6 Power of Scent® benefits for business

Monday, 13 January 2020
  1. It influences customer behavior: The environmental scents can change the way customers feel and interact with the elements around them. The customers who are delighted by the scent will be more eager to spend more time in a room and consider additional services. The research has shown that a casino floor has led its customers to spend 45% more money by just changing the fragrance profile.
  2. It keeps your customers for longer: People simply like to spend time in places with a pleasant smell. For example, real estate agents use environmental smells to arouse customers’ excitement – to create a sense of comfort and belonging. The more time a customer spends in a space, the more likely he is to buy the products/use the services.
  3. It improves the brand experience: Scents marketing benefits the businesses by influencing the buying behavior, but, at the same time, creates a brand experience for the customer. This can be explained when, even if you are not near a store, you can imagine the smell inside it.
  4. It creates long-lasting memories: These scents can remain in customers subconscious for years, and this is proved even by the multitude of memories that appear when we encounter a childhood smell.
  5. It increases staff productivity: The staff is more attentive, more productive and more willing. Employees will make fewer mistakes and be more open to help the customers.

Power of Scent

Power of Scent® is an understanding of customer needs based on neuromarketing studies and offers a diverse range of scent diffusers at affordable rental prices. More details about the products can be found on: www.powerofscent.ro.


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