7 advantages for a successful partnership with the sports betting brand TIP & CASH Romania

Friday, 11 June 2021

Investing in a brand that has already been successful is an option preferred by more and more entrepreneurs who want to significantly increase their income. With the support and resources they have access to through such collaboration, they are able to contribute to a secure growth of the new business. TIP & CASH Romania offers three products for association: slot machines, sports betting (franchise or partnership agency) and lottery products.

TIP & CASH România

The monthly net profit is 50%, according to the contractually agreed conditions, and the preferred option of association is chosen according to the needs of the investor. LOTO products, in partnership with the Romanian Lottery, were recently introduced in the offer of TIP & CASH Romania and they come with the advantage of making available to customers, in the same casino floor, lottery games, scratch tickets, lottery-type games and therefore the possibility to participate in jackpots worth up to 1,000,000 RON per month.

Compared to other types of commercial property, such as building a business from scratch, partnerships or franchises have proven to have a much higher success rate. It is also an excellent solution for those who want to be their own managers, even without experience in the field, because they can get support, training and guidance from professionals.

Here are the main 7 advantages for an association with the TIP & CASH Romania brand:

  1. Ensuring a successful partnership

The continuous support offered by the specialists of the TIP & CASH Romania brand, as well as the brand’s reputation on the sports betting market, make choosing a franchise or a partnership a successful solution, compared to starting a business on your own. In addition, obtaining funding can become much easier in this case. The good news is that new partners don’t necessarily need industry or business experience.

  1. Training and consulting

A major advantage is that when choosing a franchise, the provider offers access to training processes for starting and developing the business. TIP & CASH Romania guides the entire partnership process and offers consultancy throughout the collaboration. Associates enjoy the benefit of learning what the procedures of a healthy business are, how to carry out detailed planning, how to develop the customer base and how to retain them.

  1. Using a brand image

The design is, without a doubt, one of the most important factors that determine the success of your business. The new TIP & CASH partners shall contribute with the space and staff necessary for the activity, the arrangement of the space according to the list of works, the furniture according to the arrangement project and the video surveillance system. In this process, the specialists ensure that the associates successfully go through each stage for a correct implementation and come to their support with the following: organizer’s license, operating license, use of the trademark, betting equipment, staff training and education, local and remote support, design project, connection to ONJN, working capital, illuminated advertising and specific sticker, TV equipment, state-of-the-art slot machines.

  1. The expertise of a successful business

Through a partnership, customers benefit from advantageous conditions and quality services, a stable business model, professional leadership, rapid integration into an internationally renowned brand with national coverage and the expertise of a large team. A great benefit of a collaboration, whether it is through an association or a franchise, is that the investor does not waste money and time to find out what works and what does not.

  1. Integration in marketing campaigns

As associates, partners benefit from promotional materials, digital marketing, targeted advertising, access to content, marketing strategies and consulting.

  1. Staff training and education

Running a successful business is a team effort, and a dedicated team can be very profitable by keeping spirits up and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. TIP & CASH Romania comes to support partners with a dedicated team, which helps in the process of staff training and education, according to brand standards.

  1. Exchange of experience

Being part of such a project connects investors to a larger community of business owners across the country. This way, resources and advice can be shared for mutual help, because the success of the brand at national level has a positive impact on each investor.


TIP & CASH România

About TIP & CASH Romania

TIP & CASH, the sports betting brand within the NOVOMATIC Romania group, is the first operator in the sports betting market which, along with its launching on the Romanian market in 2015, first introduced the concept of self-service sports betting terminals. Within the operation network, over 1,060 sports betting terminals are operated under the TIP & CASH brand, which are present both in their own agencies and in association in an extensive network of partners.

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