. You can no longer make money through the Arbitrage method

In the on-line punter communities, it is often said that you no longer can make money through sure betting methods, as the agencies got smart and have better filters so that they can intercept such attempts. Even though the industry is trying to protect itself from the aforementioned, sure bets are absolutely inevitable in the world of on-line bets, especially because the hundreds of markets (agencies) on the internet are extremely volatile, and the wise-guys can easily organize themselves as to get odds to go the way they want them to. On the other hand, there are still many groups which live only off of Arbitrage. Also, on the internet, you can even find services which offer the punters the chance to win money from the rolling of bonuses and of free betting offers, within a controlled environment and with almost no risk at all.

2. Thee is no point in playing prognostics with low odds

Pro punters tell us that it is essential that we bet there where we find valuable odds as to make profit from sports betting in the long run. Even though it is true that the value can be most often found on greater odds, especially for outsiders, this does not mean that if we bet on a 1.15 odd we can’t turn a profit and we don’t have value on our side. Concretely, if a certain prognostic has a 90% win chance, and we find a 1.15 odd for that prognostic, then value is on our side. All that matters is to fit into a winning rate which corresponds to the mean played odd, as to hope for profit, and as long as we correctly estimate the chances of a bet, success must be on our side in the long run, after several thousand bets.

3. Nobody wins from betting in the long run

This myth comes to life as a result of the frustrations of ordinary punters, which, as we have all come to know, lose more often than they win. Certain people’s incapacity to succeed in a certain circumstance automatically gives way to rushed conclusions, which unfortunately are perceived as being absolute truths. If we are to be honest, we must admit that it is very difficult to gain profit from long-term sports betting, however, it is not impossible. As opposed to casino games, the only exception being Blackjack, sports betting allow us to close the year with a profit. For many individuals, however, the difference between playing the “slots” and betting on football does not exist, as it is done at random. In conclusion, there are enough people living off of betting, under one form or another, however the truth is that their number could be less than 1% of those who play.

4. I don’t win at betting because I don’t have a large enough budget

This is one of the most pathetic excuses used by certain punters. Justifying failure in this manner is a massive lie. Those who say that they do not win because they bet only a few bucks, only show us how little they actually confide in their own abilities. One thing is certain: if someone could constantly make a profit by betting a few bucks on a ticket, could easily repeat it with a stake which is several ten times higher, as well. Practically, if I’d know for certain that I can regularly make a profit by putting large amounts of money on sports betting, but I wouldn’t have the money for it, I’d do my best to raise the capital I believe I need as fast as possible and I’d get to work, this in the context in which that I would maybe even borrow the money to win this amount “for sure”. The reality is that very few of us find ourselves in this category, therefore the myth has no ground.

5. It does not matter what strategy you use or which odds you play, you only have to pick as many winning prognostics as possible

Very many punters live with the impression that before a game, there is only one scenario set out for the match, which we should somehow discover. In reality, however, each match has several tens of thousands of possible scenarios, and what we can do is to discover the most likely and to assess the real chance of success as accurately as possible. That is why, there is the possibility of assessing a match in a very good manner and still lose. therefore, the loss of a prognostic does not necessarily mean that we played in a bad way, not everything was destined this way, but that’s what simply happened to today’s game. The fate of the entire season or maybe even of the entire career of a player may be decisively influenced by the choice of boot with which the player plays the game, a boot which turns that kick during overtime into a decisive goal or into a miss. Also, there is an infinite number of possibilities, and everything is decided in real time and nothing is published anywhere.

6. The best way to win at betting is to buy tips

If you don’t have the time to analyze the betting offer and to find the best tips, you might think that it’s better to call upon the services of a tipster, who does this for a living, all day, everyday, so in consequence, may help you make more informed decisions. In theory, you’re right, in practice, however, things are not exactly like that. That is because the best tipsters either end up working for the large betting houses, or work with an extremely limited number of clients, and the chance of being among them is very slim. On the other hand, tipsters are human as well, and their results vary from one day to the other. As such, a tipster who succeeded during the last 5 years may become a loser in his 6th year, which will make him give up the “job”. Concurrently, let’s not forget about the fact that, among these tipsters, there a numerous fakes and scammers, therefore, the chances to stumble upon a true professional, who is good and honest, are simply not worth mentioning. There are numerous debates on the English press regarding tipsters on Twitter who willingly provide wrong tips to subscribers as to win money from the affiliation with the on-line betting houses. Overall, the best way to play at betting is to solely depend on yourself with regards to choosing the number of tips you are playing.

7. It is a lot more profitable to bet on high odds

A great deal of beginner punters who discover the concept of betting on value, often misuse the indications found on the specialized websites. Practically, for those betting on high odds, the odd itself becomes a justification for each loss. Many are the times when we hear: “Yes, I’ve lost, but I bet on value.”, but actually, who bets on value makes a profit in the long term if they follow a simple money management with mixed odds from the bank and is not just a contributor of the betting houses. Therefore, to bet on high odds does not mean you bet on value, it just means you bet on high odds; nothing more, nothing less. You may find that value was on your side only on the profit reaches your pocket after a generous template of decided bets.

8. Betting houses rig the matches

When the blame can’t be placed on the ref’s bad decision and no other scapegoat is found, the ordinary punter rushes to throw eggs at the betting houses. Everyone sees riggings everyday, especially when they lose a ticket. In our day and age, Barcelona and Real Madrid are no longer allowed to lose a game, evidently, because any defeat in the face of a weaker opponent implies an arrangement. And even more so, the so-called rigging is even more obvious when one of the two teams involved is sponsored by an agency. In reality, however, the betting house does not need riggings, as it makes huge amounts of money by taking a commission from each offered odd. As such, the betting house pays its employees (traders) exactly so that they adjust the odds so that they make the same profit regardless of the final result of the match. Furthermore, when something gets fixed, the betting houses are those with the most to lose, as they are forced to grant significant prizes to the offenders who bet the most on that arrangement.

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